Scener ur ett äktenskap

Scener ur ett äktenskapPolirom Esential 2018 gy gy. . Mascarea ncepe din leag n i se continu toat via a Nici un om din lume nu se poate g si pe el nsu i, a a cum spui tu. Tanmese arr l, hogy lehetsz b rmekkora rtelmis gi, rhetsz el a karrieredben b rmekkora sikert, kit rhetsz a prolik k z l att l m g nem leszel norm lis ember s lehetsz egy rzelmi analfab ta s elemezheted magad b rhogy, ez m g mindig nem tudom ny Vajon mi rt van az, ha kezdem nyezni akarunk az agyunk g tol Mi rt tal l ki az agy annyi f lt keny dolgot Mi rt tudjuk ak r m g szerelemr l is lebesz lni magunkat Szorongunk m r mag t l a kapcsolatt l is T l f lelmetes s mivel rzelmileg analfab t k vagyunk pr b lunk racion lisan gondolkodni Pedig ez olyan dolog amivel vagy sz vvel vagyunk benne vagy sehogy Tal n korunk legnagyobb probl m ja az, hogy a hatalmas mennyis g felesleges lexik lis tud s mellett, semmire nem nevelj k a gyerekeket rzelmileg P ld ul az 5 f s bar ti t rsas gomb l, lehets ges hogy ez rt van 4 embernek elv lt sz l je Sokan m r att l szoronganak, ha csend van akkor, mikor p rjukkal egy tt vannak Pedig szerintem nincs csod sabb a csendn l Csak gy lenni Egym snak. And I think I love you in my imperfect and rather selfish way And at times I think you love me in your stormy, emotional way In fact, I think that you and I love one another In an earthly and imperfect way 4.5 stars.I have always loved stories, and films, that focus on character This is mainly because I find plot driven novels to often place character work on a lower pedestal than the plot itself which, in turn, hurts the efficacy of the writing Scenes from a Marriage takes the opposite approach to storytelling it has no real plot Instead we are just reading about a tumultuous marriage But in that story there are some really interesting discussions about infidelity, love, parenting, and obviously marriage.It doesn t all work for me I often find that books and films about marriages often resort to fighting and conflict too much or too quickly it makes the marriage seem less real , but the parts that do work are truly excellent. K zepesen Bergmanos nekem Nem annyira nyomaszt , mint pl Fanny, de el gg sz rre lis vil g ez is Sz momra n hol nagyon letszer tlen s pp emiatt el g beteg Egy olvas st meg r. This is definitely a piece of literature but to be honest, I don t know whether it is considered one, or just a mere screenplay either way, it s brilliant which is going to haunt me And that, for me, is an indicator of how great an impact a literary work had on me, and how much it sank into me.I have so many thoughts running around in my head It could be considered just some scenes from a marriage, per se, the dialogues between husband and wife from a random family It s nothing really extraordinary and shocking Yet it has so many layers of hidden and inner truths that I m sure I m going to have multiple interpretations even a week later, if I think about it What is it about What is at stake in a marriage How does a marriage decay It tells a lot about society s expectations, surrendering to expectations forced on us, what true love is, what different often sad and heartbreaking periods and events of our lives teach us, what can be unbearable in a marriage and about the comfort of not talking about problems and sweeping them under the carpet Most of these issues are still things to ponder today, as what Bergman shows us well, they are eternal laws and truths when it comes to relationships.It s also interesting that you start reading the dialogues and memories, and you first say it s this character s fault, then, no, it s this character s fault yet you come to realize that everytime something goes wrong in a relationship, it s never only one person s fault, and there HAS to be something in the background I liked that gradually, we saw both Johan s and Marianne s sins Of course you don t have to agree with both, and you have the right to pick sides as in real life, too Maybe I felt this, because I was a female, but I could relate to Marianne , because I saw Joan irresponsible about the duties one has to take up when they get married, but still, I saw her negative traits as well, due to magnificent writing I hope to see the miniseries once, because I didn t have the chance to do that yet. Det R Kanske Of Rsiktigt Att S Ga Som Det Var, Men Det Var Faktiskt Bara Roligt Att Skriva Om Johan Och Marianne Det B Rjade Med Tredje Scenen Jag T Nkte G Ra En Teaterpj S Om Mannen Som Kommer Hem Till Den Intet Ont Anande Hustrun Och Ber Ttar Att Han T Nker Bryta Upp Deras F Rh Llandevis Goda Ktenskap Och Ge Sig Av Med En Annan Kvinna Sedan N R Jag B Rjade Skriva Undrade Jag Naturligtvis Hur De Hade Haft Det Tidigare Om F Rh Llandet Egentligen Varit S Gott Som De Tidigare B Da Kontrahenterna P Stod Jag B Rjade Ocks Spekulera Ver Vad Som Skulle H Nda Dem L Ngre Fram Innan Jag Hade T Nkt Mig F R Fanns Det Sex Avg Rande Dialoger Om K Rlek, Ktenskap Och Allt M Jligt Annat Johan Och Marianne Eller Marianne Och Johan Jade Till Tit Sig Att Vara Modiga, Fega, Glada, Ledsna, Arga, K Rleksfulla, F Rvirrade, Os Kra, N Jda, Listiga, Otrevliga, Barnsliga, Sm Aktiga, Smeksamma, Hj Rtl Sa, Dumma, El Ndiga, Hj Lpl Sa, Kort Sagt M Nniskoliknande Detta R M Jligen F Rsta G Ngen Som Jag Till Min F Rv Ning Ser Tv Personer Stiga Fram Som Inte Alls Talar Med Min Egen R St En Hastig Reservation Det Tog Tv Och En Halv M Nad Att Skriva De H R Scenerna, Det Tog Ett Vuxenliv Att Erfara Dem Ingmar Bergman

Ernst Ingmar Bergman was a nine time Academy Award nominated Swedish film, stage, and opera director He depicted bleakness and despair as well as comedy and hope in his explorations of the human condition He is recognized as one of the greatest and most influential filmmakers in cinematic history.He directed 62 films, most of which he wrote, and directed over 170 plays Some of his international

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