Rumpole and the Penge Bungalow Murders

Rumpole and the Penge Bungalow Murders The Rumpole Renaissance Continues To Build, And Now The Beloved Barrister S Many Followers Have A Special Reason To Rejoice A Sensational Full Length Rumpole Novel That At Last Relates The Oft Mentioned But Never Revealed Story Of Rumpole S First Case, The Penge Bungalow Affair Looking Back Half A Century Into A Very Different World, Rumpole Recalls A Man Accused Of Murdering His Father And His Father S Friend With A Pistol Taken From A Dead German Pilot It Was This Trial And Its Outcome That Put Rumpole On The Map And Shaped Him Into The Cantankerous Defender Of Justice That Readers Know And Love This Is A Must Read For Every Rumpole Fan And A Compelling Invitation To New Readers

John Clifford Mortimer was a novelist, playwright and former practising barrister Among his many publications are several volumes of Rumpole stories and a trilogy of political novels, Paradise Postponed, Titmuss Regained and The Sound of Trumpets, featuring Leslie Titmuss a character as brilliant as Rumpole John Mortimer received a knighthood for his services to the arts in 1998.Series Rumpole

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    After reading four or five of the books and seeing a few of the tv show episodes based on them, the notoriety of London Barrister Horace Rumpole s greatest case The Penge Bungalow Murders, much mentioned by himself, had reached legendary status Yet, I d never read about it I didn t know the details, and so it took on a mysterious mythology Unable to take the suspense any longer, I finally and joyously read John Mortimer s Rumpole and the Penge Bungalow Murders.This might be my favorite Rumpole to date It s a look back at the start of a career and a trip back in time that introduces long known friends and acquaintances Because the series begins in the midst, or rather in the twilight years, of Rumpole s career, Mortimer had Rumpole tell the story of his first big break via the act of writing his memoirs That provided the reader a nice past present reflection upon that lovable, wily and irascible lawyer Mortimer s writing is very smooth His stock of character s are well drawn, if a bit one dimensional, at least the usual supporting cast The main players in whatever case Rumpole is working on are often dual natured and Mortimer handles them just as capably The plot of the typical Rumpole story, though not always a mind bender, is crafted in a way to keep you guessing who dunnit for a decent length of time, and this one s no different While not perfection, Rumpole and the Penge Bungalow Murders gets an extra fanboy star from me and ranks as a topnotch entry in the series.

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    Horace Rumpole sets about upholding justice and fair play for the downtrodden, common folk of society and leaves us laughing along the way We want him to win and gloat because he does it for us We want him to make things right We want him to dress down tyrant justices and abusive aristocrats of business and government We want him to win with humility He does all that and .Read how Rumpole made a name for himself by nudging his way to become the defender of a man in the Penge Bungalow murders Enjoy witnessing his tact and gentle mentoring of the defendant who faces certain death in the gallows Rejoice in his satirical wit before the judge and prosecutor.Finally, discover how the lovable nemesis called Hilda became his wife and she who must be obeyed.

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    Imagine that you have been accused of two murders which you did not commit.Your legal defense is an elderly lawyer who does not want to upset the judge and so does nothing.Then you meet the young unproven Rumpole Can he save you RumpoleI had taken a law degree at Keble College, Oxford As learning law in those days entailed an intimate knowledge of the Roman rules for freeing a slave and the rights of turfage over common land scraps of information which I have never found of the slightest use in the Uxbridge Magistrates Court and as I never at Keble experienced the excitement of rising on my then young hind legs to address a jury, I turned in a fairly honorable third class degree It has always been my view that knowing too much law is not only no help but also a considerable handicap to the courtroom advocate Juries, on the whole, have little interest in freeing slaves or the Roman law governing the ownership of chariots.Rumpole s final appeal to the jurySoon you ll go back to your jobs and you won t have to think any about the Penge bungalows and the Luger pistol, the magazine and the bloodstains in the hall This case is only a small part of your lives But for that young man sitting there in the dock here I swung round and pointed at Simon it s the whole of his life that s at stake And I put that young life with confidence in your hands The Penge Bungalow murders was Rumpole s first claim to fame He refers to this trial in many of stories with only a hint about blood stains Satisfying to learn the whole truth of his early win.Enjoy

