Silent Night (Raine Stockton Dog Mysteries, #5)

Silent Night (Raine Stockton Dog Mysteries, #5) It S Christmas Time, And For Raine Stockton And Her Search And Rescue Dog, Cisco, Hansonville, North Carolina Is Just Like A Norman Rockwell Painting Except For The Rash Of Thefts Of Baby Jesus Figurines From Nativity Scenes, An Abandoned Box Of Golden Retriever Puppies That Someone Leaves Beside Her Mailbox, And A Mysterious Gift From One Of Cisco S A Grateful Admirers Raine Already Has Her Hands Full With Her Own Misbehaving Pooches, Unexpected House Guests, And A Complicated New Relationship But When A Newborn Is Abandoned In The Manger Of The Town S Living Nativity And Raine Walks In On What Appears To Be The Scene Of A Murder, She Has To Worry About Than Keeping The Christmas Spirit Alive

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Silent Night (Raine Stockton Dog Mysteries, #5) book, this is one of the most wanted Donna Ball author readers around the world.

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  • 04 May 2019
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    This is the first Donna Ball Raine Stockton Dog Mystery that I ve read, but it definitely won t be the last one for me I chose it because of the Christmas theme, even though it was the fifth one in this series Thankfully, though I mostly like to read books in their numerical order, I felt like I wasn t missing anything about the main characters Raine Stockton has her hands full with her Search Rescue Dogs Her training and grooming center is being remodeled but her funds have run dry It s the Christmas season and her dogs are going to be in the Christmas parade with a whole host of other pageant animals When they go to set up the manger scene, the baby Jesus is missing Seems there s been a rash of missing Baby Jesus dolls all over town Also, seems that most of her friends are going somewhere else for Christmas dinner this year, including her ex husband who s the town sheriff Raine s new rich, divorced, boyfriend comes to town for a couple of days, with a young daughter in toe Raine didn t even know he had a child, and is not overly enthusiastic when she gets baby sitting duties Being involved in finding a murderer, an abandoned baby, and re homing three abandoned puppies was definitely not on her to do list with a spoiled girl to care for This was definitely a fun book with creative mysteries Dog lovers won t want to miss the antics of all the different Golden Retrievers that populate this series either Lovely Christmas story with heart and playfulness of the season too.

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    I love, love, love this series and this book is a worthy addition to it With the Susan Conant Holly Winter malamute series and the Virginia Lanier bloodhound series, it rounds out the triumvirate of Wonderful Dog Mysteries There are other, lesser series that involve dogs but in none of these do any of the animals, talk, drive cars, type notes or any other implausible behaviors and they are all well written with characters you want to spend time with I will admit that Raine Stockton the protagonist does have an escape artist Australian shepherd in her little pack and one of her friends, a disabled lawyer, does claim the ability to read her dogs minds occasionally But the former does not seem outside the bounds of the ability of this very intelligent breed and the latter is greeted with healthy skepticism by Raine herself Raine herself has her foibles and an unfortunate tendency to close her eyes to some realities she should be aware of in her emotional life, but this does not make her less likeable and it lends an air of reality to what could and does, in some other series degenerate to too good to be true heroes and heroines.But, once again, I must say that, like most series of this type, one s pleasure is greatly enhanced by reading them as much in order as possible This means starting with Smoky Mountain Tracks through three others before you get to this one.

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    Silent Night is the best Raine Stockton novel I have read I loved the others, but this one is a standout because of its believable characters and plot I love this series because I love the mountains of North Carolina I love dogs too and with dogs and the mountains you have a winning combination Raine visits nursing homes and brings her dogs to visit the patients Just reading about this inspires me want to do the same A new character is introduced and I hope she stays around At first Melanie, the daughter of Raine s new love interest, Miles, seems like a brat But as the story weaves it s web, her character adds dimensions and the reader starts to appreciate her.Christmas in Hansonville sounds like a dream come true, but it is full of surprises The recent crime wave of Christmas ornament thefts is not unheard of these days The other mysteries Raine and her dog, Cisco find themselves in the middle of are not uncommon either Who did it and why becomes quite clear by the end and I don t want to spoil the book for you.You will enjoy this new Raine Stockton novel Make yourself a cup of hot tea or hot chocolate and prepare to be carried away to the mountains for a Christmas adventure.

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    Love Donna Ball s booksI don t know what I love most about her books Maybe it s her characters, maybe the mystery, maybe the family and friends interaction Nope It s definitely the dogs This was a sweet story I know that sounds strange when describing a mystery, but sometimes the backstory is important than the who dunnit element While the outcome was predictable, I loved the way I got there.

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    Merry Christmas Donna Ball shamelessly grabs her readers, and gives them exactly what they are wantinga GREAT read She has all it takes to kidnap us, and rewards us so generously.Excuse me, I have another book to read.Book 6

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    Pretty good Short read Like in the previous books, it s clear the author has done some obedience and agility training and has been around enough dogs to realize they aren t all wonderfully behaved Disney characters.Slight peeve Most of the prior books in the series have been accurate with respect to dog training and titles in obedience and agility In this book, the main character s friend, Maude, is described as having golden retrievers with championships in obedience, conformation, and FIELD Glaring error It s been at least 50 years since any golden retriever had both a field and conformation ring championship Field and show lines can t even be considered the same breed any Nor does her friend spend any time handling stinky dead ducks and driving a million miles to find suitable training grounds with water for field work.

