She Came to Slay

She Came to Slay In The Bestselling Tradition Of The Notorious RBG Comes A Lively, Informative, And Illustrated Tribute To One Of The Most Exceptional Women In American History Harriet Tubman A Heroine Whose Fearlessness And Activism Still Resonates TodayHarriet Tubman Is Best Known As One Of The Most Famous Conductors On The Underground Railroad As A Leading Abolitionist, Her Bravery And Selflessness Has Inspired Generations In The Continuing Struggle For Civil Rights Now, National Book Award Nominee Erica Armstrong Dunbar Presents A Fresh Take On This American Icon Blending Traditional Biography, Illustrations, Photos, And Engaging Sidebars That Illuminate The Life Of Tubman As Never Before Not Only Did Tubman Help Liberate Hundreds Of Slaves, She Was The First Woman To Lead An Armed Expedition During The Civil War, Worked As A Spy For The Union Army, Was A Fierce Suffragist, And Was An Advocate For The Aged She Came To Slay Reveals The Many Complexities And Varied Accomplishments Of One Of Our Nation S True Heroes And Offers An Accessible And Modern Interpretation Of Tubman S Life That Is Both Informative And Engaging Filled With Rare Outtakes Of Commentary, An Expansive Timeline Of Tubman S Life, Photos Both New And Those In Public Domain , Commissioned Illustrations, And Sections Including Harriet By The Numbers Number Of Times She Went Back Down South, Approximately How Many People She Rescued, The Bounty On Her Head And Harriet S Homies Those Who Supported Her Over The Years , She Came To Slay Is A Stunning And Powerful Mix Of Pop Culture And Scholarship And Proves That Harriet Tubman Is Well Deserving Of Her Permanent Place In Our Nation S History

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[Reading] ➳ She Came to Slay ➻ Erica Armstrong Dunbar –
  • Hardcover
  • 176 pages
  • She Came to Slay
  • Erica Armstrong Dunbar
  • 15 July 2019
  • 9781982139599

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    This book was incredible Harriet Tubman has always been one of the most compelling people I ve learned about, but there s so much of her life I didn t know The amount that she accomplished in her life is unbelievable, and the humility and perspective she kept is incredible Already looking up what my next non fiction will be about her life, because I must read .

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    3.5 Harriet Tubman All I remember learning about this remarkable woman, in my high school history class, was her work in the Underground railroad She did so very much , quite astonishing in that time, well really her accomplishments would even now be considered astonishing I m not going to give chapter and verse on all the things she did do, you can read the book or even look her up on WIkI.This book itself, is a rather slim volume, less than 200 pages, is told in a simple and clear manner Definitely a YA crossover, and I do wish I would have gotten a better look at the interior Harriet One thing I was surprised about, among many, was that the Emancipation Proclamation only freed the slaves in the Southern States, those that seceeded, but was still legal in the North This caused Tubman to take the slaves she rescued all the way to Canada Slavery in totality wouldn t be abolished until ratification of the thirteenth amendment, which didn t happen until four months before wars end Of course, it was only on paper, slavery in some form of another went on in all it s injustices for many years after that A truly amazing human being, the world could use of her ilk, even now or maybe especially now.

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    This was told in an informal almost historical fiction style The chapter titles are pop reference style which is fun, dynamic and relatable.This was not overly long or extra wordy and I liked the way the biography was laid out I feel starting with her grandmother was an important part of understanding Harriet I really enjoyed this and think it would be perfect for high school and up Probably even middle grades as the visual aids and such might be engaging.The author makes a true effort to use modern language and concepts to make the story relatable for readers who don t often read this genre.I read this author s book on Ona Judge and it was written in a formal educational and less conversational style I enjoyed both takes myself.I am surprised at the negative reviews which seem to indicate others did not like this style of biography.I m extremely familiar with this time period and this authors assumptions are based in historically known facts about this period, place and class if not this specific individual Of course we don t know exactly what Modesty felt upon being stolen from her home and traumatically transported to what is now Maryland We do, however, have biographies written by Enslaved West Africans who survived being stolen and the Middle Passage This is important to the story of who Harriet Tubman was and the author is correct to include it It s always clear what s surmised from period specific research Because the records for this particular individual are scanty much of the setting is simply surmised using factual period specific knowledge Many noted historians do this, David Starkey and Robert K Massie come immediately to mind They are both professors like this author, I think Well, at least one of them is The records for the time periods Starkey Massie covered that I read aren t scanty, this is just their style Almost conversational and slightly gossipy in tone, Starkey has included complete conversation scripts surmised from court records, diaries, letters, etc I think it bothers readers because there s this notion in academia that Black people in general, the descendants of Enslaved West Africans in particular, are too dramatic about chattel slavery Many books on this subject, in fact most in print, are written by white historians from their often unintended slavery apologist point of view If that s all you ve ever been exposed to this must feel jarring and uncomfortable That s due to ignorance on the readers part in some cases.It s also 100% valid not to enjoy this style biography as long as you keep that same energy for regular whitewashed history If you are unfamiliar with some of the information about chattel slavery in the US these are a few of the books I ve read which is how I know the basic research the author is using to give depth and a bit of humanity to the Enslaved characters is validly based on historical facts.Most of these I ve completely read a few I ve so far just read sections not cover to cover.I offer this as my own basis of knowledge as the author has provided an extensive detailed bibliography as well as an extensive suggested reading section.Stamped from the beginning by Kendi X Ibram American Slave Coast by Ned Constance Sublette An Imperfect God George Washington, His Slaves, and the Creation of America Master of the Mountain Thomas Jefferson and His Slaves by Henry Wiencek The Hemingses of Monticello by Annette Gordon ReedForging Freedom by Amrita Chakrabarti MyersThe Black Tudors by Miranda Kaufman gives an idea of early chattel slavery of West Africans in Europe both before and after Columbus.The Slave Narratives haven t read them all yet but I ve read multiple anthologies of them.They Were Her Property White Women as Slave Owners in the American South by Stephanie E Jones Rogers haven t read but this is based on the latest research as far as white women and slavery.

