Sima's Undergarments for Women

Sima's Undergarments for Women There Are Some Life Long Quests That All Women Have In Common Meaningful Work, True Love, And A Bra That Doesn T Leave Red Marks On Your Skin With A Gracefulness Evocative Of Amy Bloom And Alice McDermott, Prizewinning Writer Ilana Stanger Ross Has Created A Secret Underground New York Sisterhood Where Women Of Every Shape And Creed Can Come To Share Their Milestones, Laughter, Loves, And Losses Against A Backdrop Of Discount LingerieIn The Comfort Of Her Brooklyn Basement Bra Shop, Sima Goldner Teaches Other Women To Appreciate Their Bodies, But Feels Betrayed By Her Own Shamed By Her Infertility And A Secret From Her Youth, She Has Given Up On Happiness And Surrendered To A Bitter Marriage But Then Timna, A Young Israeli With Enviable Cleavage, Becomes The Shop Seamstress As The Two Serve The Colorful Customers Of The Orthodox Jewish Neighborhood, Sima Finds Herself Awakened To Adventure And Romance Years After Giving Up On Their Marriage, Sima And Her Husband, Lev, Must Decide If What They Have Is Worth Saving

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Sima's Undergarments for Women book, this is one of the most wanted Ilana Stanger-Ross author readers around the world.

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  • Hardcover
  • 304 pages
  • Sima's Undergarments for Women
  • Ilana Stanger-Ross
  • English
  • 13 August 2019
  • 9781590200896

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    There s a social situation which has always interested me, both in life and in literature It s when a person, usually older and competent in one or ways, takes a younger and vulnerable person under his wing, motivated at least as much by his own desire for a prot g e as by genuine interest in the younger person s perceived need Of course, the relationship goes awry Janice Erlbaum s memoir Have You Seen Her is a great description of such a situation the novel What Was She Thinking Notes on a Scandal is another one Sima s Undergarments for Women also tries, with partial success at best, to explore a similar dynamic between two women Sixty something Sima is the owner of a successful Boro Park basement lingerie store who is haunted by her infertility and childless state The improbably named twenty year old Timna Timna is an ancient biblical city it s like naming your child Bethlehem is a beautiful Israeli woman who ends up working in Sima s store Sima immediately and I do mean immediately not gradually which might have been easier to understand develops an unhealthy obsession with Timna though the nature of the obsession is unclear Sexual Wanting to live vicariously Wanting to see Timna as the daughter she would have had The fact that we don t get much of a sense of Sima s inner life, despite continual recounting of her painful struggles with infertility and her desperate wish for a child, doesn t help We see a lot of obsessive behavior on Sima s part stalking, desperation to give Timna something valuable, overinvolvement in Timna s lovelife Sima is bizarrely invested in Timna s relationship with a long distance high school sweetheart Sima has never laid eyes on but don t get much insight into where this comes from Other than Timna s beauty and apparent charisma and charm in sixty odd years of living Sima s never met anyone like this , it s also unclear what role Timna might play in inviting or allowing this I also tend to be critical of novels depicting Orthodox Jewish characters and this one was no exception Sima s religious behavior was highly inconsistent With a name like Sima, it s hard to believe she didn t grow up Orthodox In fact, she is described as being Orthodox in the early years of her marriage with no sense that this was new to her I have to assume it was merely a continuation of her upbringing Oddly, though, her Orthodox observance consisted solely of attending synagogue on Saturday with her husband and serving a meal afterward while her lack of attention to other basic aspects of Jewish observance was pretty strange Gradually Sima and her husband are described as drifting from Orthodoxy, a rather undramatic transition which consists entirely of cessation of their synagogue attendance No other physical or psychological changes appeared to accompany this transition It s not that I assume that every Orthodox Jew s experience mirrors my range of experience, but I have to be able to buy the inconsistencies and here I just couldn t The situation is a fascinating one, and though I felt Sima could have been better developed, she was also not a flat character She reminded me of the title character in Olive Kitteridge, actually So this book had its merits, but unfortunately did not work for me.