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    I was aware of Rumpole Had watched a few of the episodes John Mortimer was a regular on the interview circuit for many years and I always enjoyed what he had to say Inevitably an intelligent mix of pertinent observations on the world and delightful one liners Yet it took me until now to read a Rumpole novel The downside is that I ve missed out on a treat here is a legal miscreant to go alongside Frost and Wexford the upside is that I ve got it all to come A golden new seam has been opened in the deep mine of my reading I shall exploit it ruthlessly.That s just the reading pleasure There are then the over riding values of truth and justice in a world that should but cannot take these as givens.

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    Regular Rumpole readers know that the crusty barrister frequently refers to this early case of his, which he won alone and without a leader In 2004, Rumpole or Mortimer finally decided to give us the details It s a wonderful novel, as good as the best of Rumpole It s fascinating to see how the events recounted here contribute to the formation of Rumpole s later character and habits Highly recommended for Rumpole fans.

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    Returned to an old friend as the audio book reading continues I am a huge fan of the character of Horace Rumpole, the cantankerous old barrister who thrives on saying under his breath of course all the things we d like to say to pompous lawyers, judges, and various other people that tend to act far important than they really are.This time around, Rumpole finally gets around to telling us about the case that put him on the map the Penge Bungalow Murders Longer than most Rumpole stories, Moritmer interrupts the narrative several times to tell other stories along the way, which helps pads things out a bit It takes a little getting used to at first, but Moritmer is amazingly good at blending the storier together without making it seem like he s interrupting In lesser hands, the digressions would have felt out of place.Life for young Rumpole wsa a bit touch and go at first, it seems He s stuck on lesser cases till the future She Who Must Be Obeyed, daughter of the head of Chambers, finds a way to get this young lawyer a chance at the big time second chair on an important murder trial There s only one problem Rumpole is to be seen and not heard This goes about as well as you might expect and soon he s in trouble with the judge, his boss, and holds the life of a young man in his hands as he s forced to go it alone And even if he wins, which is unlikely, he s going to lose, career over before it starts What to do Start cracking wise, that s what.Mortimer deftly evolves Rumpole from an uncertain junior to a man capable of standing up to authority, growing in confidence even as he grows in girth The only problem with this is that for a lot of the book, Rumpole is not the character we re used to, so the amount of rip roaringly funny insults is reduced, though not completely eliminated He s still the Rumpole we know and love, he s just a little less vocal about it.Doing a Year One story, to borrow a comic book term, can be dangerous But Mortimer s planned this out well and executes it just about perfectly The seducing of Rumpole by Hilda is particularly well done as are the present day cameos of the regular supporting cast And now we know the true story of how Rumpole got to be associated with the bungling crime family, the Timsons.I should also note that Bill Wallis did an admirable job voicing Rumpole, no small feat given that he will always be Leo McKern to just about everyone who s a fan Changing voices like a good narrator, Wallis s gravelly Rumpole works very well and I am definitely a fan of his reading style This is a great book, whether you read it or listen to it, for both fans of Rumpole and courtroom style adventures Library, 03 08

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    In the Rumpole series, he is continually referring to his first murder trial where he got the wrongly accused off and cheated the hangman out of his day s pay Mortimer always lifts my spirits with his wit and true to life characters If you have never read John Mortimer, check him out He s brillant as the Brits say.

