Snowfall Who Knew Snow Could Be So Hot All Summer Long, Campground Manager And Wilderness Guide Ashley Turner Dreams Of The Snowfall That Will Bring Her The Peace And Quiet She Craves This Year, Though, Her Cascade Mountain Solitude Has Been Threatened By Too Many Close Encounters With The Local WildlifeA Huge, Unusually Aggressive Cougar Is Stalking The Area Near Her Cabin, And Something Has To Be Done Before Someone Gets Hurt But Share Her Secluded Retreat With A Wildlife Biologist Though He S The Perfect Picture Of Native American Hunkiness, That S Where She Draws The LineWhen Dr Jake Eagle Feather Shows Up On Her Doorstep, He S Prepared To Call Her Shotgun Waving Bluff Until He Can Study And Stop The Cougar S Strange Behavior, She And Everyone Else In These Snowbound Mountains Are In DangerAs If On Cue, The Cougar Attacks, Forcing Ashley To Reluctantly Give In To The Inevitable Close Quarters Intensify The Pull Of Attraction Between Them Even As Their Resistance Melts In A Whirlwind Of Sweet, Hot Desire, A Predator Is Waiting Out The Storm For The Next Chance To Stalk Its Prey Product WarningsThis Book Contains Graphic Language And Love Scenes Hot Enough To Melt The Polar Ice Caps

Lainey born in Tacoma, Washington was raised mostly in Nevada and California The youngest of five, Lainey dreamed of being an actress and starring in blockbuster movies she wrote herself As she grew, the dreams of being on the big screen faded but the ones of writing those fantastic stories never did At 17 Lainey read her first romance novel and knew she d found her calling Here were the sto

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  • 87 pages
  • Snowfall
  • Lainey Reese
  • English
  • 09 May 2019
  • 9781609285883

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    This review posted at Guilty PleasuresI have mixed feelings about SNOWFALL and because of my feelings I am going to list what I feel are the pros and cons of this book instead of a traditional review.Pros Ashley is a strong, likable, independent heroine.Jake is a sexy, Native American ALPHA Male.The banter between Ashley and Jake is funny, sweet and hot.Jake s friend assistant Pancho adds humor and a bit of drama to the story.One of the SEXIEST, HOTTEST shower scenes I ever remember reading.The way Jake makes love to Ashley.Cons I didn t see the relationship develop between Ashley and Jake Yes their lovin was hot, but there was no get to know you conversations, no descriptions of them just talking and watching their bond form You don t see them fall in love You have to believe it happens behind the scenes Limited banter between Jake and Ashley.The meat of the book was about them tracking cougars, instead of witnessing the developing relationship between Jake and Ashley.If I had to rate this book on character development and plot it would get 2.5 stars, while the smoking hot well written sex scenes earn it 3.5 stars Please don t take my thoughts the wrong way, I am not saying it s a bad read, it is definitely worthy for a quick read on a rainy afternoon, a day at the beach or just to relax When it comes down to it Ms Reese developed two characters I liked a lot, I just wish I would have gotten of them together.Overall SNOWFALL is an enjoyable, short, light read with sex hot enough to keep you warm during a blizzard.

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    3.5 stars Very quick, cute read But the endjust sort of ended It was a huh when you turn the page and it says About the author Liked the characters Liked the premise But the end was just kinda there and the book didn t feel finished.

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    This is a new author to me but I so enjoyed reading this story It was a fast read, catching you from the beginning Ashley Turner loves her winter life alone but a cougar was being a pain in her summer life of campers and hikers and Dr Jacob Jake Eagle Feather and his coworker Poncho Reveras were determined to find out the reason why and invade Ashley s private winter Amazing chemistry between Jake and Ashley with sizzling sex Lainey Reese writes great dialogue and wonderfully realistic characters.

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    I absolutely loved this story and the characters were great The story was moving along when suddenly it just ended I was absolutely shocked and kept going back a few pages and tried to go ahead because I thought I was going crazy The end left me so unfulfilled, wanting , confused and just dumb founded I hope she writes a sequel.

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    Cute story, short, but hotThe only complaint I have about the book is, it was too short Did he stay with her on the mountain Did she leave and travel with him Or maybe only during her off season Did they catch the damn cougar Loved that bit of suspense with Poncho Had me breathless there for a minute Damn it, I need closure

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    Very nice read Hot, funny, interesting, with a surprise o_O

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    This book was OKnot great Story was way too short and the ending was to abrupt Needed that aha moment

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    Good, smokin hot, wonderful characters, loved the dogs as distinct characters.The abrupt resolution and ending left me feeling a bit cheated, took it from a 4 star to 3 star.

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    I like Lainey s writing and her characters are always very real to me, but this story was rather short and kind of choppy like it had been edited extensively.

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    Read my review on by clikcking on the link below

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