Sacrifice (The Chosen, #3)

Sacrifice (The Chosen, #3) Includes The Short Story Middle Ground Everything Emma Loves Has Been Ripped Away Jake, Will, And Her Unborn Baby Within Minutes Of Confronting Her New Reality, Emma Is Thrust In The Middle Of A War Between Two Supernatural Beings And She S The Prize After Convincing Emma That Will Is Dead, Raphael Insists That He S The Only Hope For Saving Her Son, But She Resents Raphael S Dangerous Supernatural Hold Over Her After A Revelation From Alex, Emma Suspects The Only Way To Escape Raphael S Control Is To Find The Fourth Element Water He Was Losing His Mind You Can T Love Someone You Don T Know The Vinco Potentia Thinks Will Knows Something About A Woman He Doesn T Remember Will S Only Memory Of Emma Is Their Few Minutes Together In The Forest, But He Is Consumed With Emotions For Her Love And Belonging When James Shows Up And Helps Will Escape, His Story Seems Off And Will Wonders What He S Hiding So While James Wants To Find Way To Sever Will S Connection To Emma, But Will S Not Convinced He Wants To Be Free You Are Not Bound To Destiny The Book Stolen From The Vinco Potentia Holds The Key To A New Set Of Rules And Everyone Involved Will Stop At Nothing To Get It Torn Between Her Destiny And Her Desires, Emma Will Face Her Biggest Sacrifice Yet

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Sacrifice (The Chosen, #3) book, this is one of the most wanted Denise Grover Swank author readers around the world.

[PDF / Epub] ★ Sacrifice (The Chosen, #3)  By Denise Grover Swank –
  • Paperback
  • 406 pages
  • Sacrifice (The Chosen, #3)
  • Denise Grover Swank
  • English
  • 11 May 2019
  • 9781466394599

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    Sacrifice is the 3rd book In Denise Grover Swank s The Chosen series After reading the first two books in the series and falling in love with the characters and the plot twists and turns, I was anxious to read this book and get answers to many of the questions posed in Hunted the 2nd book I was pleasantly surprised to discover that not only were so many answered, but even were posed, leaving me burning through the pages to discover what would happen next.In Sacrifice we once again follow Will Davenport, Emma Thompson and Jake Thompson through a mind boggling journey that never fails to deliver fast paced action, supernatural twists, and a relationship that overcomes obstacles mere mortals wouldn t prevail over.Will is the hero readers love to cheer on and root for Emma is the feisty, never give up heroine readers aspire to be.I was swept up into the supernatural world that unfolded in this book and loved to hate the villains just as much as I did in the first two books Many of the characters introduced in the second book were expanded on in this book I discovered, to my wonder, many of them acted in ways I couldn t have predicted if I d tried Which is a LOT of what I look for in a book.With his memory of the past month and a half completely erased, Will struggles to remember who the woman in the woods is, and why he has such strong feelings regarding her Imprisoned back in the secret compound, he first must escape the wicked intentions of a mysterious secret society and figure out what exactly he s gotten himself into then decide how to get himself out When Will hears Emma s telepathic cries he thinks he s losing his mind But is he And what of the other mysterious voice telling him what he should and shouldn t reveal to his enemies Dare he listen What does it mean Could these voices be real or has he completely lost his mind With the help of his friend James, he sets out to get answers he has no recollection of, but there are forces that would rather he never remember perhaps not even survive his quest But is James telling the truth Can he trust him Emma remembers everything Her grief over losing Will is almost than she can bear She hopes that he s still alive and wants to seek him out, but Raphael is determined that she must hone her powers to ensure their survival Raphael assures her that Will is dead If that s true, why does Emma feel a connection is still there She tries to reach out to Will in her mind, like they have done in the past , but to no avail Emma knows that Raphael has his own agenda but she must discover how to harness and use her supernatural powers if she wants to save herself and her son Jake and possibly reconnect with the one person in her life she has ever fully trusted loved Sacrifice , is not short on villains, and each of them will do whatever they must to achieve their sinister plans Can good prevail over evil Is Emma even strong enough to save herself and her son What about Will Can he re discover his lost memories and find Emma in time to work together against the wickedness that threatens their survival and possibly the survival of the world What about 5 year old Jake Where does he fit into everything Will he REALLY be an enemy of Will s in the end, as Jake has predicted Or are people just trying to make them believe it for their own ends Will Emma ever find Jake and be reunited with the son who s been her entire reason for living Do the prophesies, foretold in the mysterious writings, hold the key to the questions Emma and Will have and can they discover the answers in time Many questions were answered in Sacrifice, often in ways I couldn t have predicted, and even were posed that have me thankful at the prospect of a 4th book, so that I can continue on the supernatural journey with Emma, Will, and Jake.If you re looking for a book series that will keep you guessing, has unpredictable twists and turns, is full of suspense and action, well.then this is the book for you This 3rd book offers so much, yet leaves the reader asking for so much Intriguing and worth the read Absolutely Action, suspense, supernatural paranormal elements, romance, good vs evil, and the questions of what exactly is going on and how it will play out, are the ingredients for an amazing story that you won t want to stop reading and will hope continues on You will be rooting for the good guys , wondering who the bad guys are, as well as their real intentions, and you ll question every assumption you might have made about this series I would, and have, recommended this series to friends and fellow readers You will NOT be disappointed WARNING if you pick up this series you will quickly be addicted But beware, at the end of each book you will be left wanting and wondering what could possibly happen next.

