RessurectedSteve Trotter has nailed a home run with his thriller, Resurrected Ex special ops operative, Adam Wolf, is 60 years old and trying to live a quiet, normal life But life doesn t always let go of the past as he, and, his romantic interest, Jazz, witness a murder at a local restaurant From there the thrill ride begins.I was really able to relate to the characters and especially to Adam Wolf seeing I have just turned 60 myself All I can say is finally, a hero for us baby boomers The first person narrative was spot on and the story flowed smoothly to its exciting conclusion All in all, I really enjoyed Resurrected and I look forward to Steve Trotter s next work Well done Very entertaining fast paced action adventure with a retired black ops agent as the main character The story charges along at breakneck speed, combining good cops, bad cops, the mob and bikers along with with a very sly tongue in cheek humor at times.My only criticism is personal I tend to be a very character driven reader and while the pace and action sequences probably rated 5 stars, I would have likeddepth in the primary characters The female love interest in the main character s life seemed particularly undeveloped, tucked neatly out of the way other than the beginning and at the end as part of the final solution. It was a solid 4 star read up to the halfway point then started to go over the top for me I m still giving it 4 stars because it kept me reading, but I don t think a second book would I kept expecting the hero would have real issues to deal with, but in the second half, he didn t Too many helpers with just the right talents plenty of equipment If another book does that, I might even drop it to 2 stars.I like the author s writing style He s short on words, but uses them to good effect There s a lot of sardonic humor it was fun having a hero who was 60 years old The setting, Montreal, Canada, was interesting, too Kind of nice to know that they re as screwed up as we are, although I hope this author stays further away from politics the environment than he did in this book From the few glimpses I got, I don t care for either they didn t seem to fit the character nor be particularly accurate, respectively.Hmmm Doesn t look like a great review, certainly not worthy of 4 stars I guess it s a 3 star book, but was a lot of fun the first part was really good, so I ll let it ride I ll look for other books by this author. When I first looked at the cover of this book, I thought it might be a little too gritty for me, but I really enjoyed this book I love that the lead character Adam Wolf turns 60 at the beginning, as I feel that too many male characters are fresh, baby faced ninja types Adam is gritty, well worn, sharp as a tack and enthralling to follow as the story unfolds The style of Trotter s writing reminded me somewhat of James Patterson, but Trotter adds an extra edge with a cynical thread woven through, some parts made me laugh out loud I love a man with intelligence and a sense of humour like mine, which makes Trotter a double threat The formatting, editing and layout are perfect and the author has obviously left nothing to chance The story unfurls slowly, pulls you in and as I don t do spoiler reviews, I leave you to readand then salivate for book 2 My order is already in Resurrected was an enjoyable and fast paced read The story s hero, Adam Wolf, has reached that magic age of 60 On his 60th birthday, his girlfriend takes him out to a restaurent to celebrate He witnesses the slaying of a crime reporter while he is in the restaurant Adam sees the shooter and identifies the shooter to the police He makes a decision to identify the shooter in court Bad move The mob, outlaw bikers and corrupt police work together to take him out However, Adam Wolf, is a former Black Ops Operative and goes all out to do some hunting himself It ends badly for Wolf s opponents.I look forward to the next Adam Wolf novel. This is one heck of a read Fast paced and funny, too I m loving it Jump right on this one before they re all gone I pressed the BUY ME button before finishing the sample and I wasn t disappointed It was a great read.Steve says the sequel is on it s way So get started now I m betting it will be out before Christmas. Resurrected is a fun read I couldn t put the book down The fast paced action, the story s hero, wiseguys and outlaw bikers weave themselves into a tale both original and comical Adam Wolf, a senior citizen, no less, delivers justice in explosively creative ways The author s quick wit is unique, his writing humorous in a dark way The cynical thread that runs through the story is just enough to make the reader reflect on some of the absurdities that exist in society because most people close their eyes to injustice, fearful of getting