Same Time Next Year

Same Time Next YearSame day next year is short story that left me with a sweet and bitter taste the same time.Sweet because Gina and Ty went at the same rooms at the same hotel they were the first time they met and they are doing this the same day every year for eight years now and you can see that they still love each other as much as the first time,maybe even ,and bitter because they only have that one day.They have to endure 364 days to have 1 for themselves since the other days they have to go to work,take care of the kids and do everything else married couples do. I love this type of story It shows you how two very distinctive points of view of something without knowing the facts It is way of keeping the spark alive Anything else I want to say would just be a spoiler so just read It is a short read but very satisfying. Every Year On The Same Night, Regina White And Tyler Harrison Relive The Past They Leave Their Everyday Lives Behind Jobs, Home, Kids And Check Into The Same Two Rooms In The Piedmont Hotel Where They First Met Years AgoAnd , With A Connecting DoorRumors Fly Among The Staff, And Newlywed Receptionist Elizabeth Thinks She S Got The Situation All Figured Out But This was fun, sweet, romantic, and quirky I really liked it and a light bulb has just lit over my head Although this was really short it was sooo worth the time reading it And it was a freebie This one had me a little confused, then smiling, and laughing at the end Great ending I liked knowing stuff other characters don t, makes me feel a little sneaky Enjoy Not a very exciting book Predictable story about a married couple who want to relive the past of how they met. I sort of liked the way it ended, though parts of the story were definitely a miss for me Full review can also be found on Paein and Ms4Tune s Book BlogHappy Valentines day For your entertainment, a review of a short little kindle romance I found on my kindle.And by short, I mean short Goodreads says 15 pages Every year Regina White and Tyler Harrison check into the adjoining rooms they met in 8 years ago This year the new receptionist disapproves It s pretty obvious what the twist is from the start and it s hilarious that the newly married receptionist doesn t get it It actually says a lot about her own perceptions of marriage and relationships But I loved the idea of this one it was cute and so romantic Well, except for Ty s original assumption he was just going to get her into bed.I don t get the hand drop step away at the end though It didn t make sense to the situation, it s not something to hide and it makes me a little sad that it happened.It was actuallyon the romantic side than the graphic, there s obviously something in there or I d not be classing it as an adult romance, it s not quite closed door but we don t spend the night with them, which I also like It s a completely genius idea for keeping the romance alive and no mistake I d also consider this myself Yes, this was a very short story I expected to compact everything in it and it sort of did It s about a couple that meet every year on the same date with rooms next to each other with connecting doors The hotel staff have made up secret rumors of what they think is happening mainly that they are both married to different people but come her every year to have an affair In the last page it is revealed what s really going on and I m surprised at myself that I didn t guess that it was like that It isn t a must read but it s cute But very short and too short for my liking but since it was free I brought it. I don t read very much romance these days Iconcentrate on mysteries, but after finishing the Savannah Martin series which had quite a lot of romance, which I enjoyed I thought I d try a romantic short story SAME TIME NEXT YEAR is about two people that meet at the same hotel, same time every year For the desk clerk she thinks they are cheating on their spouses, but who are these people and what is their story Oh I liked this one It was such a sweet, romantic story that was a perfect length for me It was interesting seeing their relationship from different peoples point of views, and how they viewed each other I definitely recommend this for fans of romance, and even someone just wanting to dip their toe into the romance genre A fun short story and definitely worthy of 5 stars. I m actually surprised to say that I did enjoy this little story I mean, typically I don t like sexy romances and I can t deny I skimmed a bit at theintimidate details but the ending was a nice surprise and it really redeemed the rest for me Basically, this is the short story of a man and woman who meet every year at a hotel, in two rooms that adjoin with just a single door The receptionist watches in awe and a bit of shame as year after year, the couple comes in separately for one night in the hotel room the same night, every year, to commemorate the day they met.I think I d call this a raunchy little fable for grownups in the end, there s a nice little lesson And it s a pretty fun path getting there Normally I d complain that the story was just too short, but I think its length worked in its favor here It s a quick read, so give it a try I found it free onscore

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