Skeleton Tree

Skeleton Tree When Stanley Stanwright Finds A Bone Poking Out Of The Earth In His Back Garden, He Is Determined To Take A Picture Of It And Send It To The Young Discoverer S Competition, Thinking It Will Help Bring His Dad Back Home But The Bone Begins To Grow, Reaching Up Out Of The Ground Until It Turns Into A Skeleton A Skeleton With An Unusual Interest In His Unwell Younger Sister MirenAs Time Wears On, Miren S Condition Worsens, And The Only Time She Is Truly At Peace Is When She Is Playing With The Skeleton But Stanley Is Wary Of Him, Especially When He Finally Manages To Get A Picture, And Spots A Scythe At The Skeleton S FeetA Whimsical, Heartfelt Story About A Boy Who Finds A Friend In Death With The Help Of An Unusual Tree Growing In His Back Garden With Black Line Illustrations Throughout By Victoria Assanelli

KIM VENTRELLA is the author of the middle grade novels HELLO, FUTURE ME 2020 , SKELETON TREE 2017 and BONE HOLLOW 2019, Scholastic Press , and she is a contributor to the upcoming NEW SCARY STORIES TO TELL IN THE DARK anthology 2020, HarperCollins Her works explore difficult topics with big doses of humor, whimsy and hope Kim has held a variety of interesting jobs, including children s lib

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  • Hardcover
  • 240 pages
  • Skeleton Tree
  • Kim Ventrella
  • English
  • 11 January 2017
  • 9781338042702

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    Yeah, I m bawling Holy crap this book was so beautiful and heartbreaking It may be a children s book but it s definitely a book that can be enjoyed by adults and teens too, in my opinion The best thing about the book is the fact that it s told from a 12 year old s point of view Ventrella really did a fantastic job with Stanley, he really sounded like a na ve 12 year old boy who was losing his innocence because of situations he couldn t understand at the beginning It sort of reminded me of A Monster Calls only in the sense that it s about a young boy who is in a horrible situation that he was too young to understand and a magical creature comes to his house but the two are two completely different stories I won t say much about the plot because I don t want to ruin anything but the story was good and I loved the magical element Everything isn t what it seems in the story and I just thought it played out very nicely This is one of those books where you will cry from sadness but also cry from happiness too The other characters were also all very three dimensional, they felt so real and the relationships in the book had a lot of depth but they were still quite simple at the core so kids will have no problem with the book The writing was quite simple but it was enjoyable and it kept my attention throughout the entire book I would definitely recommend this book to others It s wonderful and it was a fantastic debut for Ventrella Dad was like the hard drive to the Stanwright family computer With him gone, they were just a bunch of spare parts When Dad was here everything felt balanced Like how a seesaw needs someone on both sides to keep it upright Now it was him and Mom and Miren on one side and inch by inch they were sinking into the ground By now you should know, little Stanley, that the ones you hold dear never leave you.

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    I was lucky enough to get to read an early version of THE SKELETON TREE and I was immediately charmed by this beautiful, amazing story Kim Ventrella is a talented writer who created an extraordinary novel I m looking forward to great things from her Highly recommended

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    The ones you hold dear never leave you Just one of the many lines in this beautiful debut novel that will stick with me Kim Venttrella has written a story about care, loss, family, and mysterious forces that connect it all She has developed strong characters to help us learn deep lessons, and reflect up our lives and our relationships with others.I cannot wait for others to read this novel this fall.

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    I was intrigued about the premise of a boy finding a finger bone in his backyard, and got a lot in this bittersweet story about love and loss I enjoyed it, but in a heart wrenching way I highly recommend this for upper elementary middle school readers and anyone who loves a quirky story with heart.

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    I was incredibly privileged to read an early version of The Skeleton Tree, and all I can say is this is middle grade writing at its best Warm, heartfelt it had me choking back tears Truly a gorgeous, unique book I urge everyone to put this on their TBR pile for 2017.

