Simple (Richard Christie, #6)

Simple (Richard Christie, #6) If Anyone S Writing Better Police Thrillers Than George, I Don T Know Who It Is Entertainment WeeklyNominated For An Edgar Award For Best Novel For The Odds, Kathleen George Has Received Raves From All Corners For Her Pittsburgh Set Police Procedural Series Now, In Simple, Series Detective Colleen Greer Is Back In This StunningCassie Price Is Thrilled When She S Hired To Work At One Of Pittsburgh S Most Prestigious Law Firms Young, Pretty, And From A Sheltered Background, Cassie S New Life As An Adult Now Includes Meeting Rich And Powerful People, And She May Even Be Having A Mysterious Affair But When Her Lifeless Body Is Discovered, The Police Are Stumped Suspicion Falls On A Neighborhood Handyman, But Detective Colleen Greer And Her Boss, Commander Richard Christie, Are Not Sure The Detectives Discover That What Seem Like The Easiest Cases Are Actually The Most ComplicatedWith Fantastic Series Characters And A Compelling Story, Kathleen George Again Proves Herself To Be A Master Of The Police Procedural In Simple

Hilary Masters, a professor at Carnegie Mellon University They reside in Pittsburgh.

✅ [PDF / Epub] ☉ Simple (Richard Christie, #6)  By Kathleen George ⚣ –
  • Hardcover
  • 336 pages
  • Simple (Richard Christie, #6)
  • Kathleen George
  • English
  • 11 June 2019
  • 9780312569143

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    Simple by Kathleen George, published by Minotaur Books.Category Mystery ThrillerI can t recall too many mystery thriller books that take place in Pittsburgh, Pa., however this is the location for Simple and the other books written by Kathleen George George s books are not so much about who dun it but rather a look into police procedures.A young girl, who is pursuing a law degree at the University of Pittsburgh, is found dead The person who found her, a young handy man who did work for her, becomes a prime suspect in the murder Although he confesses and it looks like an open and shut case, the police in trying to put things together find that he may not be the murderer.The young girl, Cassie Price, was an intern at a law firm run by the influential and moneyed Connolly family Mike Connolly, a son, has a very good chance of entering political life due to his enormous popularity and the good deeds he has done throughout the community Mike does have a few skeletons in his closet, the major one being an affinity for women outside his marriage.The people backing him for the senate find that he has been seeing Cassie Price and know that if this becomes known it will end his political career.The police, upon further investigation, start seeing clues that may link his political managers to Cassie s murder.A good story and a good read Simple is one of those rare books that you can recommend to just about anyone, Mom, Grandma, or a Teen, and not have to worry about language or sexual content.

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    6 in the detective Commander Richard Christie mystery series set in Pittsburg, PA A woman paralegal with a law firm whose member is an up and coming politician in the running for state governor is found murdered The detectives assigned the case quickly focus on a handyman who appears simple and he is charged with the murder Christie has mixed feelings about this and leads the investigation which starts to uncover information and complexities.It is good mystery with you knowing from the start who the murderer is The story is the police investigation into it under Christie s leadership and the uncovering of what actually happened which is different from the initial simple solution I rated it low because I found the constantly shifting points of view as the story jumps back and forth between various characters as the story progresses as well as providing details regarding the personal lives of various characters.

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    When Cassie Price, a young beautiful paralegal, is found murdered in her Pittsburgh home, all signs point to Cal Hathaway as the killer He is the neighborhood handyman, worked on Cassie s house and found her body This should be case closed for Detective Christie his team But, when details emerge about Cassie s affair with Mike Connelly, a married lawyer at her firm who is pondering a run for governor, they realize that there is to this case than meets the eye The reader finds out early on who the killer is, so that is not what keeps you hooked The enjoyment of this police procedural comes from the fully realized characters and suspenseful plotting We are along for the ride while the detectives dig up new evidence, come to eye opening conclusions and stakeout suspects Fans of George will recognize Detectives Christie, Greer, Dolan and Potocki from her previous novels and first time George readers will want to go back and learn .

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    Police procedural that follows the thoughts, words and actions of the criminals and their hangers on as it does the squad of detectives that provide the continuity for the series A young woman is murdered, a suspect is arrested the next day and the case is cleared The accused killer is a bit too convenient though and his confession falls apart as soon as it is examined in the cold light of day The reader knows he is innocent the actual killer describes to himself and the reader the ingenious way he carried out the crime Things work out, as they must, with the innocent cleared and the guilty punished but there is a lot of well described police work and plenty of cat and mouse between the detectives, their new prime suspect and a few draggers of red herrings in order to get there.

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    Very engrossing story of a young paralegal who is murdered in her home The detectives assigned to investigate do a slap dash job and arrest a neighbor who was doing repairs at her home that day He is deemed slow because he was beaten by bullies while in school and takes a while to process everything The police commander returns from vacation and decides the reports do not really go into enough detail to aid prosecution His team starts uncovering things that are not as they should be, including the possibility that she was having an affair with a married man possibly the attorney where she worked, who is coincidentally planning a run for governor To further complicate matters, the mother of the accused is the longtime housekeeper for the attorney Moral dilemmas Many abound Good read Was always waiting for the other shoe to drop.

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    This was the first Kathleen George book I have read and I feel like if I had started from the beginning and gotten to know the characters better I would have enjoyed the book , having said that does not mean I didn t enjoy it because I did.It was a great police procedural We pretty much knew from the beginning who the murderer was but we didn t know who else might become a victim, and how the other characters were involved Diligent police work and asking the right questions and team work from the murder squad got the job done.I really enjoyed the characters but I felt like I was missing something in their interactions I will definitely go back and read the previous books in the series and I look forward to learning about each of the detectives.

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    I loved this book and was amazed to see it had only a three star rating Simple is a hard to put down suspense police procedural that kept me engaged from page one If this is part of a series, the author has made the transition so seamlessly, that the a reader does not have to have read the previous books to enjoy this one The characters are well done, the plot simple but full of twists and turns George even managed a believable, and satisfying ending.Another thing this author does extremely well, is handle a full cast of characters in a way that the reader is never confused As an author myself, I can really appreciate what a difficult task that is.I highly recommend this book for lovers of suspense and police procedure Well done

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    I d give this a 3.5 if I could It s a police procedural with a straight forward writing style The thing that made it work for me was the third person omniscient narration because I enjoyed learning a little about each person s thinking and motivations every time that character had a few pages in the book Nor did the novel depend on escalating violence and gore to create suspense This relied on the problems we often see will those who have wealth and power consider themselves above the law Is it possible to change for the better after a tragedy It wasn t great literature, but it is one of the better of its kind.

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    Although it is billed as a mystery, SIMPLE is really a police procedural We know the killer and his motive right away, and the rest of the book builds the suspense of whether or not the police are smart enough to catch him A few nice twists and decent writing make you want to know how it will end Some of the subplots involving the characterization of the officers seemed unecessary, and I would have liked to have cared about the ictim a little But I really liked Cal, the man set up to take the fall Read as a standd alone, the character of Coleen didn t matter much to me, but I undertand that she is part of a series, so I may go back and read some of the other books.

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    What a discovery Nothing in the author bio pointed to masterful police procedural writing A really good read, not so memorable in itself the series is said to be about Commander Richard Christie, but he does not emerge as a character I can call up a picture of in my mind , but so well plotted and written that it is a very great pleasure Now to read the other six in the Richard Christie series if RC is so forgettable in 6, I ve not much hope of capturing him in the first 5, but know I can look forward to a book worth spending time with

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