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    Audacious, witty and sparring with the biased snobbery judge barrister Horace Rumpole delights in what he states in both the TV show played by Leo McKern and in the books, I m assuming the books this is the first book I read listened to of the RUMPOLE series since Rumpole, in the show, so frequently brings up this case as his greatest case The audiobook version is read by Bill Wallis who I, at first, was disappointed it wasn t Leo McKern reading the book, but my disappointment quickly changed after listening to Bill Wallis s rendering of Rumpole in which he was able to match Rumpole s voice idiosyncrasies that were in my head from seeing McKern play the role.The book starts out with Rumpole late in his career, as do the shows, with Rumpole writing his memoirs thereby recalling the case of THE PENGE BUNGALOW MURDERS Rumpole takes us back to the time he was just starting out as a young barrister and relays how the British class system and their stuffy traditions snubbed their noses at him and his brash style.The case has it that a young man threatened and killed his father and his father s friend The case looks to be an open and shut case barring the technicalities of trial, conviction and execution Rumpole at the time is a junior to his, at the time, boss who has no intentions of questioning the witnesses with any degree of hardness in fear of rousing the jury to anger and would rather act as a dignified gentleman of chambers in the hopes the jury and the judge would show mercy to young Simon all the while knowing Simon is doomed for the gallows but would prefer Simon walk up the gallows the same as if he were taking a stroll down the promenade.Rumpole, on the otherhand, in his burgeoning grandiloquent style in court that he is just beginning to discover will not have it, and will do anything in his power to upset the scales of justice that are so heavily weighed against young Simon.THE PENGE BUNGALOW story is exciting not just to see if the young Rumpole can save young Simon from the gallows, but what is equally interesting and quite annoying where you root for Rumpole if you are not a Duke, Knight or Gentleman is seeing him have to attempt to rise in the legal world where it is not only dependant on your talent, but importantly the station you were born into in life.Aside from this, RUMPOLE AND THE PENGE BUNGALOW MURDERS is fun You laugh at Rumpole s jokes You appreciate the subtle touch of being able to hear his thoughts especially when he quotes Shakespeare And you cheer him on as he knocks down the stuck up snobbish judge from his lofty perch with his underhanded wit and intelligence.I would love to have a drink of Chateau Thames Embankment with Rumpole

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    Readers of Rumpole of the Bailey, written 30 years ago when Rumpole was 68, will recall that he decided not recount his famous victory in the Penge Bungalow murders alone and without a leader He said that he could hardly recognize that younger version of himself.Here he relents as he approaches his centenary year, thanks to the health giving benefits of Chateau Thames Embankment, and tells the story he omitted so long ago Not surprisingly, he actually remembers his younger self quite well and he is easy to recognize All the characters and catch phrases of the later stories show up, and we get the bonus of reading of the first trial with the Timson family of South London villains, Rumpoles most loyal customers, and with Bonnie Bernard, Rumpole s most loyal solicitor.If you have read many Rumpole stories, you will recognize many of the elements here including the plot That hardly matters This is a wonderful old song with just a slightly different orchestration and a new verse or two.I particularly liked the new version of how Hilda got Rumpole to propose The 1978 version suggested that Hilda had gotten Rumpole drunk at an Inns of Court Ball and after a few waltzes had put the question to him in his weakened state The new version is much better At his advanced age, I suppose it is too much to hope we will ever have a third version.At any rate, this is a good visit for the friends of Rumpole and might not be a bad place for others to meet him.

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    Rumpole is a great character, and the TV series certainly captures John Mortimer s defense lawyer to a T I was perfectly content with Rumpole as played by Leo McKern, and felt no need to read the stories which in any event wrere brough to the screen practically word for word but with McKern s death, Mortimer has written an end to screen adaptations of his character Not so with the books and stories, however, and Rumpole and the Penge Bungalow Murders is a welcome addition to the continuing Rumpole saga It looks back to the beginning of his career and how he made his reputation, and is a complete delight to read The only thing that keeps me from giving it five stars is that through the stories over the years Rumpole has mentioned brief snippets about the Penge bungalow murders so there is some back story pretty firmly established, and Mortimer seems to have forgotten or ignored this and written a story that is at odds with his earlier writings on the incident.

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