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    Reading Ilana Stanger Ross s debut novel Sima s Undergarments for Women is an exercise in anxiety, primarily because the reader is so thoroughly immersed in main character Sima Goldner s uncertain, self conscious thoughts Sima is one of the most skillfully developed characters to enter the world of fiction in a long time Stanger Ross writes in third person narrative, but the novel s voice is so completely Sima s that it seems as though she narrates herself The marginal distance third person point of view gives the author allows the reader to see Sima both as she sees herself and as others see her.Sima is timid is many ways, but she has found her place in her own shop Sima s Undergarments for Women located in the basement of the Brooklyn home where she and husband Lev reside She floats along, slightly dissatisfied but unwilling to change, for many years until a young Israeli woman enters her store and flips Sima s world upside down For childless Sima, the energetic Timna is a breath of fresh air The beautiful girl offers Sima a chance to care for and enjoy a young person However, Timna is an independent spirit with dreams and a life of her own, as well as a mother back in Israel The lessons Sima learns through their friendship cross over into Sima s relationship with her husband, and ultimately her ability to love even to love herself.Stanger Ross delves deep into Sima s psyche, as well as the history of her marriage, in this novel It is not an action packed or plot driven book, but rather a character study expertly executed Some reviewers have expressed dismay at the lack of any one climatic moment in the novel, but in my view it proceeded exactly as it should have with the primary focus on Sima, rather than on any revelations surrounding Timna While Timna provides the perfect foil to Sima s character, actions on her part are purely secondary to the interior thoughts and decisions made by Sima.Ilana Stanger Ross writes her own blog discussing all things Sima, as well as her recent completion of midwifery school.

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    Anders als der Titel vermuten l sst ist Die geheime Welt der Frauen weder ein Erotikroman, noch ein Roman aus dem von mir wenig gesch tzten Genre der leichten Frauenunterhaltung Es geht hier um Sima, eine verheiratete, aber kinderlose Frau Mitte 60, die in Brooklyn im Umfeld der orthodoxen j dischen Gemeinde ein kleines Miederwarengesch ft betreibt Sie stellt eine neue Ladenhilfe ein, die junge und sehr h bsche Timna, die gerade aus Israel angekommen ist Der Roman berichtet davon, wie die Anwesenheit von Timna starken Einflu auf Sima aus bt, in R ckblenden von Simas Leben und von den Kundinnen des Miederwarengesch fts.Auf der R ckseite des Buches steht Anr hrend, komisch und voller Lebensweisheit Das deckt sich leider gar nicht mit meinem Empfinden Ich empfand das Buch in erster Linie als eine traurige Geschichte der Vergeudung mindestens eines Lebens Mir erschien es be ngstigend, wie Sima ihre Ehe hat auf Grund laufen lassen, nur um ja nicht gegen die gesellschaftlichen Moralvorstellungen zu verstossen bzw weil sie es gegen ber ihrem Mann nicht zugeben konnte, dass sie ein einziges Mal gegen die Anstandsregeln f r j dische M dchen versto en hatte Sima leidet furchtbar unter ihrer Kinderlosigkeit kein Wunder in einem Umfeld, in dem die Aufzucht von Kindern die Kernaufgabe einer Frau ist und bindet sich emotional sofort sehr stark an die junge Israeli Diese Bindung nimmt nach kurzer Zeit schon fast pathologische Ausma e an Im Grunde genommen m chte Sima anderen helfen insbesondere Timna , aber letztendlich mischt sie sich in Dinge ein, die sie nichts angehen Ich pers nlich hatte das Gef hl, als wollte sie unbedingt erreichen, dass Timna das Leben lebt, dass sich Sima f r sich selbst gew nscht hat.Sima ist traurig und einsam und erkennt, dass sie im Leben speziell gegen ber ihrem Mann auch viele Fehler gemacht hat, dennoch ist sie f r mich kein sympathischer Charakter Sie nimmt bestehende Konventionen unreflektiert hin und verst rkt sie, oftmals zum Schaden anderer.Die Autorin schreibt sehr gut lesbar und die meisten Charaktere konnte ich gut nachvollziehen Sima leider nicht so ganz Sehr interessant war f r mich die Beschreibung des stark j disch gepr gten Umfelds, da ich in dieser Hinsicht selbst keinerlei Erfahrungen oder Kenntnisse habe.Aus meiner Sicht solide 3 Sterne.

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    1 2I liked this one fine but not as much as I d hoped to I guess that s always the case why would we pick up books we might just like okay I don t know why, but I expected it to be funny rather than sad The characters are well developed and the plot is solid It s anything but funny Sima is a complex character and I liked her much in the same way I liked Olive Kitteridge I didn t always like her actions and thoughts, but you know that deep down inside is someone who is looking for the same things all of us are looking for The reader can empathize Her relationship with Timna is complicated Timna is not just an employee but both an ersatz daughter and an object of physical desire though the latter is never discussed or acknowledged it s there Sima s relationship with Lev is complex as well, after 46 years of marriage I liked that the reader only sees Timna s life when she s with Sima, not when they re apart, so like Sima, we don t know what s going on with her when they re not together And the same is true with Lev like Sima, we mostly just saw him upstairs reading or eating I ll be thinking about this one and it s complex relationships and characters for a while and may even revise my rating up a bit when I ve had time to process it I think my primary complaint if you even want to call it that with this book is that I had trouble early on determining Sima s age and when the book was set Not that those are critical factors, but as you re forming mental pictures, it s helpful to have some sense I knew Sima was considerably older than Timna but it was only near the end of the book with a mention that Sima and Lev had been married 46 years that I realized she was approaching if not already 70 I still never fully determined when this was set, but that s not critical I suppose Funny, as I was posting this, I see marketing copy about a woman s 50 year old secret Had I seen that before, I probably would have worked out Sima s age much quickly

