Rhythm of Three (Rule of Three, #2)

Rhythm of Three (Rule of Three, #2) One Woman, Two Lovers Double The Pleasure, Or Double The Trouble Rule Of Three, Book Former Goodie Two Shoes Kassidy Now Has Three Pairs Of Shoes Under Her Bed Hers, Chris S And Dag S While She Relishes The Hot Threesome That Makes Her Friends Jealous, She Can T Deny Things Are Complicated Namely, Whom To Tell About Their Unconventional Relationship, And Whom To Keep In The Dark In The Dark Category Definitely Chris S Parents, Which Should Be Simple, Since They Live Far Away Except They Ve Sprung A Surprise For Their Son S Thirtieth Birthday They Re Coming For A Visit Then There S Kassidy S Best Friend Danielle, Who S Home From Europe, Clueless To Recent Events, And Flirting With Dag Like Crazy Awkward Family, Friends, Coworkers And A Wedding Put Three Lovers Best Intentions To The Test, Making Them Wonder If This Unique Brand Of Love Has A Chance In Hell Of Working Out Warning Contains Three Vulnerable Hearts Engaged In A M Nage A Trois, Some Man On Man Action, Sizzling Exchanges Of Graphic Language, And Rock Your Socks Explicit Sex So Yeah, It S Dirty, But Also Sweet

Kelly Jamieson is a USA Today bestselling author of over 40 romance novels and novellas Her writing has been described as emotionally complex , sweet and satisfying and blisteringly sexy She likes black coffee, white wine and high heels and of course cheering on her Winnipeg Jets during hockey season She loves hearing from readers, so please visit her website at

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  • Kindle Edition
  • 137 pages
  • Rhythm of Three (Rule of Three, #2)
  • Kelly Jamieson
  • English
  • 25 March 2019

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    4 stars This was an amazing love story about three people, Chris, Kassidy and Dag struggling to make a their relationship work, despite general disapproval and Chris s family, steamy m nage sex scenes and Some hot M M action too M F, M F, M M F

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    Well that was a really long epilogue of Rule of ThreeRhythm of Three immediately follows from Rule of Three Chris is still dealing with his newfound feelings for Dag plus his parents are coming in for a visit for a week while Kassidy made the mistake of telling her loose tongued best friend about their poly relationship.Other than a couple scorching threesomes and a bonus M M scene, I thought this was a bit pointless and unnecessary although I enjoyed reading about this three.

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    Review posted at Swept Away By RomanceStory Rating 4 StarsHero Ratings 4.5 StarsHeroine Rating 4.5 StarsRomance Rating 5 StarsHeat Level 5 SCORCHING StarsEnding 4 StarsOverall Rating 4.5 StarsRhythm of Three is book two in this series and it takes place right where book one, Rule of Three, ended This was a wonderful edition for those of you who LOVED Rule of Three.Rhythm of Three takes us further into the journey of Dag, Chris and Kassidy s polyamorous relationship It dealt with many issues that these three went through because of this When it came time to tell their family and friends, I thought they did a good job of dealing with all the different reactions.These three were madly in love and I TOTALLY felt it They had each other s backs and always thought about each other s feelings, and also their wants and needs No jealousy here, they loved and trusted each other fully I felt this added to the overall romance of the story quite well.With this being a m nage book, the heat was SCORCHING I LOVED the scenes where Dag and Chris made love, even when Kassidy was not there There were quite a few love scenes for such a short read and Kelly Jamieson sure knows how to pen them, they had me all heated up and squirming while I read.At the end it fast forwards one year and we get a small peak into what they have been up too No epilogue, but I felt there was no need for one here I LOVED Dag, Chris and Kassidy together and I m happy to say that book three, Reward of Three will be released July 8th I m VERY invested in these three characters and can hardly wait to read where their relationship will go next.I highly recommend Rhythm of Three to those of you who have read book one, Rule of Three and loved it If you LOVE reading a SCORCHING m nage with really good characters that share an all consuming love, then I hope you give this series a try A copy of the book was provided by RockStar Lit in exchange for an honest review

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    This was a short follow up on the poly romance between that started in Rule of Three Well written w the multi POV Story wise, was spent dealing w Chris coming to term about his new found relationship Epilogue was what I expected the actual book to deal w The menage scene was O Kay The sizzler was Chris taking off the training wheels and having his moment w Dag sans Kassidy Also must point out this book ended w epilogue included 87% If you ve read my reviews it my big bugaboo I still am hoping for a continuation of this budding romance into a growing family.

