Royal Pains (Anaboris Clan, #2)

Royal Pains (Anaboris Clan, #2) Ethan Conner And Jamie McHale Have Moved To Chicago So That Jamie Can Take Over As King Of The Vampires Of The City But Things Are Not Going How They Had Planned Ethan Feels Neglected As The New King Is Too Busy Trying To Hold Onto Control Of The City To Spend Enough Time With His MateWhen Ethan Is Called Home By His Father To Watch Over His Old Kingdom In His Parent S Absence, He Is Almost Relieved To Be Leaving The Men Try To Work Out A Long Distance Relationship But The Strain Is Just As Hard On Them As It Had Been BeforeMeanwhile Jamie Is Fighting To Assert His Power Over A Group Of Vampires Who Remain Loyal Only To The Former Monarchy He Believes That His Advisors Are Plotting Behind His Back And Worries That He Isn T Strong Enough To Hold Things Together On His OwnThe Men Need Each Other Than Ever, But Without The Bond That Originally Brought Them Together, Their Stubbornness And Aggression Feels Too Strong To Overcome Again Both Are Left To Wonder If They Are Ever Going To Make Things Work Or If They Have Been Fighting A Losing Battle From The Very Beginning

Dakota Rebel is a bestselling author and a very slow distance runner who dreams of racing Badwater She lives in a perpetual state of exhaustion with her happy husband and two incredibly spoiled children.

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    3.5 starsJamie and Ethan have moved to Chicago together so that Ethan could take over as King of the City following the events in book 1 He is finding this isn t an easy task, as his counsel and previous Queen seem to all be up to things behind his back, and he hasn t been able to win the people over as well.Ethan gave up his home, family and friends to go with Jamie, and while they are together, they still haven t rebonded yet Fighting and sex, sex and fighting are still the keys of their relationship Ethan is struggling with being in a new place, essentially on his own as Jamie is off doing his kingly duties He is lonely and bored and misses Jamie s full attention He is a bit whiney at times where this is concerned.Ethan is called back to Royal Oaks for a few months to step in for his parents when they must leave town for a spell At about halfway through this story, the plot starts to thicken around the goings on in Chicago The family and friends come together to help, and everything falls into place This is a really easy going, funny at times, story with quite a bit of sex and aggression and fighting and make up sex The guys do what they do best throughout most of the story They fight, get worked up, have crazy hot sex, have a short cooling off period, then start the cycle all over again It s different, but it works for them.

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    A follow up to To Hate and To Hold, which I read and really enjoyed I enjoyed this, but probably not as much as the first book in the series, I thought that Ethan and Jamie spent too much time arguing and not talking to each other about their problems.

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    Le este libro hace tiempo, y a pesar de que acabo del leer el primero de nuevo, este no se merece una segunda vez.Los personajes cambian mucho, puede ser debido al status de Jamie ahora pero no enganch para nada con la trama y menos a n cundo m s de la mitad era sexo, pero de eso se trata el libro, no nos enga an tampoco para leerlo, es cosa de miras la portada.

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    I liked this book even than the previous one There were a lot of emotions flying around and I loved how raw and strong those emotions were There was a lot of relationship struggle between Ethan and Jaime and it was great to see it from Ethan s point of view instead I definitely didn t like Jaime at the beginning of this book, because I felt like Ethan s problems with him were justified It was definitely great to see them resolve their problems.

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    Love it I really enjoyed this book It was very sexy and entertaining I was glad the boys got their happy ending.

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    3.5 starsThis book is a continuation of Dakota Rebel s To Hate and To Hold Anaboris Clan 1 , which I reviewed previously on Dark Divas Reviews I enjoyed that book and was looking forward to the sequel In this installment, Jamie and Ethan are now living in Chicago where Jamie is the King of the vampires there However, some cracks have begun to seep into their relationship as Jamie spends time as King and less time with his mate When political machinations threaten their very lives, will they stand together or apart It s very difficult to find M M books which feature an established relationship plot where the two main characters are having real life relationship issues Yes, this book features two vampires having relationship woes, but their problems are just like everyone else one party feeling neglected and that makes Royal Pains unique I liked that Jamie and Ethan have to work at their relationship Going from enemies to lovers in the last book was hard enough, now Jamie s duties are pulling them apart.Plus, Ms Rebel is true to form with Jamie and Ethan s solution to their issues they fight a lot and make up a lot The continuity between book one and book two is flawless as is the scorching chemistry between the two men.My main niggle was the sub plot which seemingly came out of nowhere and really wasn t needed Otherwise, like the first book, I enjoyed this novel and look forward to the next.Dark Divas Reviews

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    Sequel to To Hate and To Hold and is told from Ethan s POV This story picks up a year after Jamie becomes King of Chicago Ethan and Jamie relationship is strained because of Jamie s job and they try to catch time for themselves when they can Ethan is called home to watch over the kingdom Jamie visits him and drama ensues Truths come to light and Jamie finally shares with Ethan that things aren t going exactly as planned in Chicago On Jamie s return to Chicago, he finds out just how messed up things are Together Jamie and Ethan have to figure out how to rectify the situation and take control of the clan.I didn t like story as much as the first in the series I felt Jamie came off as a bit of a wuss in this one At the start I kind of missed that animosity Jamie and Ethan had between them in book 1 but that was remedied the further I read The sex between them was still sizzling and the storyline overall was good.

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    Royal Pains took up a year after Ethan and Jamie left their clan in order for Jamie to become King of the Chicago clan the former King was accused of killing his parents.Unlike To Have To Hate where Jamie was the narrator, this story was Ethan s He and Jamie s relationship is taking a toll as Jamie is barely around any The life they sorted has come to a standstill as Jamie tries to become a good King to a clan whose inner circle is defying his every move All Ethan wants is to be bonded to the man he loves, not feel used and abused.Though not as take me now as THaTH, I got into the story and all the issues that followed And yes, the fights and make up sex return as hot as ever It was worth the loss of sleep.

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    I had no idea this book had a sequel till yesterday I enjoyed the first one very much and l knew l would enjoy this too What l was not expecting was all the many sex scenes The story itself was great and l enjoyed it very much even the fights I had to skip some sex scenes which is always a sign to me that there is too much but then l gave five stars because l still managed to follow the story line and l loved it as much as the first one Highly recommended.

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    Just as good as the first in the series

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