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    This is one of those books those books that you will remember for its highs and its lows It is a book that you at first think is devoid of love, of hope, but you learn that the very strongest love is present, no matter the terrible things that have happened All it takes is a young girl to happen into a shop in Brooklyn, owned by a woman old beyond her years, to change everything I wondered through the story, if Sima was attracted to Timna because she wished to be her mother seems obvious , because she has the carefree type of life Sima started to have, but was cut short, a little less obvious or was there a sexual attraction the Sima couldn t admit obscure, but there, I think Or was it all three At any rate, because of Timna, Sima and Lev begin to heal, and their trip at the end signifies a new beginning for them, even as they approach their later years I loved what you didn t see also you never meet Alon, you never find out what is wrong with Timna, you never talk to Timna s mother But you do get glimpses into Timna s losses, as you get glimpses into what Sima s life could be like if she left Lev The reader aches for the loss of Sima s children because of one indescretion, but then aches for Lev as he is shut out of even mourning for those unborns There are a lot of emotions swirling in this book, but with an ultimate triumph in the end Recommended.

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    Sima s Undergarments for Women offers a straightforward, uncomplicated story about a simple, uncomplicated woman who is decidedly unliberated She defines herself in terms of marriage and children and deems her life worthless because she can t bear children An Israeli woman, Timna, happens into her corset shop and Sima fixates on her like a doting mother, worrying, meddling, and projecting upon her, her own lost youth and femininity as she defines it.Structurally, the novel is divided into nine months, beginning in the summer and ending in to spring with the celebration of Pesach, the holiday of rebirth Her troubled relationship with her husband, Lev, is reborn as she comes to realize that passionate sex does not define love as much as abiding acceptance, forgiveness, and companionship.Given that Sima lives in an ultra orthodox section of Brooklyn, it is not surprising that she would have such a narrow view of what it means to be a woman She s really stuck in her teenage years when an indiscretion something positively taboo in orthodox culture causes her infertility Did the author mean to imply that Sima suffers some sort of divine retribution I think Sima grows up during the course of the novel and moves past the self centered egotism of adolescence to develop the capacity to look beyond herself and thereby see her husband and his wants and needs.Lots of thoughts about the setting Perfect place for a woman s story liberated women burned their bras the women who frequent Sima s shop still define themselves in terms of their shape, and obsess about that.

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    Didn t like this book at all The main character, Sima, was creepy to me She was an older Jewish woman in NYC that had an undegarment business in her basement There is nothing creepy about that But she becomes totally obsessed with a young woman, Timna, from Israel who works for her We hear in detail Sima describe Timna s figure, beauty, breasts and Sima even goes so far as to follow Timna around to see what she is up to Sounds like a stalker to me Although Sima is childless and we think that her maternal instincts might kick in in wanting to take care of and protect Timna, it s really an unhealthy relationship in the book at least that is how I felt about it At one point, the interactions with Timna make Sima want to have a better marriage and it awakens her sexuality At the end, I figured out what the author was trying to do, but it didn t work It left me creeped out and not satisfied with the book.

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    What a gripping book. Sima is an older Jewish woman in New York She has never had any children She manages a shop in her basement that sells undergarments to women She offers excellent fitting skills and quality products Her husband, Lev, is a retired teacher When the seamstress leaves, she encounters a new, young Jewish woman, Timna, recently arrived in the U.S from Israel She s also an able seamstress Timna becomes like a daughter to Sima The history of this woman s life defines her everyday existence Lev is kind of adrift upstairs watching TV and reading How her self awareness changes and how their relationship is affected is the plot of the story I cried at the end The frustrating question in your mind as you read why does she do this is explained and mostly resolved with room for her to grow.

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    There are books that you just don t like, and then there are books that are made all the worse because you expected them to be something different and uplifting, and when they turn out to be unhappy, it s that much worse This was one of those books For some reason I expected this to be a story of empowerment, a story about repressed women that come together to create lingerie and find their self worth.Instead it is a story of a bitter old woman who tries to control her beautiful, young employee It s not a happy book and I really disliked Sima.

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    This book has been a go to of mine for years Its ability to navigate the complexities of relationships is poignant and hits home, no matter who you are The relationships between husbands and wives, women old and young, women who have been friends for the majority of their lives these relationships are all explored and tested The writing is simple, fresh, and not too flowery I highly recommend this book

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