Shadow of the Sphinx

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Carla Jablonski is the author and editor of dozens of best selling books for teenage and middle grade readers She grew up in New York City, where she attended public schools and the Bronx High School of Science She has a BA in anthropology from Vassar College and an MA from NYU s Gallatin School, an interdisciplinary program for which she combined playwriting, the history of gender issues in 19t

[PDF / Epub] ☁ Shadow of the Sphinx Author Carla Jablonski –
  • Paperback
  • 183 pages
  • Shadow of the Sphinx
  • Carla Jablonski
  • English
  • 09 May 2019
  • 9780743461047

10 thoughts on “Shadow of the Sphinx

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    I liked how the sisters traveled to ancient Egypt, but there were several mistakes in this book from the series Cole s last name is Turner not Porter The sisters can t create and throw energy balls, they can redirect them once demons create them All in all, this was an okay story, but very jarring because of the continuity issues.

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    Again such an interesting story Better than the last one Less mistakes, no name changes The whole concept of the changing into a cat, Old Egypt and the mix up between cats was really interesting The whole setting wasn t much of a fight which is a nice change once in a while Again the cover theory is gone because Paige but I still think about it It is good to say that it worked with the Prue stories You have to watch the series to fill in the blanks In date with Death there was a talk about home computers In Dark Vengeance there was suddenly a laptop Here in Shadow of the Sfinx suddenly powers change with energy balls Even Cole Which reminds me of the only mistake at this start of the book it said Cole Porter I am very sure he was always a Turner but well still him.

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    Feels less like an officially licensed tie in novel and like fan fiction written by someone who has only ever seen one episode of Charmed Apparently the author of the book believes Cole s surname is Porter not Turner , The Charmed One s book is referred to as merely Book Of Shadows and not THE Book Of Shadows , the sisters can use their powers in the past, although it has been demonstrated many times that they cannot, and apparently the Charmed Ones can all throw energy balls How someone with so little knowledge for the source material was allowed to write a media tie in novel is beyond me

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    Like all the other Charmed novels, a great book, and just as good as the actual show.

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    This one was a little strange, but a great adventure The travelling, or inclusion, of other locales beyond San Francisco always adds additional fun elements.

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    Cute story that reads a bit like fan fiction, due to the continuity issues Fun setting plot, and a quick read

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    Shadow of the Sphinx is the sixth novel in the Charmed Series, not counting the Charmed Classics The Charmed Series features the main characters from Season Four and up Piper, Phoebe and Paige Cole and Leo appear a lot as well, the first one either in his human form, happily in love with Phoebe, or during his descend into evilness I thought this book was one of the most enjoyable Charmed novels, especially considering it s original setting time travel to Ancient Egypt Count me in and charismatic but socially awkward I ll explain later how these two things can be combined Tyler But it s also one of the books that is extremely far stretched, even for the Charmed Universe Paige shapeshifting into a feline is one thing, but time travel is something else alltogether We see it occassionally in the Charmed Series, but even for the Charmed Ones, Ancient Egypt is a bit far stretched Also, the fact that little Tyler supposedly relies on Paige s power, raised quite some question marks with yours truly.The story starts off with Paige being extremely stupid, as usually, mainly because she still feels bad for not having as much power as her sisters have Or so she thinks, because in my opinion orbing things from one place to another, is pretty damn awesome To prove her skills to herself and her sisters, she decides to shapeshift into a cat, obviously forgetting the fact that felines don t talk and they certainly don t say spells out loud A mistake that will cost her dearly as her sisters, oblivious to Paige s shapeshifting experiment, mistake her for an actual feline and bring her to the animal shelter.Her sisters realize their mistake later on that night, when they started to wonder about Paige s whereabouts and catch the Book of Shadows showing a shapeshifting spell As fast as possible, they race to the animal shelter, only to discover that Paige has already been taken Paige s new owner is a young, socially awkward but undeniably handsome fellow named Tyler Since his nowadays life somewhat sucks, Tyler has grown obsessed with Ancient Egypt, their Gods Bastet, the cat goddess ring a bell to anyone , their habits and lifestyle Luckily for Tyler, he isn t the only socially awkward person with a knack for Ancient Egypt, because he has succeeded in putting together a group of Egypt fanatics and they perform bizarre rituals every other week, in hopes of accomplishing well, what exactly they hop to accomplish, they don t know Tyler does though, but his wannabe Egyptian Gods friends don t have a clue That doesn t keep them from actively participating in the rituals though, and the chanting, and the weird dress code.Except this time, Tyler s plan actually works, mostly because he s channeling magic from Paige Tyler and his new feline friend are transported back in time to Ancient Egypt But although cats are worshipped there like the divine little creatures they are, and Tyler undergoes a sudden personality change gone is the timid, awkward young man and hello to the confident and charismatic version of him that doesn t mean they can stay in Egypt forever For one, Paige would like to be able to fit into her clothes again, and actually have a conversation with someone other than Tyler But things are strange in Ancient Egypt For some reason, Tyler can understand Paige when she talks to him in cat form, and he can channel her magic as well But the mystery only grows greater when the other Charmed Ones go on a trip back in time as well, and accidently kidnap the wrong feline.Of all the Charmed books, Shadow of the Sphinx is one of the most original It was difficult imagining the Charmed Ones in Ancient Egypt though, and I would have liked it if the book focused on how they would behave react try to fit in, rather than burst into energyball throwing action I liked the character of Tyler, someone who s painfully aware that he doesn t really fit in this world, but reacts all the naturally to an Ancient, long forgotten culture I also love the idea of time travel always have, always will, Back to The Future fan all the way, but I do think a lot of stuff happened too fast, and the time travelling was a bit too easy in this one Certainly the Charmed Ones have a lot of magickal skills up their sleeves, but going back in time and altering events with just a flick of a wand so to speak , is a bit far stretched Especially considering the fact Tyler did that all on his own, simply by channeling Paige s magic while she s in feline form A nice thought, but it could have been explained better.Apart from that, the story is original, action packed and at times downright hilarious Although we get a whiny Paige at first for some reason, nearly every Charmed book starts out with Paige whining about not having awesome powers, not being able to control her powers, or about not having a boyfriend like both her sisters have , she soon develops into the powerful and confident Paige we all know and love Recommended to all Charmed fans, and bonus points for being funny and original.

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    The only way a fan of Charmed can enjoy this book and actually finish it is by thinking it s a different timeline completely, as the facts are all messed up in this book Disappointing especially, as Jablonski s first Charmed book was much better Most annoying differences are 1 On first page Cole s last name is mentioned to be Porter in the show it s Turner 2 Page is totally stupid and careless with magic, as if she has only just started learning, yet she already lives in the manor, Cole and Phoebe are engaged etc 3 Both Phoebe and Page can throw energy balls a demon power But, I did enjoy the book, especially the Egypt theme, and it even got me a bit emotional, so not all bad.

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    Even though Paige is by far not my favorite Halliwell, and even though this sister has the main part of this book I really enjoyed it I love Egypt so this book was awesome to read The only little thing that I didn t like was some part at the end, though I will not spoil in for you and write it down here I hope that one of the next books will have Piper or Phoebe as the main character since it kinda feels to me like Paige is getting attention then her sisters.

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