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    Yes Araminta Wonderful I need eeeeee

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    Such a remarkable fighter

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    16 02 2020 4.5 starsDuring my schoolyears, I never learned anything about the Civil war or the underground railroad I don t know why, but I know that a lot of people in Europe I m from Belgium never really learn anything about it in highschool A couple of years ago I saw something about the civil war, and decided to look up what the hell that was all about That s how I stumbled upon the stories revolving around the underground railroad, and Harriet Tubman So here I am, learning and about all the incredible people risking their lives to save their brothers and sisters, or saving slaves that escaped Harriet Tubman was an amazing woman, that accomplished so much in her life I have nothing but respect for her, the I learn about her I will say that I didn t always enjoy the writing style, it felt a bit monotone at times Listening to the book made it easier to ignore that.

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    I have always believed that I don t need the pretext of Black History Month to read about African American history Yet if I have the opportunity to do it during that month, I always take it.I learned a number of things about Harriet Tubman that I hadn t known previously from this book I knew that Harriet had visions, but not that she had epilepsy due to a brain injury that occurred while she was a slave Some think that epilepsy invalidates religious visions I believe that divine power can use epilepsy as a conduit of visions.I wasn t aware of the full extent of Harriet s Civil War service particularly not the Combahee River Raid in which she liberated 750 slaves There s a book in Dunbar s bibliography about it called The Combahee River Raid Harriet Tubman Lowcountry Liberation by Jeff Grigg for those who want to know about it It isn t available to me in libraries, but there is also a novel dealing with The Combahee River Raid called The Tubman Command that is widely available.I consider this book a valuable supplement to the recent movie about Harriet Tubman s life.

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    An amazing biography of an amazing woman She Came to Slay is aptly titled, as Harriet Tubman was an activist throughout her long life.She fought slavery by escaping and then returning again and again to free other slaves She raised her own funds for each trip by working in the North and by touring amongst northern abolitionists with the likes of Frederick Douglass to speak out against slavery I had reasoned this out of my mind there was one of two things I had the right to, liberty or death if I could not have one, I would have the other She literally fought in the Civil War, sailing up the Combahee River and razing Confederate territory She was an unpaid Union nurse and cook She was a spy adept at gathering information She foraged for food and herbs for medicines that she would use to treat Union soldiers without pay She knew that winning the war was how she could help free all the slaves.She opened her home in Albany to emancipated people and worked to feed and assimilate them to free society She became an activist, a suffragist, an advocate for women.And every damn step of the way she had to fight Suffragists and abolitionists fought against giving black men the vote before white women, segregation took hold, and she couldn t get her veterans money for decades even though she had friends of elevated and important station Bless this woman and her fiery personality and her patience for the long game because whatever she set out to do, she eventually got done.This book was great and I learned so much about Harriet Tubman in these few hours than I even knew there was to know all those years I sat in the classroom She is truly a woman our children should be learning about, and this is the book they should be reading She was not a meek little thing, but a fierce and virtuous hero who fought long and fought hard She came to slay.

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    The content of this book was good It s great to have a very easy to read book that tells a holistic story of an incredibly important woman in US history.What was disappointing was the writing style The book is meant to be accessible to non academics but that doesn t mean that it has to be staccato It read like an academic trying to dumb down a story, rather than like a book written for a general audience By far the most well written passages are direct quotations of Harriet Tubman In addition, there is a lot to it that feels kitschy and trendy and will date this book very quickly including the title.

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    Biographies of historical figures tend to be dry and boring The title of this book had me hoping it would bring a modern storytelling style which could bring some life to her story It started off describing one of Tubman s badass moments, but quickly turned into a standard history book It was fine I was just hoping for .

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