Silver (The Silver, #1)

Silver (The Silver, #1) Silver, Book One Of The Silver Series, Is A Coming Of Age Story About A Teenage Werewolf Whose Father Is Murdered He Has To Come To Terms With His New Life, New School, And New Friends While Trying To Prevent Killings Attempting To Make Peace With The Territory S Pack And Finding Out That The Girl Next Door Might Be Than She Lets On Make His Situation Even Perilous

[Ebook] ➯ Silver (The Silver, #1)  ➮ Cheree Alsop –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 228 pages
  • Silver (The Silver, #1)
  • Cheree Alsop
  • English
  • 10 June 2017

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    This is not your ordinary werewolf story and I am so glad that the next book is already out so I can jump right in and read it cause I am hooked on this series Silver is a page turner that had me up past my bedtime because I did not want to put it down Jaze is a really down to earth guy that has experienced some hard things in the last month I think Ms Alsop was realistic in how Jaze deals with the trails set before him It touched my heart how he looks out for his mom Nikki is a little rebel and needs a good friend I like how Jaze and Nikki form a friendship first I also like that it is not perfect and that people need to say sorry when they mess up I also thought the ending was perfect But, if I had to wait to read book two I might have died waiting I think Ms Alsop was brilliant in her weapons she uses in her book and I loved when Brock a friend of Jaze tells his driver test story I was cracking up This story was awesome, faced pace with lots of action and a sweet romance on the side It does contain some violence that is tastefully written But, does not have any swearing or sex I really think my daughter would like this series and she is 12 I am off to read book two

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    This was so much better than I thought it was going to be It was well written and I enjoyed the characters There s some glaring issues about the book, sure, but I still found myself eager to read it and find out what happened next.Jaze is a werewolf Him and his mother move after his father is murdered and now he has to find a peaceful way to live with the pack that already runs the territory he entered Because Jaze isn t just any werewolf, he has the black coat of an Alpha.Some strange murders have happened and Jaze, while struggling with the death of his father, moving, and being harassed by this territory s pack, must figure out how to stop them I liked this book, I did, my only real issue was that everything happened so smoothly I don t want to go into detail to avoid spoilers but I would have liked a little uncertainty Everything cleans up nicely.There are a couple other things I could nit pick but I m not going to because, like I said, I liked this book And I will read the rest of the series I m curious to see where Jaze s life will take him next.

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    Book Title SilverAuthor Cheree AlsopPublished By Digital ServicesGenre Young Adult SupernaturalRecommended Age 13Reviewed By Emily Tuley AngelsCryHavocBlog Reviewed For Great Minds Think Aloud Literary CommunityRating 5 RavensMore, I know it s wrong to start a review with just one word but that s the first word that comes to mind after I read the first novel in this series of books from Cheree Alsop The book landed on my desk as an assignment from several of my fellow reviewers and friends I had placed it in a pile of possible next reads when I decided what the heck lets go ahead and get it out of the way So when I picked it up and began to read I wasn t expecting to get pulled into the book as I was but I did It s a nice start to a story we come in with a young werewolf moving with his human mother to a new town after the death of his father, Not only does he have to face the pack of wolves that are there and protecting what they think and feel is their territory but he has to find out who it was that killed is father with a very good idea in his mind of who it was He meets a his neighbor a girl who has secrets like he does as well about his family Together the two face the world with their few friends and deal with the feelings that they slowly have developed for each other even though both their worlds want the two apart I can not wait to read the other books in this series and hopefully some of you all will step in the world with me and take this wonderful ride.

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    Reviewed on Clean Teen Fiction This book was so great Finishing it on Halloween made it even fun since a werewolf was the main character The story was told from Jaze s point of view He s a 17 year old werewolf I haven t read a lot of books from male perspectives and wasn t sure if I d like it, but I actually loved hearing from Jaze He was my favorite character in the story Sometimes the main character in books can annoy me with their terrible choices That was not the case with Jaze In my eyes, he couldn t do wrong He was smart, caring, strong, brave, and loyal He had some great friends that added to the story Mouse, Brock, and Nikki.The romance was not front and center in this story, but when the scenes came they were so sweet I loved the way the romance built up throughout Jaze goes through a lot in a new town with a hostile werewolf pack nearby All around this book was such an awesome read If you enjoy books with suspense, fighting, and romance you ll love this one.Content Ratings sexual very mildlanguage noneviolence moderate

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    Silver by Cheree Alsop is book 1 in the Silver series about a group of young werewolves Jaze Carso is a recently fatherless teen werewolf alpha moving to a new city for a new start What he didn t know was that there was already a pack established here, and Hunters next door When he saves the life of his new friend, Brock, and reveals his werewolf side, he s thrown into a territory dispute with the other pack, made up of scared teens Jaze finds out that someone s killing werewolves, and he s determined to stop it But he may not have it in him to go to the lengths to become strong enough to save what he loves.Jaze is a strong character with a unique mental voice He s passionate, loyal, and brave Brock, the geeky and silly sidekick, takes the werewolf thing in stride and becomes part of Jaze s invaluable team I particularly enjoyed the dynamic between Jaze, a werewolf, falling for a Nikki, a Hunter s daughter This Romeo Juliet story actually has a happy ending, but it s a rough ride for a while.

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    The markings of a good novel are that they make you laugh and cry along with the characters in the book I definitely did that Jaze is such a strong character You meet him at the beginning of his heart break, and are carried with him on his journey of healing and survival after his fathers death Two factions fighting to the death, believing they are protecting their families, only to tear apart others again the theme of racism and not being able to see the other side of the coin when dealing with other people is apparent I definitely want to finish jaze s quest with him in the following novels and learn about what is to come for him and his pack.

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    The first book in the Silver Series This is a werewolf series, mostly for teenagers to young adults, but it can be read by anyone He s new in town, his father has recently died, so he has to deal with a new school, new neighbors, new friends a new life The girl next door proves to be very sweet and interesting, but seems to be hiding something.This is a fantastic series, and I highly recommend it as I do most of Ms Alsop s work.

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    I enjoyed Jaze, the hero, but i felt the book was rushed too much crammed into too little space, which resulted in a too easy, too slick conclusion Even with that gripe, I like Jaze s voice enough to consider reading the sequels.

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    I liked this book it was really good.

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    This book is written from Jaze s perspective and it gives you a real insight into how he is feeling about losing his dad and moving to a new town As soon as he moves there he realises that something is wrong the amount of silver in the school metal detectors might have been a clue He meets the pack that are already living there in an unforgettable manner He finds a friend in Brock and the girl next door , Nikki, who just happens to have Hunters as parents This all helps Jaze as he tries to look after his mom, tries to come to terms with his dad s death and the betrayal of who he knows was involved.This story was extremely well written, the characters all had depth and there was a lot to the story itself For once there was no Inst Love but friendship actually came first Yes Jaze was attracted to Nikki but proved that you don t always have to act on it straight away and it just might be a plan to get to know her first The friendships that he makes with Brock and Mouse are quiet but loyal and an absolutely perfect foil for the action of the Packs I loved the way the story unfolded and am definitely looking forward to the rest of the series.

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