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    This could have been a nice and needed follow up to the first book But it seemed rushed and left me wanting There was a lot of potential but obviously not enough time or enthusiasm to really deal with it

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    same things i said about book 1 apply here fast, nice, a bit problematic, a bit too superficial, i didn t really read all the threesomes because sex scenes bore me, but we can t ask much now can we

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    Reviewed for sequel begins just when the first book ended Even if you have read a bunch of other books since, there are enough well placed reminders to refresh your memory.Kass, Chris and Dag are finally living together Now the point is how do other people deal with their way of life Family, friends, relations When you re invited to a wedding and are supposed to go with only one person, who do you choose Maybe I am totally naive The whole world is a big orgy and I ve been missing out on it People finally learn about it First, some friends of Kass piece of cake Then, Chris s family no piece of cake at all Then others As Rule of three was the book of their coming together, Rhythm of three is that of turning this adventure into a real life relationship.There were some fun times, like when every time they have sex, Dag is willing to give orders while Chris is used to do so There was mild drama toward the end, a few doubts, but nothing dreadful no stupid heroin or hero, fortunately It wasn t fair to Dag either Chris wanted to acknowledge his feelings for him, not be ashamed of them Dag deserved that Everybody deserved that Loving someone was never wrong, no matter who they were The only thing that bugged me in this book was the three characters almost constantly saying how they loved each other It felt somehow forced, as if they needed reassurance that they could exist as a lasting menage.Apart from that, the sex was hot There wasn t that much threesome action but the m m action Setting the kindle on fire I have to say I m mostly considering this type of story as a kind of science fiction I know there are menages out there somewhere, but I ve never met any, never heard about any around me, so I have trouble believing it can be achieved As to menages having children never heard either Only read about this, that s all That said, very good book, not my favorite in the world, but a really enjoyable read But being loved wasn t the only important thing having someone to love was huge too Because if you couldn t give love, how could you receive it And now he d learned that the love y ou give, the love you have to give and the you get in return.

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    Short and sweet But almost too sweet.

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    I really liked this book it was short it also answered a lot of my questions I was glad that Chris was able to work things out with in himself and tell his parents I liked this book

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    Slick s review posted on Guilty Pleasures Book ReviewsReview copy provided for an honest review5 STARSWhen I finished Rule of Three by Kelly Jamieson I immediately thought, I want I do this often, but there was just something about Kassidy, Chris and Dag that I couldn t let go and while they were headed in the right direction in the first book it was a very new relationship and my brain just couldn t leave it alone I like so many other of Kelly s fans like fanatics bugged her enough that she decided to continue their story and I didn t think I could love Kassidy, Chris, and Dag any but Kelly Jamieson proved to me once again why she s on my must read, must buy, must stalk author list Rhythm of Three starts up basically where the first book left off their relationship triad is brand new They are still trying to figure out the ends and outs and no one but the three of them and Kassidy s sister knows anything about them.It was so easy to jump into this book because the last one left me wanting and I was captivated by the way they discussed and worked through their problems I love that both Dag and Kassidy called Chris out on his inability to share his feelings and fears The fact that we see what each of them are thinking and feeling and the insecurities they all face as they move forward in this unique relationship.There were many defining moments in this story, many incidents that had each of them wondering if the relationship was worth the risk Thankfully their bond is strong and they are able to move past the outside forces that seem determined to drive them apart.It was satisfying watching the relationship between Kassidy and Dag grow and develop and even intriguing was the relationship between Chris and Dag Plus the three of them together, holy hotness Kelly Jamieson knows how to write sex scenes and in this book she goes above and beyond and then some.While Rule of Three ended in a good place, I m so happy that Kelly continued this story It s like getting a big bonus mother of all epilogues and it is amazingly wonderful Rhythm of Three will pull you in and take hold of you much like the love between Kassidy, Chris, and Dag Enjoy, I know I did

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