involved Wolf is not most people If you liked Lee Child s Jack Reacher, you will love Steve trotter s Adam Wolf This is one excuse my French Bad Ass guy who literally takes names and kicks butts.When he needs to defend his own life as well as people he cares about, this senior citizen children s book writer relies on his years of training and experience in the militaries Special Forces to battle the mob, killer biker gangs and corrupt cops.The dialog is quick and smart with a lot of witty one liners and commentary about society from Wolf This is a fun, exciting and well thought out story from start to finish I can t wait for the sequel. Resurrected An Adam Wolf Thriller by Steve Trotter Note For this book, I ve switched from my usual scale, which basically runs from 1 4 and allows me to give a 5 to things for reasons of my own I ll use the same standard 5 is the top, 1 is the bottom This is so I can also post on .com with an identical review My usual rating system, while it works for describing and debating books, isn t universally translatable, and, to be fair, I don t want to plug a star rating in that ultimately lowers the overall average simply because I like a 1 4 system that makes a clear distinction between good and bad, liked and unliked Generally this is a 3.5 4 star read, a high mark for a first book from me overall I ll be right up front and say, I m not fond of Vigilante Justice, either in life, or in Fiction, however, with fiction, if the author is willing to walk a tighter line, I m willing to let go of my prejudice and enjoy what has been written That worked out here The story hugged the fine line between protecting yourself and those you care about and taking on the role of judge jury and executioner I was able to let go of my concerns of glorifying vigilantism and enjoy the story of a crafty, older, but still vital protagonist one upping the unfortunate souls that decided he was easy prey This is a character driven story so any review should include discussion of Adam Wolf I thought the character, Adam was the best part of the book Everything seemed to revolve around him so he could have easily been superman but he wasn t I m not big on vigilante s and I m not big on moralistic characters that project their values as things that everyone should happen because their all part of truth justice and the American way There was something about Adam Wolf that was human, if hard and crusty on the outside, and very capable I think the secret was that the technology, the hard edges and the spec ops stuff never became larger than the human inside the Adam Wolf to begin with Even when I thought Adam Wolf was a little preachy with his internal self talk, it waslike this is just how ADAM wolf is and I didn t feel like he was disrespecting what I consider human failing and frailty as everyone s problem I like that he had a hardliner, conservative outlook on life, but there were times, hinted at that you could tell, almostby what was left out that what discussion there was in the book that he has some ghosts, both from his family of origin and from his life in the military and an almost recovery oriented sense of going back to being human through writing YA novels I also like that Steve Trotter didn t over work that aspect There was a sense of it in the beginning and a sense of it here and there but, basically no beating us over the head with hard line you can t trust anybody rehtoric Then, at the end, we see, maybe a conscious choice to stop living the way I did when I was in the military I mean managing relationships and emotions when he view spoiler looked in the blank TV and saw a very quick flash back of the ghosts that would haunt him if he allowed them to The old Adam Wolf would have asked for another beer, and then enjoyed the company and sex until they went home TheHuman Adam wolf committed himself to apermanent relationship with someone he cared about hide spoiler When Adam Wolf Retires From A Killer Career One That Uncle Sam Would Deny Existed And Resurrects Himself As An Author Of Young Adult Books, He Soon Discovers That No Way In Hell Is The Pen Mightier Than The Sword Not When The Mob Slaps A Verbal Contract On Your Head Moments After Reluctantly Snuffing His Th Birthday Candle, Wolf Witnesses The Snuffing Of An Ace Crime Reporter Wolf S Decision To Testify Against The Shooter Puts Him, And The Only Woman He S Ever Let Close Enough To Imperil, In The Crosshairs Of A Ruthless Crime Family And Their Outlaw Biker Hit Men The One Problem His Hunters Didn T Count On Is That Their Target Is No Ordinary Senior Citizen Wolf Is A Black Ops Vet With A Bloody Backstory He Can Never Tell A Shadow Man Who Knows That At The End Of The Day Covert Actions Speak Louder Than Words

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