Roots of the Swamp Thing

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Len Wein was an American comic book writer and editor best known for co creating DC Comics Swamp Thing and Marvel Comics Wolverine, and for helping revive the Marvel superhero team the X Men including the co creation of Nightcrawler, Storm, and Colossus Additionally, he was the editor for writer Alan Moore and illustrator Dave Gibbons influential DC miniseries Watchmen.Wein was inducted into

[PDF / Epub] ☉ Roots of the Swamp Thing  By Len Wein –
  • Hardcover
  • 320 pages
  • Roots of the Swamp Thing
  • Len Wein
  • English
  • 19 September 2017
  • 9781401222369

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    A classic collection, important if you want to know what Alan Moore did with Swampy when he picked up the story This collects Wein s original 8 page treatment that was a very popular feature when it came out in 1971 After some time, Wein came back and did 13 issues, and his idea was just that this was this green mossy monster It wasn t imbued with all these environmental and mystical and serious IDEAS that Moore brought to the story to make it something profound Comparing the writing and art, we see a not bad seventies horror comic vs a kind of philosophical reflection on plant human relations, grafting of species, love, eco terrorism, and so much I give this 3 stars not because I loved it, but because it is important for comics history to have it as a resource, to have the origin, and to appreciate what Moore did to reboot comics in impressive ways.

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    Man, do I ever love the Wein Wrightson run of this book

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    Wein manages to meld together horror and science fiction into a harmonious whole, telling stories that are strange, scary, and sometimes dreamlike The height is surely 10, which puts the misshapen horror Arcane in conflict with antebellum ghosts There s a reason that this story was later reprinted in the second Swamp Thingrun There are also an amazing number of long running characters introduced by Wein including Alec 1 , Matt 1 , Arcane 2 , Abby 3 , Gregori 3 , and even Tim Ravenwind 5 However, you really have to read through this run to see how long a shadow it s cast over the next few decades of the Swamp Thing comic Wein recognized the power of Arcane by depicting him in two very different forms 2, 10 He also introduced the idea of Alec traveling through time 12 and even meeting Batman 7 , plots that would later be plunder by Veitch and Moore Even when introducing characters that wouldn t be seen again like the fallen alien 9 and the conquerer worms 11 , Wein offered up memorable foes.Overall this is a magnificent moody run, marred only a bit by the wordiness of the time period It s also nice that Wein offers some closure in his final issue for the relationship between Matt and Alec, offering some changes to the storyline that were pretty unknown in the era The beautiful, spooky art by Bernie Wrightson for the first ten issues only improves that great storytelling.

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    Enjoyed this one a lot Swamp Thing is a mix of Gothic romance, Lovecraftian horror, fantasy scifi, and of course comic book heroism I liked the classic look of the art work too I especially liked Batman s appearance in which he is described as annoyingly committed to duty by Swamp Thing He really does have a rich inner monologue I found myself admiring that the most about the character that because he was mute, his monologuing became your insight into his often failed, but ultimately successful attempts at communication It ll be nice to have read this when I get around to Moore s take on the character.

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    I absolutely LOVED reading this It had been years since I had read any Swamp Thing stories, so I didn t know quite what to expect Anticipation for the new tv series made me want to revisit it, and I was not disappointed one bit The writing is awesome It s very Frankenstein ish Swamp Thing is a monster, but most of the humans he comes in contact with are monsterous than he is I personally hate when people say things like this, but they just don t make comics like this any.

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    Stvorenje iz mo vare je prava poslastica za sve ljubitelje ameri kog stripa Prva knjiga obuhvata kratku pri u publikovanu 1971 godine u magazinu Ku a tajni zametak sage koja e uslediti i prvih trinaest epizoda DC jevog serijala 1972 1974 Scenario za sve epizode napisao je Len Vin Uvodnu kratku pri u i prvih deset epizoda nacrtao je fenomenalni Berni Rajston, dok je poslednje tri ilustrovao solidni Nestro Redondo Zapravo, ovo vanserijsko izdanje pogledajte samo te korice sa mahovinom koju, bukvalno, mo ete da osetite pod prstima i izvarnednu kolor tampu sadr i ono najbolje to je ovaj serijal imao da ponudi tokom svoje prve faze, pre nego to e do i Alan Mur i pri i o Stvorenju dati novi zamajac.http clanak best of

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    All the Len Wein written issues of the first volume of Swamp Thing in one place Some of the stories or, to be honest, a bit silly Piling coincidence upon coincidence in a mad race away from any possible suspension of disbelief But this book is really worth owning for the fantastic artwork by Berni Wrightson that fills the bulk of the pages Gorgeous stuff.

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    Charmingly earnest comics in the style of Gothic children s horror stories Fun, nostalgic, and harmless.

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    I don t rate every comic book I read, but this was so impressive I had to say something about it The concept is interesting and a bit off kilter of what I ve come to expect in older comic books I was interested in this series for two reasons 1 Alan Moore later picked up the series 2 Brian Vaughan has some contributions to the character series as well HOWEVER, that did not mean I had to read Len Wein and Bernie Wrightson s origination stories I read this because I felt that the creators of Swamp Thing deserved some props, and they seriously blew my mind Old comic, expectations way WAY low The Swamp Thing is a tormented character, full of previous heartbreak and plenty of new heartbreak He protects his identity for fear of the danger his revelation will bring The inner life of Dr Alec Holland is interesting enough to keep you reading, to be sure Wein s writing is outstanding I was very impressed and happy I started at the beginning

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    This is a brilliant books for comic historians or fans of The Swamp Thing Containing his original appearance from House of Secrets and the first thirteen issues of the original Swamp Thing run, these strips from the 1970s and 1980s are deliciously pulpy and classic The dialogue can come off as cheesy but if you have an appreciation for the form and the era then it just adds to the charm like 60s Star Trek and Doctor Who Not as good as Alan Moore s run but a lot of fun if you re a completionist like me.

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