Smoke and Shadows (Guardians, #3)

Smoke and Shadows (Guardians, #3) FINALLY Badass, Alpha Hotness Viktor and Classy Marissa I truly enjoyed this action packed thrilling love story I am sure I am not the only reader who wishes this series could be made into a movie, that would be epic I loved seeing the other couples from previous books SUPER FANTASTIC Keep them coming Miss Paige. I ve been slow in reviewing Smoke and Shadows That was a disservice to readers, because this book was great Unlike many other readers reviewers, this was my first book to read by Ms Paige For that reason, my review is different People who get to the third book in a series know the characters, have expectations, understand the voices in other characters mouths They make assumptions I could not I started with book three and was not spoon fed books one and two as a quick recap to catch me up with the action I was thrown into the deep end And I loved it The shocker at the end of chapter one may have meant less to me than someone immeshed in previous books characters, but it was still a surprise, still piqued my curiosity, and led me create questions around characters, relationships, and loyalties This is one example of why Ms Paige is not a one hit wonder but a very talented author Having the ability to continue a story line that is fresh to a current reader, but doesn t preclude a new reader is skill that should not be overlooked I now need to go back and read the previous books as well as her other writings I wantof these characters and this authors writing style I may change my rating up once I see the fabric of the three books and how they are woven For now, grab this series I have no wordsthat s how awesome this book is Viktor Baran is now the ultimate alpha man and makes these other dudes look like little boys playing alpha man Bravo Victoria this was the best of the series so far I can t wait for the next book. Wow This book is intense, action packed, fast paced, suspenseful, HOT And boy, was it filled with domineering ALPHAS who are made of steel but lose it when it comes to their women.Viktor Baran, the ultimate alpha, was jaw dropping awesome He would seem callous, cold, calculating unfeeling mainly because his job calls for it, his training, the decisions he has to make his history But he fell hard when Marissa came back into his life It was funny seeing him come to terms with his feelings At first, he seemed confused, stunned and then very persistent dominant in his claiming To say their chemistry was hot is an understatement It was sizzling I don t think I ve made myself clear enough So I m spelling it out for you He ignored her squinting eyes and continued What we have is not a temporary hook up You re my woman I take care of what s mine The roof over your head What you eat Hell, I ll buy you all your fancy clothes and soap I don t want you to have too many options, like a row house you can retreat to when you ve got something up your ass She sputtered at this, but he continued speaking over her When you re horny and need some fucking my tongue and my dick are your one and only option I want to be your one and final option for everything you need WOWZA Marissa was perfection for Viktor Any other woman would probably bore him to death She s feisty, stubborn very headstrong She s her own person can sure take care of herself Enough to keep Viktor in line It was fun watching them butt heads Woohoo to strong women The intensity of Viktor s love for Marissa was tried tested a few times And he certainly delivered I would damn the whole world for you And he really would I want permanence These past months with you, you gave me back my humanity I don t want to become a soulless bastard again, and I have a feeling without you in my life, I m going to revert back to it You re my weakness and my strength You believed in me, when I d lost faith in myself I need you to believe in me now enough that I could make you happy forever and make this permanent between us sigh Such a tough guy yet vulnerable Very endearing.Needless to say, I loved this book The story line s gripping my heart stopped a few beats a couple of times So thrilling I enjoyed seeing the other characters in the previous books whom I ve grown to love, too Hope Jack Maia will seehappier times after their loss hint hint A MUST read Enjoy This is not the type of book I generally read Government and covert operations are not something with which I am familiar I ll admit it, chaos and danger in a book make me exceedingly tense Romance, however is right up my alley This book reminded me of the action movie that is pleasing as a date night movie Lots of action that keeps you on the edge of your seat and romance so you can swoon along the way The constant twists and turns kept me reading to see what was to become of the characters The romance factor made me smile and satisfied my need for a love story amidst the chaos My knowledge of government activities is limited so there were areas where I was confused That was directly related to my own inexperience in this arena My only issue was Marissa s choices toward the end of the book Other than that, good read that kept me on the edge of my seat. I was privileged to beta read