Sleight of Paw

Sleight of PawThis is the 2nd book in the series and I am enjoying it Librarian Kathleen has adopted two special cats Owen and Hercules are a little supernatural Owen can become invisible, and Hercules can walk through doors and walls In this book, a homeless lady is run over and killed in an alley, after Kathleen seeing her fighting with three different people After it is discovered that she was really rich, it becomes even important to find out who killed her It is Winterfest and a lot of fun things are happening in between investigations. My 100th book of the year It was okay, but I mostly gave it 3 stars because I like cozies and I liked the cats The mystery wasn t great since I figured out who the killer was before the person was even killed And then the motive is super obvious yet no one picks up on it At one point in the book the main character tries on a pair of tight fitting jeans and marvels that they fit a bit looser than they had before I had to laugh at that because all she does is eat 3 4 of the book is describing food And it s not like she s eating salads Maybe I m just jealous because I can t eat like that, but I kept thinking to myself, how does she not weigh 500 pounds And all the human food she gives her cats is terrible The cats should be obese as well Since one of her best friends is their vet, she should know better The copy editing in this book is also terrible But, as I said, I do like the cats and there were a few mentions of hockey, so that s enough to win me over. Small Town Librarian Kathleen Paulson Never Wanted To Be The Crazy Cat Lady But After Owen And Hercules Followed Her Home, She Realized Her Mind Wasn T Playing Tricks On Her Her Cats Have Magical AbilitiesWhen The Body Of Elderly Do Gooder Agatha Shepherd Is Found Near Kath S Favorite Local Caf , She Knows Owen S Talent For Turning Invisible And Hercules S Ability To Walk Through Walls Will Give The Felines Access To Clues Kath Couldn T Get Without Arousing Suspicion Someone Is Hiding Some Dark Secrets And It Will Take A Bit Of Furtive Investigating To Catch The Cold Hearted Killer This was not bad, not great Perhaps it would be better if I read the first one It caught my eye on display in my library The best characters are, of course, Owen and Hercules, the cats Although in all my years of having cats none ever acted like these two Perhaps because they are Magical Cats I m going to seek out the first book to see how the cats came to Kathleen, the narrator It took my mind off the extreme cold and windchill. Sleight of Paw is another wonderful Magical Cats mystery This is a cozy like cozy should be Charming town, great people and in this case, magical cats As a cat lover the latter is not so hard to believe After all cats always have been and always will be mysterious creatures The whodunit is pretty good, although I did suspect the villain from the start It did not spoil the story for me though Kathleen is great, her cats Hercules and Owen are utterly adorable, her friends fantastic Sofie Kelly serves up a great cozy with good dialogues, friendly teasing, humour and a side dish of romance I really loved the surprise at the end of the book When is the next book Librarian Kathleen Paulson is back with her magical cats Hercules and Owen in their second adventure When an elderly citizen, Agatha Shepherd, is found dead, Kathleen is shocked that one of her close friends is arrested for the murder She s sure that there is no way her friend would do such a horrible thing but the local sheriff, Marcus Gordon, is determined to look no further for a suspect.Kathleen vows that her friend won t go down for a crime she didn t commit She begins her own investigation, with the help of her beloved cats She finds herself mixed up with secret babies and million dollar inheritances which could end up making her the next murder victim.This is a fast paced fun series, especially for someone like me who loves cats and mysteries The perfect ingredients for a great story The first book gave us a great introduction to these characters but the second one is even better. As a librarian, meaning someone who s read a lot of books, Kathleen should know better That said, the town is really, really charming I love all their running gags even if the amount of murders is probably pretty high for somewhere with a population around 1,046.I d like a book where Detective Gordon has nothing to do besides issue parking tickets, by the way. This one held my attention a little less than the first installment of this series, but I still enjoyed it The hit and run murder mystery in it of itself involved less action in solving the mystery, which is probably why it felt a tad slower paced I really do love these characters and their small town As someone who recently moved a far way from home like Kathleen does when she moves from Boston to small town Minnesota , it s comforting reading about a character finding her way in a new place and creating a community for herself The magical cats part is really a minor part of the stories, but it does add an element different from other cozies I will definitely keep reading the others in this series. 2.5Not as good as the first one What worked or at least I was able to tolerate in Curiosity Thrilled the Cat got pretty annoying here The same things that annoyed me in the first are here too Add a couple of really really nice flawless men and you get the picture One wonders how on Earth is this place getting murders and whatnot with this many nice people Everyone has everyone else s house apartment key.Owen and Hercules started doing their thing in the second part of the book The whole murder mystery and anything remotely interesting happens after 50% mark and it is the reason I didn t hate the book.The first, though almost made me fall asleep Kathleen goes from one person to the next gossiping or retelling whatever happened earlier to at least two or three people She cooks a lot in that part of the book, walks and so on Nitpicks it probably happened before but I wasn t paying attention Kathleen touches people A lot I couldn t help but thinking if that were a man, people would consider him creepy As for the murder mystery, she is trying to get Marcus Gordon to go by feelings rather than where the evidence takes him Then, at least three times you get something like police thinks this person did this, so they won t investigate There s another side story here and even that bugged me In short a long time ago a woman gave birth to a daughter and gave her up for adoption She kept that a secret and now, years later, the father wants to find her So far, so good However, there was this annoying comment I can t get out of my head The father is talking about her and says it is the daughter s choice if she wants to know her brothers Who cares if they want to know her, right Why would they have that option anyway Overall, I didn t like it as much as I thought I would, but the second part of the book kind of saved it a bit Plus, someone is coming to Wisteria Hill and nobody knows who they are and what they want It could be that someone is interested in those strange cats there I am interested in that storyline. Audiobook from Random House AudioNarrated by Cassandra CampbellLength 10.25 hoursJust like the first book in the Magical Cats Mystery series, Curiosity Thrilled the Cat, I enjoyed this book This time, the murder victim was an elderly resident of Mayville Heights, MN, a beloved former teacher Unlike in Curiosity Thrilled the Cat, Kathleen wasn t a suspect, but one of her friends, Ruby, was In the last book, the actual murderer was pretty easy to spot early on, even if the motive wasn t This time, I didn t figure it out until just before Kathleen did, though in retrospect, I should have.Sleight of Paw followed the same formula followed by Curiosity Thrilled the Cat It was the same main cast of characters, same setting, a lot of the same small town drama, and the same path of events This isn t to say that it was bad, but that unfortunately, this book didn t give any insight into one of the most interesting aspects of the series how the cats got their powers and if any other cats from the same area have similar powers.Once again, Cassandra Campbell s narration was spot on I enjoyed listening to the book and basically spent my Saturday finding excuses to listen Time to clean up the dishes Great Need to clean the sweet potatoes Awesome Watching the World Cup Who likes the commentators anyway The next book in the series is the last one available in audio and I m really looking forward to listening I don t know what else I ll have to say that I haven t said already, but I will definitely enjoy the day or two it takes to listen

Sofie Kelly is the pseudonym of young adult writer and mixed media artist,

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