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    I have a love hate relationship with this series On the one hand, I love the story and the author s ability to show and not tell She really knows how to tell a good story and this one is different enough from the paranormal stuff out there that it allowed me to actually be surprised by many of the plot s twists and turns I found myself caring about the characters and their relationships and really NEEDING to know what happens next.The hate part comes from 2 things 1 I hate cliff hanger endings to books in a series Yes, I understand that I should want to read the next one and these endings ensure that I do However, the end of a book is not the same thing as the end of a chapter I should have some kind of closure at the end of the book Instead, it feels like this series the first 3 books, anyway are one continual book chopped up into smaller pieces 2 There is an overuse of words and phrases that a seasoned author would recognize and correct Scared the _____ hell shit crap out of me needs to not be used 20 30 times in a book Emma and her son Jake bite their lip a lot When they re thinking, when they re upset, when they re worried, when they re scared There s a lot of lip biting The could be less lip biting Also, there is an excessive use of gratuitous swearing I can handle swearing if it really serves some kind of purpose, not just because everyone in the book was apparently in the Navy Ok, no one was in the Navy, but they all swear like sailors Overall, none of the things I hate are going to keep me from reading book 4 when it comes out I like the series and I need to see how the end unfolds If you are offended by moderate to excessive swearing and some mild to mildly steamy sex scenes, this series is not for you

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    I would like to warn fellow vocal and emotional readers do not read this in public I cried, mildly mumbled curses and had quite a few verbalized Really or WTF moments Which are all positive reactions, however when in public it makes you look a little unstable If you don t mind the stares then go for it but don t say I didn t warn you Warring gods, non stop action and not one but two types of love the one that can only happen between a mother and her son and the one that endures through it all dominate the entire series It s a new twist on many different concepts, breathing a breath of fresh air on the genre Denise Grover Swank s writing brings to life a group of incredible characters, that will haunt your imagination for days after reading She ends the book in the perfect cliff hangerthe type that keeps you gripping the edge but you find mild comfort in the toe hold you just found If you can t tell I absolutely love this series and Sacrifice didn t disappoint, the worst part about it is the wait for the next book Happy Reading and go buy the first two books

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    I have to admit that this book the third in the series did get a little annoying at times At times I heard myself saying Again..REALLY, come on but that was because I was on the edge of my seat trying to figure out where it was headed Emma became annoying at times and Will sure needed to find himself a new best friend but all in all it added to the story, yep, actually it did By this time you are so wrapped up in these characters that you are fighting for them to get through it all.The ending gets your heart revved up for the next one Oh, and by the way, poor Albuquerque Good job Denise Well, on to the next one

