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Ringworld's Children The Ringworld Is A Landmark Engineering Achievement, A Flat Band Million Times The Surface Area Of Earth, Encircling A Distant Star Home To Trillions Of Inhabitants, Not All Of Which Are Human, And Host To Amazing Technological Wonders, The Ringworld Is Unique In All Of The UniverseExplorer Louis Wu, An Earth Born Human Who Was Part Of The First Expedition To Ringworld, Becomes Enmeshed In Interplanetary And Interspecies Intrigue As War, And A Powerful New Weapon, Threatens To Tear The Ringworld Apart Forever Now, The Future Of Ringworld Lies In The Actions Of Its Children Tunesmith, The Ghould Protector Acolyte, The Exiled Son Of Speaker To Animals, And Wembleth, A Strange Ringworld Native With A Mysterious Past All Must Play A Dangerous Role In Order To Save Ringworld S Population, And The Stability Of Ringworld ItselfBlending Awe Inspiring Science With Non Stop Action And Fun, Ringworld S Children, The Fourth Installment Of The Multiple Award Winning Saga, Is The Perfect Introduction For Readers New To This New York Times Best Selling Series And For Long Time Fans Of Larry Niven S Ringworld Larry Niven P Blackstone Audiobooks

Ringworld Ringworld, 1 1970 , which received the Hugo, Locus, Ditmar, and Nebula awards His work is primarily hard science fiction, using big science concepts and theoretical physics The creation of thoroughly worked out alien species, which are very different from humans both physically and mentally, is recognized as one of Niven s main strengths.Niven also often includes elements of detective fiction and adventure stories His fantasy includes The Magic Goes Away series, which utilizes an exhaustible resource, called Mana, to make the magic a non renewable resource Niven created an alien species, the Kzin, which were featured in a series of twelve collection books, the Man Kzin Wars He co authored a number of novels with

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    I totally loved this return to Ringworld, the mysterious artificial world that has the surface area of a million Earths and populated by hundreds of hominid species that have evolved there from human ancestors placed there a half million years earlier Since its discovery Ringworld has been the target of multiple alien species now engaged in warfare to gain access to its technology the Fringe War Destroying the functionality of the Ringworld and thereby killing its inhabitants is one solution to reach that goal This tale, 4th in the series, is concerned with the efforts of a multispecies group to head off such a disaster I found the characters wonderful, the technologies marvelous, and the plot filled with exciting puzzles and thrilling action The kind of escapist literature that also expands my mind s horizons Our hero Louis Wu, an Earth born human, wakes up from nanotech treatment in an advanced auto doc to find his two hundred plus year old body now that of a twenty year old He learns he is still an effective slave of Tunesmith, an incredibly advanced creature known as a Protector who has taken charge of the vast Ringworld defense and repair facilities His value to Tunesmith lies in his knowledge of the species involved in the Fringe War He doesn t mind helping out a good cause, but Tunesmith is just so brilliant and goal directed he is dangerous Any means to an end will do, and if he needs Louis to be smarter and dedicated, he could give him tree of life root, which will turn him into a Protector too As some readers may have first learned from Niven s 1974 book Protector , the transformation to a bulked up smart beastie is just a missing phase in hominid development beyond the breeder stage, a stage when any family at hand elicits psychotically extreme efforts to protect them Soon Louis gets tasked to help manage the repair of a big hole in Ringworld created by an antimatter attack, along with his alien friends also put into Tunesmith s service, the Puppteer Hindmost two headed, anxiety prone creatures resembling an ostrich , an adolescent Kzin cat like creatures obsessed with macho , and a Protector phase local hominid apprenticed to Tunesmith You may have noticed that all of the species reflect psychological extremes found among humans, features that bring both strengths and weaknesses That s part of the fun for me in the story.They encounter some folks from away, a potentially hostile crew from the human military security division ARM Among them is a female Sergeant who takes Louis fancy facilitated by her being the only other human woman on the vast Ringworld and Louis lack of fulfillment with interspecies sex in recent years Just when Louis begins to feel happy being human again, he gets captured by another super being, an advanced hominid female who claims to be descended from the Ringworld builders Despite many reasons to be enemies with each other, they all get motivated to work together to help save Ringworld and its inhabitants Each emergency leads Tunesmith to devise new technologies and bold strategies for the team That s the other part of the fun for me in this book.Since the four books in the series came out about one a decade, Niven took the effort to make the novels capable of standing alone I look forward to the fifth in this series, Fate of Worlds Return from the Ringworld , which is also the keystone to the four prequels to Ringworld which I am just finishing up This has been a surprisingly rich harvest, given that the original Ringworld novel was somewhat disappointing as a gee whiz tale about a proverbial Big Dumb Object or technology wonder Ultimately it provided a playground for Niven to bring all of his wonderful species together in a big multifaceted adventure At its core the work stands out for a hopeful outlook for humans in a distant future of imagination, which contrasts much with the desperation in the apocalyptic tales of the near future that dominate sci fi these days.

