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Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Running the Show book, this is one of the most wanted Stephanie Williams author readers around the world.

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  • Hardcover
  • Running the Show
  • Stephanie Williams
  • 07 October 2019

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    This book reads in parts like an adventure story covering areas of the British Empire as distant and far from home waters as from each other Ceylon Sri Lanka , the West Indies, Canada, South Africa and Australia and looming large throughout the book, Africa.There are fascinating insights here of what is was like to live and act as the Crown s man in some far removed corner of the world Through the diaries and letters of the lives of the Governors and their families you have a real feel for their personal thoughts and feelings, including the terrible loneliness or plain struggle for survival It is also surprising how much officaldom expected or perhaps ignored the personal expenditure that the representatives need to outlay on Government duties.I was struck by many of the Governors genuine wish to champion and protect the indigenous population from crime, corruption and slavery The communications between the Colonial office and their govenors was regular albeit slow and at times very combative and often strained.Among the pages you find truly gifted adminstrators and genuine adventurers who helped feed and save countless people from illness and disease You will also read of sharp rogues and frankly hopeless high minded bureaucrats, or pleasant aristocrats, who cheated people or ensured ancient lands were sold and grazing rights removed.It is a book that will reward your time as it is a thoroughly enjoyable and informative read that tells you something of how Britain managed millions of people, and why the Empire is still today controversial but also why so many countries wish to be a part of the Commonwealth.

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    The life of a governor of one of the British Empire s many, varied and far flung colonial outposts was very far from easy, as this fascinating book illustrates Quite apart from the obvious cultural divides, governors had to deal with tropical diseases, cold, heat, monsoons, droughts, famine, friction between natives of different races, creeds and castes, European merchants and planters, the British colonial administration, the military, and very often their own families Some found themselves governing established and orderly administrations in the white colonies, such as Australia and Canada, where luxury and decadence were the order of the day Others found colonies that lacked almost any semblance of order or indeed what they might recognise as civilisation no towns or cities, no amenities, no railways, hospitals, schools, and few roads.Life as a colonial governor could make or break not just a career but the very soul of a man For some of the individuals examined in this book it was a chance to truly make a difference, whether in hindsight for good or evil some rose to the challenge and some failed miserably, driven to the edge of madness Most were men who by and large believed whole heartedly in the good the Empire could do, men of a striking paternalistic attitude, some of whom built cities and civilisations from the ground up, and some who came very close to knocking a few down.Williams rarely touches on the dark side of colonialism, and barring a few asides here and there, there is very little comment of the morality of the Empire itself This book is not the place to find a damning commentary on western imperialism and empire building But it does shed a little light on the I hesitate to use the phrase unsung heroes , since that is an immensely debatable and contentious issue men who formed the backbone of the British Empire and made it what it was, for better or worse.

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    This was a very enjoyable book and was difficult to put down The book is a series of vignettes examining a British colony and the particular governor of that colony, and follows a rough chronological sequence Over the course of 16 chapters, Williams describes the conditions in each colony and the personality of the governor and how he adapted or didn t to the conditions of the colony What distinguishes this book from a dry history and recitation of dates and events is the author s writing style, which carries the reader almost effortlessly along Another distinguishing aspect is that Williams vividly describes the colony through descriptions of weather, terrain, vegetation, insects, etc., in evocative language which never bores She also examines each governor s personality and background, as well as his family, and how these contributed to the governor s success or failure in governing the colony At the end of the book, one gets the strong impression that the Colonial Office was disorganized and hardly had a grasp on the men who worked for it and the conditions they labored under Another aspect that I really liked about this book was the comprehensive bibliography, to include websites and electronic resources I was truly sorry that the book ended A very good book and a very enjoyable one to read.

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    Highly enjoyable and entertaining account of the men who governed the various colonies of Imperial Britain throughout the 19th and early 20th century The book covers diverse and remote colonies from Africa to Asia and Fiji and gives a detailed and insightful look into the attitudes and mindset of the men chosen to represent the British throne Some were talented and respectful of local culture, while others were na ve and arrogantly dismissive of the natives Organised chronologically and easy to read, this volume is recommended to anybody interested in how the British Empire was governed or those interested in the history of a bygone era.

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    Two chapters read So engrossed in the Intro and opening chapters that I found myself on the wrong train on the way to work I must pay attention to my surroundings but difficult to do when a book grabs your imagination

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    INTERESTING ACCOUNTA most interesting chronology of accounts of colonial governors activities Provides interesting perspectives of how Britain influenced far flung parts of its empire through men who generally did the right thing.

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    I found this surprisginly enjoyable full of detail

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