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Rusty Nail Lee Child, David Morrell, And MJ Rose All Agree Jack Daniels Is The One To Watch Anthony Award Finalist JA Konrath S Latest Novel Featuring The Feisty Female Police Detective Serves Up Another ThrillerLt Jacqueline Jack Daniels Of The Chicago Police Department Is Back, And Once Again She S Up To Her Armani In Murder Someone Is Sending Jack Snuff Videos The Victims Are People She Knows, And They Share A Common Trait All Were Involved In One Of Jack S Previous Cases With Her Stalwart Partner Hospitalized And Unable To Help, Jack Follows A Trail Of Death Throughout The Midwest, On A Collision Course With The Smartest And Deadliest Adversary She S Ever KnownDuring The Chase, Jack Jeopardizes Her Career, Her Love Life, And Her Closest Friends She Also Comes To A Startling Realization Serial Killers Have Families, And Blood Runs ThickRusty Nail Features Of The Laugh Out Loud Humor And Crazy Characters That Saturated Whiskey Sour And Bloody Mary, Without Sacrificing The Nail Biting ThrillsThis Is Jack Daniels Third, And Most Exciting, Adventure Yet mailing list.php

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  • Hardcover
  • 292 pages
  • Rusty Nail
  • J.A. Konrath
  • English
  • 11 June 2019
  • 9781401300883

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    I love this series This is the third book in the Jack Daniels Mystery series The heroine of this series is Lieutenant Jacqueline Jack Daniels, second generation Chicago homicide cop, age 46, looks younger, dresses nice by shopping smart, and has a self confessed smart mouth Her life isn t looking all that good either Her mother, the first generation homicide cop, is in a hospice facility in a coma Jack blames herself for Her partner, Herb Benedict, her strong right had and friend is about to discover he has a tumor from his colonoscopy She screwed up the relationship with the man she loved, and he has someone new And there is a copycat killer following the path of Phil Kork, the serial killer whose capture made her famous, in fact, a little too famous A big part of her problem is sexist and none too bright Harry McGlade Harry was a private eye who helped her catch Kork and parlayed it into fame for both of them Something the department is none to happy about Harry tries to get Jack to play in a series The series is called Fatal Autonomy, and it has made Harry McGlade rich and Jack miserable Whenever she introduces herself to anyone they comment she has lost weight They can t separate her from her job, and she can t separate herself from Harry He even wants her to be his best man at his wedding Worse still, the woman he is marrying, Holly, is a Barbie doll private eye, younger than Jack, smart, a fine markswoman, black belt, and to add insult to injury sincere, friendly, and despite Jack s best or worst efforts, determined to be friends and help catch the copycat killer She even saves Jack s life How dare she There is also her cat, Mr Friskers, who doesn t seem to like her, but her Mother loves him her lack of a sex life and the fact it seems the serial killer is seeking revenge on Jack and everyone who was involved in catching and killing Phil Kork, including everyone and everything Jack loves Jack is on the trail though, and the hunt will take her through the Mid West into Kork s family history and a virtual family reunion of serial killers and mass graves Meanwhile Konrath introduces us in alternating chapters to Alex, the serial killer behind these murders and from a twisted and shocking history tied to the Kork s Aside from being literally knee deep in rotting corpses, Jack also manages to get shot at, threatened with losing her job, and seriously singed in a fire It s enough to make a girl wear cheap sensible shoes to work a real trial for the fashion and name brand conscious Jack The serial killer is a monster, and graphically, if never exploitatively, described it s all Jack can do to keep from ruining a few crime scenes What balances that is Jack is smart, attractive, good company, a genuinely good detective, and best of all, fall out of the chair and roll on the floor funny Slight smiles aren t her style Jack is laugh out loud funny, and few books get giggles out of me I will say this book is very violent and brutal and this is not for the faint of heart It is very sadistic and gruesome.If you are a thriller lover and love a good serial killer book, this series is for you.I am giving this rating a 3.5 due to some violence that wasn t necessary Just way too much.

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    I really adore this series It s got the balance just right I like the humour and the characters But just because it s funny, doesn t mean it s crime lite, far from it Recommended series.

