Season of Birth, Marriage & Profession

Season of Birth, Marriage & Profession Aries Ranks St In The Arts Taurus Excels In Geographic Exploration Gemini Ranks At The Top In Psychology Cancer Is St In Business Entrepreneurs Leo Basks In The Heights Of Fashion Design Virgo S Planners Top Architecture And Chemistry Libra Dominates The Power Professions Of Politics And Military Scorpio Holds The Top Spot In Law Sagittarius Is The Leading Educator Capricorn Is First In Literature Aquarius Is Number One In Religion What Goes On Here How Many Famous People Of History Were Born On Your Day Of Birth And What Were Their Fields Of Fame Or Eminence Might There Be Seasonal Tendencies In Mating Selectivity And Marriage Partner Preference And Also In The Frequency Of Divorce Based On The Date Of Birth Recent Scientific Research Has Discovered That Genes And DNA Are Profoundly Affected By The Seasons Results Of The New Research, Headed By Geneticist John Todd Of The University Of Cambridge, Were Published In The Science Journal Nature Communications In Widespread Seasonal Gene Expression Reveals Annual Differences In Human Immunity And Physiology Http Nature Ncomms Nco This New Knowledge Has Far Reaching Implications, Indicating That Our Genetic Code Changes With The Time Of Year Fans Of Astrology Will Of Course Be Thrilled, But This Book Is Not About The Influence Of The Planets, But Rather About The Influence Of The Seasons Seasons Of Birth, Marriage And Profession Presents The Results Of Several Studies Of Birthdays Which Indicate That The Date Of One S Birth Might Make A Difference In Mating Selectivity And In Professional Success Viz Job Choice, Depending On The Field Of Activity, Perhaps Somehow Based On Environmental Variables Such As Temperature, Daylight And Or Geomagnetism, Which Could Affect The Genes Of The Organism The Question Of Causality Here Is Still A Very Speculative Area Something Statistically Significant Mathematically, By The Way Appears To Be Going On When Famous People Born In The Sign Of Aries, Eg Rank St Among All The Seasonal Signs Of The Zodiac In Both The Fine Arts And Performing Arts, While, For Example, Famous People Born In The Sign Of Libra Rank St In Power Professions Such As Politics And The Military, Just To Mention Two Examples That Are Found In The Data Examined In Seasons Of Birth, Marriage And Profession The Purpose Of This Book Is Not To Try To Prove Or Disprove Any Particular Theory About Birth Dates, But Rather To Show That Slight Differences Among Humans Based On Their Date Of Birth May Actually Exist, At Least When Examined In Large Samples, And That There Is Now Modern Genetic Research Suggesting That The Seasons May Indeed Exert A Profound Influence Upon The Genes Of The Organism


❮PDF❯ ✑ Season of Birth, Marriage & Profession  Author Andis Kaulins –
  • Paperback
  • 70 pages
  • Season of Birth, Marriage & Profession
  • Andis Kaulins
  • 19 August 2018
  • 9781512328905

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