Scape Poetry SCAPE, A Poised And Attentive Debut Collection By Joshua Harmon, Engages With Various Landscapes From The Constructed And Debased World Of Parking Lots, Potato Chip Factories, And Cul De Sac Traceries To The Rural Equation Of Woods, Fields, And Clouds Crumpled Page To Create A Series Of Conversations And Engagements With The Idea Of The Natural Through His Precise Observations, Harmon Defines Landscape The Word And The Idea Through An Insightful And Meticulous Relationship With Language For Harmon, Landscape Is Never Static Instead His Poems Map A Constantly Changing Terrain, In Which The Interior Is Imposed On The Exterior As A Frame For Seeing It In SCAPE, Joshua Harmon Reaches Deep Into The Resources Of Our Rich English, Renewing The Language And Creating From It A Physical And Emotional World Completely His Own His Incisive And Richly Musical Stanzas Have An Ever Returning Vigor And Freshness Lydia Davis

Joshua Harmon is the author of the poetry collections

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  • Paperback
  • 88 pages
  • Scape
  • Joshua Harmon
  • English
  • 21 October 2019
  • 9780977770984

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    Harmon s Scape is largely evocative and sprawling, and so the content of the form fits the topic This book is like walking through a forest or a desert, atmosphere is everywhere but individual lines and stanzas will stand out like flowers or desert fauna While there are delineations between sections and some of these were clearly written as individual poems, the entire book needs to be digested as a whole What makes this interesting beyond atmospherics is the seeming internal dialogue about the idea of Scapes and the natural itself Harmon often finds the abstract and unnatural metaphors for natural conceptually equations, warranties, prior notions and nearly Bayesian assumptions The meticulous turns of phrase and attention to arresting details which make one re evaluate the concepts in nature work Scape moves from external landscapes into inscapes, so that the experience of the natural is increasingly internalized While not without flat points and sometimes a bit bewildering, Harmon s Scape holds toward as one of the interesting experimental poetry books on both the experience and the concepts of the natural.

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    I found this collection to be really boring I don t know what else I can say about that It s the first time I ve ever felt bored by poetry Maybe I m just not in the right mood or frame of mind or something to read it, but, yeah, didn t enjoy this, which is also the first Black Ocean title I ve not liked.

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    The attention to diction, to line, captivate me here, and in the obscure moments in the book, close reading rewarded It was frustrating, though, at times, over jeweled.

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    The language here s just lovely, stark as the book s three toned cover This is an atmospheric book It generates a mood Makes you want to get lost in the woods.

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    words following , chasing

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