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    Yikes, that was intense I gave it 5 stars not because it is literary genius although it is certainly well written No, I gave it 5 stars because it had such an impact I simply could not put it down Is this a police procedural or horror I don t know but it was bloody riveting A word of caution do not read this if you are squeamish The book includes some pretty gruesome content, some of the most horrible killings I have read about It was very entertaining What does that say about me Nothing except I love suspenseful books In real life I can t even watch the shocking footage of sheep in distress on those horrible live export ships, let alone anything nasty happening to people I can t even kill a mouse so I m not a monster But the person doing the dirty deeds in this book is a very special kind of monster.Jack Daniels must be facing one of the toughest villains yet This one sounds as if they were vomited up from the pits of hell Yet there are still moments of humour to be found I am really enjoying this series Jack Daniels is one tough broad and needs to be on top of her game to outwit or outmanoeuvre this killer Anyway, lots of people die and the cops go nuts trying to stop the madness although some of them end up being stopped themselves That s pretty much it Oh, and you get a cool cocktail recipe at the start of each book I m already onto book 4.

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    Another engaging Jack Daniels thriller I really enjoyed this one even though it was quite a bit gruesome than the others The author is very good at interspersing humor and tension, at times at the same time However, I wish he d give up trying to interject romance in there Not that I don t mind romance in my books, I quite like it as a matter of fact However, if you re no good at creating chemistry between your romantic couple, you should probably stop And, as just an aside, Mr Friskers does not seem to be a particularly good judge of character.

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    When people have the need to experience something funny, the lucky ones would simply talk to their boyfriends or girlfriends or spouses Some others, if they aren t feeling creative, would sit back and watch reruns of Friends or Seinfeld The bookish ladies, maybe, would take out their favorite or unread copies of Stephanie Plum I myself, being let down somewhat by what youtube has to offer on the promise Louis CK standup, Honest Trailers, Stsanders etc , opted weirdly for the third book of the most insanely gory and cruel thriller series I ve ever read J.A Konrath, who does not need to prove that he s funny, still owes it to his readers This is because the comedy in his books balances out the violence that animates his villains Rusty Nail was pretty violent But there was not enough chuckle inducing humor in the book I still found some positives here Jack Daniels, a woman whose names shortens to a male name, meets another person with the same situation I got this link by myself, as it s not spelled out in the book The characters peopling Rusty Nail aren t Kafkaesque material, but they keep the plot going The mystery element is strong in book 3 I mean you ll get quite a dose of sufficiency if you guess the identity of the culprit psychotic monster Sometimes you can write dozens of pages of analysis on one Petrarchan sonnet Sometimes a 292 paged book is quite immune to both praise and negative criticism I can saythat I found the first half of Rusty Nail slightly uneventful Or that despite that, the pacing of the prose saved it from being definitely boring Or that I liked that the aftermath of the book is full of repercussions for everyone in the story The main character, Jack Daniels, exudes whimsy She seems alive She seems real and familiar I don t know how much of that is just in my mind, and how much is deliberate from the author Maybe she is such a mishmash of traits that she has a life of her own Let me end by saying that Rusty Nail is not for people who don t usually read thrillers But the regulars will find several snippets of value, and that is reflected in my rating and review.

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    This is the third book in the series about Jack Daniels It was another fast paced, excellent read Jack makes me laugh and there were lots of reoccurring characters this time, like Herb, Phin, Latham, her mother and of course Mr Drinkers I am even starting to love Harry Harry McGlade The mystery in this one was suspenseful and brutal I had an idea of what was going on, but it didn t detract from the story telling This one is my favorite in the series so far.