this book prior to publication in exchange for a fair and honest review Wow Just Wow I love this book It is a mind blowing romantic mystery filled with hot hot hot badass special ops guys and gals The intrigue is off the scale in suspense my heart was racing and my mind spinning trying to guess what was going to happen next The passion, oh my, the passion how these men love their women The women are not your normal, girl next door types they are seriously tough, feisty government secret agents or private sector secret agents who can kick booty as well as their male counterparts The villains in this book are vengeful sociopaths who will stop at nothing to achieve their evil goals Ms Paige has weaved a spellbinding story of intrigue, betrayal, and love that knows no bounds I highly recommend this book to all adults 18 years due to the mature theme containing sexual scenes and violence I have rated this book 5 stars and wish I could give itI will most definitely be readingbooks by this author. ARC was kindly provided by the author for an honest review I loved this book I was hooked from start to finish WOW I love it Viktor and Marissa history was amazing I wantI cannot get enough from this series, I want to knowabout those hot badass Guardians.I am looking forward forbooks from this series If you love a story that has a strong heroine and a super hot possessive alpha male, this book is definitely for you I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS BOOK, WELL NOT ONLY THIS BOOK THE WHOLE SERIES ARE AMAZING.I consider myself a huge fan of Ms Paige, I am looking forward to readbooks from Ms Paige. I RECEIVED THIS ARC FOR HONEST REVIEW This is going to be a spoiler free review.Victoria is my auto buy author I love her books She write heroines that are not damsels in distress, they can take care of themselves I loved Marissa she was everything that I wanted her to be She is perfect for Victor She doesn t take an crap from but also know when listening to him can help her Victor and Marissa had a lot chemistry Sex is off the charts in this book Laugh out loud when he told Marissa that he loves her so matter of factlyLoved meeting couples from last books the are still crazy and in love.CAN T WAIT FOR MORE GUADIANSEVERYBODY DO NOT MISS THIS BOOK I love the Guardian Series I ve had SS on my kindle for a year I have no excuse reason I was intrigued with Viktor s smoldering self in the other Guardian books I got distracted with other books, now I ve remedied that This book starts off with Viktor as a major asshole He doesn t even attempt to deny it I love having Jack and Maia in this book They have a major supporting role contradiction in terms No I love those two Marissa is right to admire Maia s skills as a Guardian They really show up the CIA, and cross the line to do it There are a lot of twist and turns Eventually, there s a show down with the BIG bad guy and exacting revenge I liked Jack s part in this too Viktor does improve his disposition thanks to his relationship with Marissa and his colleagues and friends are very happy about that Then it s Marissa s turn to be the jerk in the last section of the story see my friend Ambrosia s review ditto from me.I really like Ms Paige s writing It s rare to read a contemporary suspense novel with such beautiful language minus the F words, ha ha thanks to Viktor.There were some confusing villains and how they were related It s explained but I did get a little lost from time to time.I liked the ending especially after Marissa got over her wtf reaction to having her life saved 4.25 stars I hope that there sGuardians Please Vee When Someone Close To Viktor Baran Becomes A Target Of An Assassin, He Vows A Hellfire Of A Payback But The Enemy Is Cunning And Avoids The Trappings Of The Digital Web, Preferring To Strike Out From The Shadows Drawing On Old Fashioned Cloak And Dagger Methods To Investigate The Enemy S Hatred For The Guardians, He Uncovers A Link To A Past He Is Reluctant To RevisitEight Years Ago, Marissa Cole Walked Away From The Man She Loved New To CIA Black Ops Then, She Was Overwhelmed By The Intensity Of The Man Who Would Stop At Nothing, No Matter How Ruthless, To Get The Job Done Don T Get Involved With The Person You Work With Has Become Her Motto Ever Since Until A Series Of Events Throws Her Back Into Viktor Baran S WorldDanger And Mayhem Are The Perfect Formula To Reignite Their Passion, And Viktor Has Decided He S Done Fighting His Attraction To Marissa He Is Determined To Make Her His However, Their Road To A Happily Ever After Is A Bumpy One Years On The Job Have Stripped Viktor Of His Humanity, And Unless He Can Break Down His Walls Enough To Let Marissa Into His Heart, He Could Lose Her AgainFriendships Will Be Broken Beliefs Will Be Shaken, And Their Relationship Will Be Tested For The Stakes Are Too High, And There Is A Growing Threat, Not Only To AGS, But Also To Every Government Agency Critical To The Country S Safety Is Targeting The Guardians Merely A Distraction Or Is It The First Step To A Terrorist Attack On The Nation S Capital Strong Sexual Content And Language Some Disturbing Situations RecommendedYears Old And Above

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