Brightness Falls

Brightness Falls Brightness Falls Is The Story Of Russell And Corrine Calloway Set Against The World Of New York Publishing, McInerney Provides A Stunningly Accomplished Portrayal Of People Contending With Early Success, Then Getting Lost In The Middle Of Their Lives

John Barrett McInerney Jr is an American writer His novels include Bright Lights, Big City, Ransom, Story of My Life, Brightness Falls, and The Last of the Savages He edited The Penguin Book of New American Voices, wrote the screenplay for the 1988 film adaptation of Bright Lights, Big City, and co wrote the screenplay for the television film Gia, which starred Angelina Jolie He is the wine co

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  • Brightness Falls
  • Jay McInerney
  • Italian
  • 15 June 2018
  • 9788845219245

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    Brightness Falls is a great American novel, which owes a great deal to F Scott Fitzgerald and his Gatsby At times, it seems as if McInerney wants to re tell the Gatsby tale on Wall Street during the Crash of 87 McInerney s Nick Carraway is, after all, Crash Galloway However, the meaning of this novel transcends this decade and its hideous greed is good mantra it s not simply a period piece The story is about the mad pursuit of wealth, the shallowness of the great Faustian trade and the price paid in unintended consequences The story replays time after time and has done so since Helen of Troy and it always will stand as a poignant, cyclical, cautionary tale about those with unfettered ambition blindly seeking wealth and power For all the apparent allure and trappings of wealth in New York high society and in big business, Russell Galloway is engaged in a zero sum game The writing in this novel is exquisite I know this is absolute heresy but, at times, McInerney out Fitzgeralds Fitzgerald The main characters are round, full, human, distinctive and complex I found myself intrigued by all of them The dialogue is witty, funny, honest, real and each character spoke with a distinctive voice The story line was unexpected, credible and ambitious in its scale The final chapter is one of the great closes among 20th century, literary novels Having worked for global corporations during this time, I was deeply impressed with how well McInerney captured the essence of the era and then rendered his depiction timeless I really can t say enough about this truly great American novel as the greed, arrogance and quotidian materialism of the late 80s just keeps on re playing in the 90 s of the day trader and in this decade as hedge funds are about to free fall below the zero line in their forthcoming decadent, dizzying downside I was moved by the closing allusions to redemption in this prophetic novel and the optimism inherent in the premise that salvation can be experienced even after epic catastrophe and transcend it through the beauty of love and forgiveness even as brightness falls from the air.

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    Have you ever attended a long cocktail party at an elegant hotel with crowds of well dressed people chattering while a piano player provides background music and after the ball is over find yourself at home with the vague impression that you have not actually been anywhere If so, you have a good idea of what this book is about.Jay McInerney enjoyed some acclaim for Bright Lights, Big City, but this effort is eminently forgettable It is well written, mildly humorous at times but ultimately inconclusive and totally inconsequential I found the characters as polite and as interesting as talking to a courteous necktie salesman, a bathroom attendant or a high rise building doorman To put it another way, you could have watched two reruns of Mad About You and gotten the same result.

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    this reminded me of how the beautiful and damned is technically better than the great gatsby but not as well known this is better than bright lights, big city.

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    There were certainly slow points through this book I actually reshelved it for many months But considering it s about a failing marriage in the late 80s it has many surprisingly prescient themes Betrayal, divorce, drugs, death, economic collapse, careers, ennui, infidelity, friendship, white privilege, and racism And different than a lot of books I ve recently read it became and engaging as it went along There are two books in the series with the same characters, and while I d love to visit them again down the road, I m not going to jump into those books immediately.

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    Found this in the laundry room I don t want any giddy expectations to get in the way of an eventual critical response, but in the early going, it s already showing signs this one looks like it might have dumpster written all over it

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    El maravilloso y complejo mundo de las relaciones sentimentales El retrato de una poca y un lugar perfectamente ambientado y descrito el Nueva York de los ochenta, el de la vanidad, las fiestas sin control, las drogas, el de los brokers m s vidos El libro muestra la forma de vivir de entonces a trav s del aparentemente perfecto y joven matrimonio Calloway Corrine y Russell tienen un futuro prometedor, pero no ser tan f cil, los problemas empiezan a surgir y se convertir n en prueba de fuego de su relaci n La forma de narrar de McInerney es brillante, al igual que los di logos, llenos de chispa e iron a Para muestra un bot n Te queremos, Jeff Queremos A qu viene ese plural El amor no es una actividad de grupo, maldita sea Aunque las higienistas mentales de aqu hagan como si lo fuera Me cago en la terapia de grupo Sabes , nos animan a compartir un mont n de cosas La palabra compartir aqu es un puto verbo intransitivo Se supone que debemos llevar un diario donde digamos Hoy compart con Tony Fran ha compartido con nosotros que no era capaz de compartir con su familia Ya s que a ti y a Russell os gusta hacerlo todo juntos, pero en este caso, por qu no te limitas a hablar por ti misma Hizo una pausa, imaginando el rostro apenado y bello de Corrine al otro lado de la l nea Yo tambi n te quiero a adi , enfadado Dame alg n tiempo para que deje de odiarte El fascinante universo McInerney con ganas ya de leer la siguiente entrega y saber que deparar el futuro de Corrine y Russell.

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    This is one of those books which, if you read it at a certain time in your life, might very well make you weep with its truthfulness At other times you might read it loathing everybody in it I m the exact age of the protagonists and honestly some things struck me as incredibly true It s well written too, in a way I had not expected Yet there were times when I thought I would not finish it because for large stretches nothing s going on and it seems to be going nowhere I suppose read into that what you will If it s nothing else, it s also an interesting portrait of the 80s.

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    Possibly my favorite book from the entire literary brat pack canon, this book goes beyond New England undergrads in orgies of blow and manages to fully explore the relationship of a Manhattan power couple The novel opens on a storybook marriage between Corrine and Russell with Russell on the cusp of becoming head editor of a large publishing house, replete with coke fueled parties filled with models and the life of the jet set Everything crashes down at once the stock market crashes, Russell sleeps with his agent, and Corrinne admits to sleeping with Russell s best friend The final sentence of this book is one of the most hauntingly resonant one s I ve ever read.

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    As a sucker for anything 80s and culture industries in general, a novel about hostile takeover drama in the publishing world Done, sign me up.

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    Admito que al principio me pareci una historia aburrida y superficial con personajes insufribles e histri nicos, pero al final me ha resultado muy conmovedora y est francamente bien escrita y fenomenalmente traducida El personaje de Jeff Pierce me ha encantado Ser que tengo debilidad por los personajes rom nticos y autodestructivos No descarto seguir con la trilog a en un futuro m s o menos lejano.

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