Sky Hunter (The Targon Tales #0.5)

Sky Hunter (The Targon Tales #0.5) Air Command Pilot Nova Whiteside Is Assigned To A Remote Outpost To Guard The Construction Of A New Tethered Orbiter, Skyranch Twelve, Against Rebel Sabotage The Difference Between The Well Ordered Union Air Fields And This Dusty Garrison Is Made Painfully Clear When She Runs Afoul A Brutal Commander Of Ground TroopsHer Assignment Takes Her From The Midst Of A Bloody Uprising To The Elegant New Space Station Where She Hopes To Train For Her Hunter Class Pilot Grade But Not All Runs According To Protocol And She Soon Suspects That Than Farming Is Being Done Up There When She Uncovers The Treacherous And Illicit Schemes Taking Place, It Seems That Local Riots Are The Least Of Their Troubles

I am a first generation Canadian currently and out of necessity residing on planet Earth which, in the general and interplanetary scheme of things could REALLY use a catchier name, if you ask me I mean, imagine heading past Proxima Centauri and someone asks you whence you came and you tell them dirt All theological implications aside, that just won t do My first full length work of fiction,

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  • Sky Hunter (The Targon Tales #0.5)
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  • 20 August 2018

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    Provided by Author in exchange for an honest reviewI confirm it Nova is a fantastic herione This book takes place before all the others in this series.Here we have Nova at the beginning of her career She a young pilot working hard on becoming a Hunter Class.She s good, but she s not a door mat She has har own ideas about the wrong and right and doesn t follow orders blindly.Obviously this attitude doesn t sit well with everybody There re people who bend the law and those who brake it all together When Nova stumbles on this it get physical view spoiler she gets raped hide spoiler

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    Review forthcoming on received a copy of Sky Hunter from the author.Nova is a pilot for the Union, and the only female pilot on her squad, which is garrisoned on a planet where the Union is still fighting Rebels After a run in with Beryl, one of the officers, Nova is deployed to do ground work and ends up captured by rebels While captured she helps with the medical care of all of the injured people with very little equipment or supplies, and in doing so she meets Djari After escaping and returning to base, Nova s squad is sent to the new Sky ranch, where Djari has applied to work, and the two quickly begin a relationship But things aren t always as straight forward as they seem, and soon Nova uncovers things that she wishes weren t true.Link to GoodreadsLink to I m so frustrated right now One of the major things that I liked about this book and I can t even hint at it because it could spoil a pretty big plot point Though along the same vein, the relationships between the various characters that Reher has created are so believable and detailed that I couldn t help but be drawn into them And that goes for relationships, friends, enemies, working relationshipsthe lot Still on the subject of characters Nova Now, I ve made it pretty obvious that I love strong female characters, and Nova was certainly one of those Fiery, determined, and brave, she never let anything bad stop her from getting her job done Just the kind of heroine I like I m still undecided as to which side was in the right, the Rebels or the Union But I thought that Reher did a fantastic job of making a point that there is good and bad in ever side, particularly in regards to Beryl and his cronies, which I think definitely counts as a skill My final point about Sky Hunter is just at the inclusion of a romance It may not sound like a big deal, but one of the reasons I avoided sci fi for so long was because of the tendency towards masculine story lines well and a lack of female characters Thus making Sky Hunter a good sci fi choice on multiple counts Sky Hunter was action packed, with a lot of other things thrown in there too

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    Enjoyable space opera romantic adventure story Apparently one of Reher s early works Not quit as good as her later work The plot and storytelling is good, but it s a bit sparse and contains numerous minor typographical errors Well developed heroine who is neither perfect nor a super woman Much enjoyable Though this book opened a five book so far series it is neatly self contained, not leaving the reader dangling.

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    2.5 StarsI would first like to say that this book was originally listed to me on Nook as 1 in the series I have recently discovered that it was supposed to be a prequel As a 1, I am disappointed As a prequel, maybe.This story had a lot of potential Space Strong female character All the stuff I love But it was just lacking so much The world was sparce so many different words were shot at me so quickly I wasn t sure if it was planet, species, etc This made reading confusing it wasn t until the end of the book I realised one species had fur and what that species was I couldn t tell you the portrait was not painted well I feel like there could have been extra time taken to expand and explain the world maybe this was covered in the actual first book That was another thing it felt like the author didn t take time to do anything at a brief 160ish pages the story was forced to move fast jumping from one scene to the next it was a bit jolting at first The book was also riddled with grammatical and editing errors even the misspelling of the main characters name Nova was a strong character but not in the way I would have hoped I felt like the author used very stereotypical situations to help illustrate being strong Being in the military Being in a male dominated field I read a lot of books with strong female characters and these characteristics can be easy ways to make a strong character there are many compelling strong characteristics I would have liked to have seen in Nova but didn t the ending is what saved the book, I guess although very predictable and, like many things in the book, short and lacking some proper descriptions, the action was nice and lived up to a bit of its star wars comparison and a bit of Nova s snark and sass came through which I wish I could have seen of.Maybe I will try to seek out the rest of the books but it s doubtful.

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    Good read, well writtenI enjoyed the read, character development was not too poorly done and the best thing was that even though it was a serial, it ended as a stand alone book The plot line had a beginning middle climax and end, three love interest developed and was resolved and the path was left open for the next book, without just saying The End as happens in so many self published books The book was edited and proofed with than Word Spell check I will look forward to reading another in the series on a side note, I agree that aliens should follow the Roddenberry model I would have a hard time suspending disbelief in a alien that was too alien that I could not see it as having a similar value system A space faring gold fish is a little to beyond the outer limits for me.