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    Ringworld sequels certainly take their time to appear Tens of years between books and so much information that s just waiting to be forgotten On the other hand, new discoveries and re discoveries await Even though Ringworld s Children has been around since 2004, I have only now gotten around to reading it What s , a lot of time has passed since I finished The Ringworld Throne Niven certainly doesn t waste a lot of time chucking a bewildered reader into the thick of things and dragging said reader along for a dizzying ride In truth, this is also a good approximation of what the lead protagonist is experiencing in the opening chapters of this novel Louis Wu awakens in the autodoc again , and as soon his foot hits the floor the story hits its stride By the third chapter, however, Louis starts reasoning things out and the bewilderment subsequently settles into something akin to wonderment Whether you like Niven s style or not, any visit to the Ringworld is going to be filled with wonder and discovery I ve never ceased to be amazed at the sheer staggering SCALE of the world It s impossible to envision a lot of what is described here, as an appropriate frame of reference is nonexistent Imagine being on the same world with someone, while still being further away from them as the sun is from the earth I really enjoy the Ringworld novels However, I remain unsettled by the concept of Rishathra.I will recommend Ringworld s Children to both Ringworld and Niven fans If, however, you value your sanity, please read these books in sequence, starting with Ringworld Do not jump in here, you will be lost.

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    2013 was turning into a stale year for SF That summer, I really needed the solace of good, hard SF to escape, if just fleetingly, some harsh realities, same reality having given me long days and nights to read and listen So, without really making a decision to do so but compelled by circumstances, I started a re read of the Ringworld series The publication history of the series was such that one book came out every ten years, on average And so each book read provided a reflection of a decade of life, the places and friends, the situations and milestones when each book was read Fiction, particularly the science fiction of the Ringworld books, it turned out, was nothing than dressed up reality I never left the Ringworld

    Finally, the series raises its intensity at book 4, combining even fascinating discoveries about the BDO Big Dumb Object with compelling space opera Consider the rest of Known Space has come to the Ringworld, various civilizations and factions lured by untold riches, Kzinti and humans, Trinocs and puppeteers, Outsiders too They are held at bay, barely, at the fringes of the local system by a sun based meteor defense, powerful beyond their ken War breaks out as the navies vie for position and advantage While on the Ringworld, Louis Wu plays deadly chess games with the bloodline preserving Pak protectors With antimatter bullets punching holes in the Ringworld material, its trillions of inhabitants seem headed for certain doom.