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    More drama than mysteryBall writes well, and her choice of a dog trainer as her lead character is intriguing Know, however, that this book is less mystery than it is a semi romance In fact, while slogging through the story I forgot that there was a crime to be solved.

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    AUDIOBOOK EDITIONSilent Night A Raine Stockton Dog MysteryWritten by Donna BallNarrated by Donna PostelLength 6 hrs and 58 mins Series Raine Stockton, Book 5Unabridged AudiobookRelease Date 06 02 14Publisher Blue Merle PublishingPublishers SummaryIt s Christmas time, and for Raine Stockton and her Search and Rescue dog, Cisco, Hansonville, North Carolina is just like a Norman Rockwell painting except for the rash of thefts of baby Jesus figurines from nativity scenes, an abandoned box of golden retriever puppies that someone leaves beside her mailbox, and a mysterious gift from one of Cisco s a grateful admirers Raine already has her hands full with her own misbehaving pooches, unexpected house guests, and a complicated new relationship But when a newborn is abandoned in the manger of the town s living nativity and Raine walks in on what appears to be the scene of a murder, she has to worry about than keeping the Christmas spirit alive 2011 Donna Ball P 2014 Donna BallMy ReviewPrior to Silent Night I hadn t read any in the Raine Stockton Dog Mystery series, I was assured however, that this Christmas story can be read as a stand alone This is true, but I enjoyed it so much I wish I had started from Book One This is a story that hooks you in from the very beginning, I found the first chapter engrossing, chilling and full of the anticipation of something about to happen Well, it certainly did, but not quite as I expected, which only added to my enjoyment.Raine, our heroine is quite a woman, she is doing it really tough at the moment, suffering financial hardships and a degree of emotional turmoil Her old love has a new love and this takes some getting used to, a bit difficult perhaps than Raine had expected I thought the author added a clever little touch when she mentions the way way in which the male colleagues of Raines ex now felt entitled to treat her with disrespect Now, they somehow feel no compunction in being rude and snubbing her whenever they get the chance, this, despite the fact that Buck, her ex, treats her respectfully.I loved how Raine, used to dogs than children, adapted her dog training methods to modify the behaviour of a very unhappy little girl the 10 year old child of her very new love interest These methods worked too, along with lots of human and puppy love thrown in.This story moves along well, plenty of action to keep the listener interested, it s a Christmas feel good story, and also a darned good mystery.NarrationIt never takes too long for the listener to know when they have found a new gem Donna Postel is my new gem, I am a fussy listener, for me, the narrator is the most important element of an audiobook Donna is master of narrative and of characterisation, no overacting here, a class act all the way Talent and experience are the magic combination here, Donna is now in my top three favourite narrators, I think I make myself clear

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    A wonderful cozy mystery First let me say, I read listened to this book in audio format via I will always choose audio over written books, as audio breathes life into the books and allows us to be hands free while reading to do other things as well, not to mention that audio books make great driving companions too Raine Stockton has many wild stories, past present about her search rescue dog, Cisco Raine runs a dog training business and fosters several other dogs with humorous personalities We get to follow along with the escape artists Magic, Mystery Mischief , Raine s foster dogs, all while a new dangerous mystery gets solved In Silent Night, a murder and a mysterious kidnapped baby evolve with Raine unknowingly in the middle of it all Raine also appears to be falling for Miles his daughter Melanie Silent Night is a cozy, witty mystery packed with humor, adventure and danger all surrounded by Christmas The author, Donna Bell got my attention shortly after the story started with her wonderful dog tales and held my interest through out the entire story The narrator, Donna Postel tells the story in a humorous way with lots of voices, that only added even charm to this book Kudos to both ladies for doing such a fine job This book was very enjoyable.

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    This was a new to me author and series, and I enjoyed reading this one very much.Raine Stockton is the main character She lives in a small Tennessee town, and as this book opens, is hoping that she will be able to afford the remaining construction costs on the dog training boarding facility she and a friend partner need for their business Her ex husband, Buck is the sheriff, and there is some unfinished emotional business between the two of them.Anyway, as the book opens, there has been a mysterious murder, and a young girl has mysteriously disappeared Raine is busy enough, but then her current boyfriend s nine year old daughter is in town, and through a series of events, ends up staying at Raine s house I m not going to say much, because there are a lot of characters, background, and intersecting stories here that would make this pages and pages long Suffice it to say that Raine gets involved in solving the murder and the young girl s disappearance, and learns some things about herself while spending time with the young girl.This was a slightly different kind of story, and the characters were different than a lot of the other holiday themed books I ve read But it was a good read, and included plenty of holiday stuff to satisfy even me.

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