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    Doesn t need my review Good book.

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    Sky HunterChris ReherPremise The book focuses on Lieutenant Nova Whiteside, a fighter pilot who has been stationed on a remote world called Bellac She s an army brat, and she s followed the footsteps of her father, a pretty well known officer.Bellac is a world that is practically overrun by rebels called Shri Lan They re your pretty basic terrorists, but they have their reasons for fighting the Union, which started out as a trade conglomerate, and now control many of the jumpsites, which allow interstellar travel between worlds.The book is basically Union vs Rebels, which isn t the most original premise ever, but that s kind of of a backdrop.Whiteside has a bit of an idealistic view of the Union, even after she s raped by one of their own guys and strong armed intimidated into not reporting it.It s tested again after she s captured by rebels doing the grunt work she was given as a punishment for trying to report her rape Here she sees the damage both sides can do, and she meets a man named Djari who s a little sympathetic toward the rebels, and points out that they wouldn t be on Bellac if the Union wasn t there.Overall, the premise isn t entirely original, but I m for the way the story was told.Characters The characters, particularly Nova and Djari, are compelling and interesting Nova is tough, but she s still a woman She s insecure at times, and fragile even, especially after she s raped She s able to shrug off the experience because she s a soldier, and they re trained to move on after traumatic events I think it s actually very realistic, the way she deals with it, because she has no choice but to move on She has her career to worry about, so she can t mope around.Djari is a rock for Nova, and he genuinely cares about her He s not going to swoop in and make everything right In fact, Nova never told him that she was raped.The other members of Nova s squadron were also very well fleshed out, and when one of them is killed, you feel bad about it.Writing The writing was good, for the most part It was descriptive enough that I could see what was happening, and easy to follow Reher was also pretty good with the steamy parts.The only thing that kind of got me down was the description on the aliens I felt that Reher could have explained them a little better.Overall though, I never ran into anything too jarring, and I was pretty thoroughly immersed in the story The writing was definitely engaging enough to make me want to know what happens next.Journey I enjoyed reading this book I read it in two days, and if I didn t have to do things like work, I probably would have read it in a single sitting.At somewhere around 200 pages, this isn t a hefty read, especially compared to the 600 page monstrosities I ve been reading It s good filler to read between heavier books.Ending The ending was Meh It was suspenseful, but also seemed a little rushed I was left saying, That was it Overall

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    I picked up this book after reading Orphans in the Black , a sci fi anthology, and enjoying the author s short story in it That story, like this book, follows Nova Whiteside, a pilot for a human military alliance She s good at what she does but, like many of the female in the military stories in Orphans , is subjected to sexual abuse at the hands of her fellow soldiers This has consequences on her psyche and also her career as she is shunted off to fly planet side after reporting the rape Of course, action follows her as she comes into contact with the rebel force that resists the expansion of the Union The Union is a United Federation esque alliance of three main races, including humans Unlike Starfleet though, economics plays a much greater role in the politics and expansion of the Union As Nova works through the administrative and personal consequences of her abuse, a decent amount of the story is spent examining her own gradual renewing of relationships, both professional and personal The overarching storyline, though, is the resistance of the rebels to the Union expansion to the planet Bellac Tau and its newly mapped jumpsite This story was fine There is a decent spread of action both ground and space based throughout the book, interspersed with a lot of relationship development In the end, the story itself was fairly forgettable I did come away with a certain attachment to Nova and I will probably pick up the next book in the series when I need a quick, inexpensive read.

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    This book was disappointing The main character, Nova Whiteside, is an interesting sort of person starting immediately, but the plot is all shambles and the writing style is probably 80% dialogue This book needs desperately to be fleshed out and expanded upon, providing descriptions between verbal confrontations at least.In addition to that, this would have been much interestingly written as two separate books one about a rebellion and one about drug trafficking In the last few pages the authors ties them together, but it is a very loose tie and unconvincing Nova herself says that she discovered everything accidentally Fact is, we go from sexual assault to a battle to a kidnapping to a rescue to blackmailing to a battle to love angst to a battle to an investigation to a battle to bomb defusing to uncovering a drug trafficking ring to her commander finally signing off on her transfer papers before there s another battle The world built here is interesting enough to hold its own there is no rise and fall of action at all in the book It s just a machine gun of high intense action to the face All the time And that was what I didn t like about the book.But I did like Nova I liked her kick ass I m doing the thing attitude and her strong, confident belief in herself.This book had so much potential, and it grieves me to see that there are four , probably all as solidly three starred as this one Potential to flesh them out and be so much , but the author had his own vision and didn t flesh it out to it s full realm of possibilities.Oh well Such is the world of self publishing.

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    This is the first book in the Targon Tales, and I have already read books 2 and 3 At some point I ll probably read the remaining two Of the three I ve read, I think that this is the best one As usual, Nova Whiteside is the protagonist, and her adventures and actions lead to an exciting read The same sentient lifeforms are in this book as in the others, and the rebels are trying to remove the Union from Bellac and destroy the sky ranch and space station along with the tether that makes it easier to move materiel from the planet to the orbiter for shipment to other planets I enjoyed the plot and the way Ms Reher writes her books.

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