    I was surprised by how much action and suspense there was in this book, certainly a lot than I remember Plus, Children puts forth some interesting sfnal elements, view spoiler a superconductor grid underneath the Ringworld controlled from the Throne or Repair Center, massive hydrodynamic effects that induce solar flares, x ray lasers on the shadow squares to blast meteors and intruders, protectors grown from different hominids vying for dominance, even nanotech makes its first appearance in the series as the basis for an advanced autodoc and repair of the scrith, extrapolations on Teela Brown s lucky genes, hide spoiler

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    Much better than Throne, which wasn t too hard to do In fact you could compare this to the last part of Throne where things heat up with Bram The difference between the 3rd and 4th novel seem greater than my rating going from a two to a three, but I still can t make myself give this novel a four It s a short book and wraps up the series in a way that allows me to move on and leave this world behind I m glad he eased up on all the Rishathra, because if that had started up again i m not sure I could have continued However we get history on the Protectors and are introduced to some new ones I enjoyed the couple of predictable twists and read this book as though it was movie, without questioning things too much and just letting the action unfold It didn t feel like the slog of the previous two, but you had to have read them to fully appreciate the conclusion to this series or at least I hope it will be I m definitely ready to move onto something different

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    The 4th and final of the ringworld series Louis Wu, yet again still yet a slave to the whims of the protectors of ringworld The ringworld seems to be in danger again, but this time to a fantastic new weapon and the fringe war Even the awesome intelligence of the protectors are challenged by all the new complications, and the luck of Teela Brown lives on.When I read books that are part of a series, I always want to know how the story ends The original Ringworld story was great, and the series only went downhill from there Having just finished reading the last book, my feelings are mostly I m glad that s over with Now I can move on to something better.

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    If this is Larry niven s new level of writing he should stop.Chaotic storytelling, no bright new ideas.Avoid

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    The resolution of the Ringworld series For me too many events, too little explanation, too many coincidences There s also the question of whether or not to resolve the mysteries of the series I think some things are richer and interesting if left to the reader s imagination.

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    The Ringworld series has finally ran out of steam.Pretty bad.

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    I finished the first Ringworld two years ago and didn t like it that much I gave it 2 5 stars and I didn t think I d read the sequels Now, over the span of about a month, I ve read all three of them.I was very impressed with Ringworld Engineers I read it after not being able to finish any book for months due to lack of motivation I don t mean to hype it up too much, but it reminded me why I read books, and why I read sci fi in particular.Then I read Ringworld Throne, which I thought was fine The first half is about the adventures of these new characters, who are okay, but all throughout I just kept wondering, How does all this relate to Louis and Chmee And the second half just got confusing with the protector battles and the stepping disks I m glad to see, after reading some of the other reviews on this site, that I wasn t alone here I understood the main points Louis thinks a Vampire protector, like Bram, isn t fit to rule the Ringworld, so he concocts a plan to put a Ghoul protector who would care for all of the species on the Ringworld in charge , but keeping track of the smaller details was a bit work than I want out of a novel like that Children was better The ending is truly breathtaking, just like the end of Engineers But the book as a whole just wasn t that satisfying dramatically I couldn t care much about the new characters I was surprised how little I cared for Wembleth, considering he s Louis and Teela s son Most of the book never gets as confusing as the second half of Throne, but I honestly didn t understand one thing Why doesn t Louis stay on the Ringworld at the end He has to convince Tunesmith and Proserpina that he was leaving with Wembleth and Roxanny, so they ll take the entire structure into hyperdrive He manages to trick them, and they do what he wants, but he didn t have to leave for real, right And he tells the Hindmost that it s important that he doesn t know where the Ringworld went, so it s not like he just didn t want to stay there Yeah, I didn t get that But overall, it really was quite fun Maybe I ll read the Fleet of Worlds series One thing about the Ringworld books is that each new book explained things that happened in the last book clearly, so perhaps the last book, which is also a sequel to the Ringworld series, might answer my question.Edit Oh, wait, is the reason why Louis leaves because, unlike Proserpina and Tunesmith, who for different reasons care about the Ringworld populations as a whole, he would only care for his own bloodline to the detriment of the rest of the population

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    I m surprised there is another after this The ending was rather conclusive Story was better than the last one, but did not grip me enough for 4 stars.I didn t like the new person who did the voices Audiobook

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