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    Note ARC received via Vine.I had to think long and hard about Skeleton Tree, but after talking over the issues with a trusted friend, I have opted to tell you to avoid this book Ventrella s writing, from a technical standpoint, is totally on point for the target age group Her constructions make the book flow very well and make this a quick adult read while also being something the middle grade crowd can devour ButThe issue I have is the issues the book deals with and the way they are handled There is just too much tragedy going on From a topical standpoint, great, include a few things like the missing dad or the dying sib, but when you put it all together it s just too too much For anyone who has read A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness inspired by Siobhan Dowd which is geared for a YA crowd, the inspiration is obvious at times That book handles the issue of a dying family member with much subtlety and gave me all the feels Skeleton Tree, on the other hand, gave me none of the feels and just frustrated me There are moments where plot character development comes off as paint by numbers or like someone is just checking things off a list The magical realism that gets shoehorned into the book along with a few other features such as a contest element that feels like it s overly hammering home dad s absence makes this clunky at times Younger readers will probably figure out what isn t being told to the main character since he figures it before it s explicitly stated.Then, we hit the end It is underwhelming It is not at all a surprise And life goes on There s not even a proper resolution which I guess makes this all the realistic in a sense , but spending all that time developing something to have it turn out to be, well, not quite nothing but still not really something, is frustrating from the reader standpoint That said, I wouldn t rule out reading from the author, but I would also hope to see a developed sense of subtlety and tension in future outings This type of story has a place in children s literature it just needs a rounded execution that doesn t pile tragedy on top of tragedy.

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    I enjoyed this although with a theme of death you try not to get too attached The brother 12 yr old Stanly is the main character and his little sister, Miren is ill The Mother works hard and Ms Francine looks after them as their Dad went to work somewhere else and has not been heard of for 10 months.A bone finger gets Stanly s attention, it seems to move Over the week he brings his friend over to see and they try to document the skeleton uncovering itself for a competition, where Stanly is sure his Dad will return and everything will get back to normal.Mr Princly liked to make Miren laugh and once he is all dug up he spends time in her room Ms Francine can see the skeleton she knows why he is here she is my favourtie character in this book making lots of borsch and telling her stories of when she grew up in a harder country , but their Mother is oblivious.As Miren gets taken to hospital, the sense that you can become friends with death is a strange concept to some but as others refuse to see it or ignore it, some are afraid and run away, this tale has a calming way of dealing with what happens There are tears, but also new beginnings and that is what life is about It would appeal to readers of A Monster Calls 10

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    My heart what a beautiful novel Stanly has many challenges a sick younger sister, a MIA father, strange bones protruding from the ground underneath a tree in the back yard, and a stressed and unhappy mother But all is not what it appears to be this story took my heart from page one and kept it right through the end A beautiful story that could easily become a classic

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    I can t wait to share this one with the middle school kids I know and teach 3

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    Thank you kidlitexchange for providing me with a copy of this book to read and review All opinions are my ownKim Ventrella has shared a beautiful story as her debut novel This story follows Stanley, his very sick sister, Miren, and their discovery of a skeleton growing in the backyard This book was captivating, intriguing, mysterious and absolutely heartbreaking It tackles the issues of death, loss, fear and acceptance all in a very unique way My eyes definitely got watery towards the end which is a rather odd occurrence when I m reading I was little, so I didn t know that death always had to be sad and terrible and something to fight against I absolutely loved Ms Francine She was a side character who watched after the children She fed them Broscht, shared stories from her time in Kyrgyzstan and had these wonderful insights full of so much wisdom I also really enjoyed Princy I ll admit, he had his share of creepy moments However, I love how your perspective of him changes as the story progresses He starts off being weird, unrealistic and scary, then ends up being a character who is funny, quite charming and a tad scared himself This was a fantastic intro and insight into the Grim Reaper Add this book to your list The characters are incredibly realistic Their emotions, conversations and struggles will instantly draw you in It was easy to get invested in their tale They have a great lesson to share with everyone.

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