Reunited Very good book for an adoptee to read There are great nuggets of information in it about the time, place and cultural norms surrounding adoptions One short statement about Colorado being a hotbed for unwed mothers to birth and surrender their infants gave me a plausible reason for a girl from Alabama to travel all the way to CO in 1924 to hide her pregnancy Also, the many experiences of adoptees and birth parents looking for and connecting with found family is fascinating I feel better prepared to speak with my birth father and manage my expectations. Interesting book and some good stories, but I didn t care for the author s tone Adoption is fascinating.. Amazing EPub, Reunited By Pamela Slaton This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Reunited , Essay By Pamela Slaton Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You I loved this book I read it slowly to remember a few things that Pamela did in finding missing relatives I cried when they were found I cried when they were reunited I cried when they said no thanks not interested I loved the book. This was a very interesting book, especially if you are someone who has had the issue of adoption touch your life. Interesting to read something written by someone who helps adoptees find their birth families She provides a needed service Reunited An Investigative Genealogist Unlocks Some of Life s Greatest Family Mysteries by Pamela Slaton is a collection of cases Ms Slaton worked on to help adoptees reunite with birth families She is realistic when she tells them that not every bio parent wants to be found, as she discovered for herself Her biological mother wanted no contact and had lived a very rough life However, Ms Slaton did find some half siblings through DNA, some she has a relationship with and others shared the mother s problems.Ms Slaton tells stories of other adoptees, some using DNA to help create a reunion Some end like hers, although the majority of them end better Throughout the book she talks about the longing adoptees have to find their roots even when their adoptive parents are loved and have clearly provided a better home than the biological family could In no way does the search reflect upon the adoptive family, but the adoptees want to know their story and see people who look like them.Pamela came across as brash and a bit abrasive There was one part when she debated giving an adoptee who paid her information because she wasn t sure he deserved to know This really rubbed me the wrong way She apparently has had a television show where she reunited people, but I have never heard of it Even though the story was written with a co author it was still choppy, yet interesting to those who are interested in this topic I wish she had gone into the genealogy part a little deeper that was glossed over She does have a no find, no fee policy and does have a high rate of success It was a fast read and will soon be on the shelves at the Duncan Library. Amazing, wonderful, heartfeltThis is a book that you have to read Asap I want to contact Pamela myself and maybe hopefully she can help me find my brother that was given up for adoption over 50 years ago I cried, laughed, smiled during the reading of this The pain of adoption affects the entire family and it can be painful for all when searching but it s not done to hurt anybody This is a great book that is informational and educational as well as pills on your heart Any adopted or family member searching should read this book I am certainly glad I did I knew firsthand about this gem of an author when I was led to her by one of the adoptees whose story she tells in this book I am an adoptee and had been sporadically searching for my birth mother for almost 20 years I am also an actress and a random tweet to a casting director changed my life I was introduced to Pamela Slaton by Sheila Jaffe, reluctantly hired her and three weeks later my birth mother had been found still alive at 95 That was two years ago I m just now getting around to reading this book I can relate to some part of each and every story regardless of the outcome and circumstances Reunited is beautifully written, connecting the dots throughout just like Pamela connects the dots in her work to bring families together I enjoyed reading her personal story and loved how it unfolds from chapter to chapter.If you are any part of the adoption triad adoptee, birth parent or adoptive parents, reading this book will cause you to understand adoptees better and why Pamela Slaton s work is so valuable She gives us hope and brings us closure I ve been reunited with my birth family, found my family of fellow adoptees and celebrate a happy ending to my lifelong search for self Thank you Sheila Thank you Pam I am forever grateful. I loved this book in so many ways, but especially because Pamela Slayton is the person who found us for our cousin, Mike, whose remarkable story is featured in one of the chapters She is brilliant at her work, successfully reuniting adoptees and birth parents She is also a great advocate for the importance of the search for adoptees as a key piece of their history that completes what is often a lifelong puzzle The stories are achingly heartfull and I appreciated that she not only told stories like my cousin s with beautiful endings, but also others that are painful in their unfolding My only quibble is that some of the information is not factually true in Mike s story, although these bits are as background than directly part of the story Overall, though, bravo Our family is so much the better because of the work she does.

Pamela Slaton is an adoptee who, with scant information, discovered her birth parents over two decades ago When she first began my search, there were barely any services available to those looking for clues After discovering her birth parents, she started volunteering her experiences to local adoptee support groups before being hired as the New York contact for a major adoption finder agency.

[Read] ➪ Reunited  By Pamela Slaton –
  • Paperback
  • 272 pages
  • Reunited
  • Pamela Slaton
  • English
  • 14 March 2019
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