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    Book 3, of the Chosen series, just made it very interesting Once again I find myself asking the characters in this book to find some answers because they seem so real The subject is kind of out there supernatural powers and being connected to specific elements but it all works so well In this book we learn a little about Will and an unexpected action from Emma turns things upside down Finally, what I had hoped for all along starts to take shape An excellent cliff hanger ending has me yearning for book 4 Fantastic page turner with well developed characters and a great story

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    This series is so good Again I couldn t put the book down There was so much action and suspense I had to know what was going to happen next I think Emma and Will are some of my favorite characters ever I am torn between wanting to know how it all ends and not wanting it to end at all.

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    You can do anything if the alternative is unacceptable I was apprehensive to read this book As much as I loved the previous ones, I wasn t sure I was liking where this book was heading Swank truly is talented To take me from nervous, to blown away, it s just unheard of I mean, I can be impressed, and I can be wrong about if I am going to enjoy a book or not but, it really is a rare feat to have me dead wrong about my initial instincts about a book I absolutely loved this book.Swank has a fantastic writing style She really knows how to bring out the characters flaws and strengths They feel real They pop off the page They make you love them even if they re evil I enjoyed them all I was completely engrossed as I was with all the books I ve read in this series nothing was done in my house today Nothing Not even a cooked meal.My favourite thing about these books is the action It grips me, and I can t help but read every word and tear through the pages like they re on fire My only complaint was that it took entirely too long in this book for there to be any action however, I wasn t disappointed by the action I was given.So, I thought I knew about Willthen I wasn t so surethen I was positive I was rightand I was still wrong Good job and the cliffhangerfuck you, Swank You do realize I have to read the next one, right I meanhow could you That s a whole other book I am so looking forward to it.

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    If I could give this book, and the entire series a 10, I would Sacrifice is the third in a four part series It is one of the best series I have ever read Grover Swank has written a wonderful world full of wonderful characters They are larger than life and you will both love and hate them but you will feel strongly about them all Will and Emma have been separated and Will s memories have been erased He is captured by one of the secret societies that have been after them More of the prophecy is revealed and Emma gains power Can Will survive his imprisonment Can Emma survive Raphael What is happening to Jake now that his grandfather, Aiden has him The love story continues and make no mistake, this is above all, a love story There is an epic battle looming but lots of smaller battles in the meantime If you like tons of graphic sex, this is not for you But if you enjoy a mix of love, mystery, action, with a little bit of sex and lots of mystical, paranormal then get these books Chosen, Hunted, Sacrifice, and the next book, Redemption are just what you want Might as well get all of them because you WILL want to read them ALL If you check right away you might still be able to get them for 99 each But even if you have to pay full price, it it worth it HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

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    So I finished this novel in about 24 hours time It, like its predecessor, fell completely prey to my unquenchable appetite for this series It was brilliant, once again, and I was not disappointed This series is like a modern day Greek mythology story It is full of many surprises and twist It leaves you wondering what will happen next And it, most certainly, leaves you begging for So upon discovering that the fourth book was already released for the intention of my consuming my only reaction wasAnd so I shall have it, damn you I shall have that book I haven t had this much fun with a series in a while Yes, it has its flaws, but the story is just so compelling So, well done Denise Grover Swank You ve made me an addict Four willingly given stars.

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    Sometimes it is hard to keep readers interested in a series by the time they get to book 3 Not Denise Grover Swank Her writing is so thrilling and appealing that I could not put this book down.My main reason for loving this series is the relationship between Emma and Will There is a shift in this book that had me gasping and hoping things were going to be back to normal for them The other characters in the book had you on the seat of your pants willing them to stay away.There is a 4th book in this series, and I am grateful that I can just start it straight away without waiting for its release.Thanks Denise for a super read with this series.

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