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    First thing s first Joe Konrath is a very engaging writer He knows how to keep your attention He knows how to keep things flowing quickly.Unfortunately, I m finding that he also knows how to piss me off.It was almost a year ago that I read Bloody Mary , the previous book in the Jack Daniels series I seem to recall liking it quite a bit.I liked Rusty Nail as well, for similar reasons Konrath kept me very interested in the plot, and he kept things movin But the book also annoyed me because it made me realize that Lt Jack Daniels may not be as likeable as I d first thought.In both this book and the previous one in the series, there s been at least one character that is completely, unrelentingly obnoxious And the fact that Jack allows these characters to walk all over her and pull her strings makes her horribly unsympathetic I just can t get behind someone who suffers these idiots, especially when she does so at the expense of her personal life or career.In Bloody Mary, the culprit was her mother, Mary Mary was an obnoxious bitch that wedged her way into Jack s life and tried to control everything Jack did And Jack just allowed it She just took it like she had no spine at all, and couldn t possibly think of standing up to someone Which is weird, cause she stands up to other people all the time Still, as annoying as that was, I guess I could give it a pass because it s Jack s mother, and it could be argued that maybe she just loves her mother too much Sure Fine Whatever.But then we get to Rusty Nail, where the same thing happens someone just hops into Jack s driver s seat and makes Jack do all sorts of stuff she normally wouldn t In this case, it was Holly Holly may have been even annoying than Mary, if that s possible.And, once again, Jack allowed it I wanted to scream at my fucking Kindle every time Holly convinced Jack to do something that was so obviously idiotic.Now, it s possible that Mary and Holly are great, inspired characters They re certainly not likeable characters, but perhaps they re well designed ones I really shouldn t be taking a star away from the book s rating just because I wasn t fond of them, right As it turns out, yes I should When all s said and done, the fact of the matter is, Holly s character made the book less enjoyable for me She annoyed me to the point where my reading experience was adversely affected because of it.So All that being said, I feel sort of bad giving this book a 3 star rating, because I have to give props to Konrath s writing he really does weave an interesting tale But I just didn t enjoy this one as much as Whiskey Sour or Bloody Mary, so I can t justify giving it the same 4 star rating I gave those books even though I was flyin through the pages toward the end.Of course, Jack s reaction to Holly was only part of why I didn t like this book so much The other thing I disliked was SPOILER WARNING view spoiler the ending At first, the ending was okay When everyone left the blood splattered warehouse, I accepted what had happened everything was good, people had survived, yay, whatever The thing that pissed me off was when Jack got a call from the facility where her mother was staying I knew right away that they d be saying Mary had woken up from her coma, and sure enough, that s what happened.Why did this make me so mad First of all, I hate Mary as you may recall , but importantly, it just seemed like there was too much happy ending madness going on It was like everything was wrapped up in a nice fucking bow First of all, everyone in the warehouse survived despite their myriad injuries Harry, Phin, Jack, even that stupid cat I hate Which reminds me having the cat save the day with a random attack, two books in a row Konrath has apparently developed an obnoxious new literary tool the Meowus ex machina But then, after the warehouse, we find that Herb s surgery went okay And also that Jack got her man Latham back Oh, and now her mom woke up from a coma It s all just fucking puppies and rainbows over here, isn t it I m admittedly a bit of a sugar addict, but even I thought this ending was far too sweet hide spoiler

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    Rusty Nail3.5 StarsIn her latest case, Detective Jacqueline Jack Daniels begins receiving snuff videos documenting the horrific deaths of several people involved in The Gingerbread Man investigation As she and her partner follow the clues, Jack soon realizes that they are in pursuit, not of the average psychotic copycat, but a clever and determined killer out for revenge Warning The books contains numerous graphic and brutal descriptions of violence and death As someone who is not at all squeamish, the details are excessive and over the top even for me Jack is an exceedingly likable heroine, and her inner musing are very amusing The gallows humor in her sarcastic banter with Herb and the other characters does not completely balance out the gruesome details, but it does provide some much needed comic relief That said, there are moments in this book where Jack behaves in some very unprofessional and even TSTL ways It is very difficult to accept that a seasoned detective would break protocol and allow a civilian to tag along on an investigation The explanation that Jack is lonely and in need of friendship just doesn t cut it The mystery is where the story truly suffers To begin with, the identity of the villain is obvious from the moment they are introduced Considering the view spoiler unisex name, Holly s insinuating herself into the investigation and the fact that no woman in her right mind would willingly marry Harry McGlade hide spoiler

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    Just curious is anyone aware of a scientific study having been conducted to determine the number of calories burned by reading Rusty Nail, A Jack Daniels Mystery I am convinced that the calories in the Oreo cookies I consumed during the final pages were immediately obliterated I think I m on to something here The Jack Daniels Diet OMGosh No one is left unscathed in this novel, not even the rat that ran off with you ll have to read the novel yourself to find the answer There are so many twists and turns that my neck hurts You ll have to laugh even under the most of dire of circumstances Yes, it is as gruesome as the others, so do as I do and skip over those parts Herb has problems with his pipes and heart, Jack makes a new friend, Harry gets engaged, Mr Friskers is still psycho but sometimes it comes in handy and the perp is a real surprise Yes, I have been reading the Jack Daniels novels non stop for the last several days and am almost finished Dirty Martini I may read one after that for now

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    I loved the action The suspense of figuring out who the killer was kept my interest Overall a good book but Jack seemed off a little less confident in herself I liked the first two books a little better than this one.

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