Slave Girls

Slave Girls D.L King curated an excellent collection of stories of submission Most involve male female and capture a wide variety of relationships and styles of BDSM I will be looking forby many of these authors.The stories are truly erotic and not the romantic lust genre These are definitely the stories for me Definitely one of theauthentic, well crafted collections of stories published today. Top Notch Submission Erotica Top Notch Erotica Collection I highly recommend it.Some heavy hitters wink wink from many top erotica writers including many of my favorites Alison Tyler, Sommer Marsden, Rachel Kramer Bussel, Gisele Renarde, and some that were new to me but that have been involved in the bdsm erotica communities for decades, like D.L King For example, there is a story by Graydancer, who is very well known as a rope bondage expert educator in the bdsm community so it was exciting to see a story from his perspective.So if you are in the mood for some bdsm fantasy which is intelligent, thoughtful and very well written this is a good one Many of these writers, and I would say as a hallmark of Cleis Press, are tackling much deeper issues in their is never solely about the sexthere is ALWAYS some other thoughtful theme or question presented.Or if you don t understand WHY bdsm practice appeals to so many practitioners.this might help you to understand the seduction, relief and pleasure of giving up control to another person in erotic gameplay.Highly recommend. This is a nice collection of short stories based on the kinder, gentler, romantic end of the BDSM spectrum It s a really good read for just about anyone who has an interest in kink Bonus points for Rose Carraway s narration of the audiobook version As always, she does a great job. True submission, can be as simple as trusting your master to love, hold and care for you or as complicated as playing the bratty bottom and submitting to the inevitable punishment he has deemed necessary to correct your behavior All this is always done with you as the sub bottom or slave at the center of the power exchange, you as the defining factor to agree or not agree the terms are simple RED for stop.Though Slave Girls Erotic Stories of Submission is not a manual or a how to for dummies is sets a tone of exploration for someone to have a small taste of what such an experience could be like What it lacks in plot and story, it makes up in life experiences and should be read in that concept True emotion can t be seen in such short interludes and true trust and emotion can only be felt as a afterthought for someone that had either lived the lifestyle or spent time around such individuals to understand the nuances of such encounters My personal opinion is that Slave Girls Erotic Stories of Submission should not be read by a true novice of this genre and only be sampled in small tastes, as an appetizer or dessert but not entirely as a true novella As for writing editing an plot,can be done to expand each story, but that would defeat the object of its originality, whether so intended or not I enjoyed most of the writing, but not all Savoring little one was a little jewel The knife play was erotic, well executed and beautifully edged in emotion I definitely wantedAs a repeat reader of novellas and shorts, I like returning to a book or story a few months down the line to experience it again I will be returning to this one Slave Girls Erotic Stories of Submission was provided by D.L King through the BDSM group on Goodreads I am found it really hard to get into this book I struggled with the story lines, the characters, and the settings I am a submissive so this book should appeal to me I should easily relate to the heroines The pace of this book just bothered me It took me forever to read this Once I got past the halfway point it flowed much better It just wasn t what I was thinking This book wasabout pain and humiliation than hot sex If that is your kink, then this book might be just what you are looking for.I started at the beginning There are a few bright spots Cubed by Alison Tyler is pretty good The next story is alright, then I got to Press My Buttons by Nina Fairweather and it just fell apart for me I didn t like this story I hate to shred on an author but this story was so unbelievable Maybe it was the speed of moment from meeting to bondage, or maybe it was that the Dom was not quite my style In any arena of submission we have to be careful not to make our heroine a stupid girl who just wants to be tied down We also have to keep safety in mind Reading about how you keep the heroine from becoming a victim is quite boring though The girl in this short story uses a safe call like everyone knows what that is I didn t Since this is a fantasy, that little interference with reality turned me off.What s Not to Like by D.L.King was a good little story The ease of conversation in this tale is noteworthy I would have loved for the author to explain what our subject was doing as she laid this confession out She ends it so well, no room for questions or discussion The ending is just right.There were a few tales that made me uncomfortable, in a good way I liked Passing the Final by Donna George Storey The words in this story flow well going from what is happening to what the submissive is going through You look lovely Now go into the bedroom, take off your dress and put the robe on the bed Then lie down and wait for me His tone was neutral as a beige ceiling, but her pulse leaped This is how their games always began.Some of these stories weren t a turn on for me at all They were not about the hot sex They were about the submission This was a bit disappointing for me Breaking Fiona by Cecilia Duvalle was a taleabout the pleasure of pain, than the pleasure of sex Muse by Lisabet Sarai was another story about the thrill of submission, without really going into the hot sex Postcards From Paris by Giselle Renarde was all about pain The pain should of been enough, but for me it fell short.So this book was not what I was expecting It fell short for me on the hot read scale There are a few brights spots, but not enough that I will be re reading it anytime soon Don t let this sway you from D.L.King This is my personal opinion of this book I have enjoyed most of D.L.Kings edited erotic collections, just not this one. 3 Stars A subbie smorgasbord of hot scenes of submission that are a great stock for the spank bank Each of the stories scenes on their own is a quick hot read and will satisfy if you re already horny, but as a collection they became a bit repetitive and almost cookie cutter with very typical FSOG style characters.I would have preferred to see the stories develop as opposed to just the teasers of the scenes For that reason, it seemedof an introduction to the referenced stories as opposed to stand alone works It makes sense since it is described as a collection, but it seems like each should have been given a littlebackground and build up.The writing and editing was well done and it may make me look into the full stories of a few of the non typical scenes. This excellent collection of 21 highly erotic stories of sexual submission does not disappoint The variety of experiences is outstanding If you have an open mind and a sense of adventure, this book will keep you warm and moist, perhaps even hot and wet, with desire Throughout my read I just wanted to be completely and totally dominated To kneel before a Dom, to be tightly bound, to be touched as he or she wishes, to be instructed in how best to provide pleasure, to be severely disciplined, and to freely serve in every way without question Please take me now and make me your slave DL has put together an outstanding collection of sexy and spicy stories that encapsulate completely what it is to be a submissive Stories range from sweet to oh damn and all of them are bound to turn you on It s a wonderful collection that will make a great addition to anyone s kinky library. The Idea Of A Woman Enslaved To Her Lover Has Captured The Imagination Of Millions And Created Bestsellers Such As The Story Of O, Carrie S Story And Fifty Shades Of Grey Award Winning Editor And Writer D L King Pulls Back The Velvet Curtains To Reveal A World Where Every Sexual Fantasy Is Realized, A World Driven By Desire And The Need To Be Dominated These Slave Girls Want Nothing Than To Be Subjugated And Owned In Body And Soul Trained And Tested To Suit Every Sexual Taste, These Women Learn The Ropes Literally King And Her Masterful Eroticists Offer The Reader An Immersive Experience These Sexy, Subversive Stories Of Submission Are From The Very Best Eroticists Including Alison Tyler, Sommer Marsden, And D L King Herself

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[Epub] ❥ Slave Girls  By D.L. King –
  • Paperback
  • 242 pages
  • Slave Girls
  • D.L. King
  • English
  • 07 December 2017
  • 9781627780322

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