Sole Survivor

Sole Survivor A Catastrophic, Unexplainable Plane Crash Leaves Three Hundred And Thirty Dead No Survivors Among The Victims Are The Wife And Two Daughters Of Joe Carpenter, A Los Angeles Post Crime Reporter A Year After The Crash, Still Gripped By An Almost Paralyzing Grief, Joe Encounters A Woman Named Rose, Who Claims To Have Survived The Crash She Holds Out The Possibility Of A Secret That Will Bring Joe Peace Of Mind But Before He Can Ask Any Questions, She Slips Away Driven Now By Rage Have The Authorities Withheld Information And A Hope Almost As Unbearable As His Grief If There Is One Survivor, Are There Others , Joe Sets Out To Find The Mysterious Woman His Search Immediately Leads Him Into The Path Of A Powerful And Shadowy Organization Hell Bent On Stopping Rose Before She Can Reveal What She Knows About The Crash Sole Survivor Unfolds At A Heart Stopping Pace, As A Desperate Chase And A Shattering Emotional Odyssey Lead Joe To A Truth That Will Force Him To Reassess Everything He Thought He Knew About Life And Death A Truth That, Given The Chance, Will Rock The World And Redefine The Destiny Of Humanity

Leigh Nichols,

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  • Paperback
  • 403 pages
  • Sole Survivor
  • Dean Koontz
  • English
  • 14 October 2019
  • 9780553589498

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    This book to me was a mixed bag On one hand, it was a pretty cool story, and the action near the end was very suspenseful and engaging However, I also think the book could have been shorter and been much better I find many books have an issue of just being too long which causes the story to drag Perhaps it s just me, I m not sure.This story was very emotional and was a character study as well as a suspense story I will admit I had guessed at least part of the big reveal, although not exactly and not every part of it Overall I found it to be like most Koontz books, in that they are good but never quite reach great I m still a fan, he just never quite reaches that top level for me Then again, I haven t read that many Koontz books, so as I read I may find some I like than what I ve read so far.Now, one thing that did bother me with this book was the writing style There was no traditional dialogue It was all written with no quotations like someone was telling you what everyone said rather than the person actually speaking It s not as confusing as it sounds, but it did take me out of the story slightly.Overall this was a good book that could have been great with some edits I did enjoy it, and would recommend it to suspense fans.

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    This is the worst of his books that I have read so far As with most of his books, there is an interesting concept cloning However, the story, itself, was drab I thought the main character was annoying and dumb Of course, I understand his desire to find the daughter he thinks is alive, but the way he acted really frustrated me and I never really felt any sympathy for him except in the beginning when I didn t know his character well enough I could actually say that I almost skimmed this whole book, just to see what the end result was that s how bad I thought it was I was pretty disappointed with this one.

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    I read this book as part of a group read with Koontzland for the month of May 2017 This was an emotional rollercoaster, it was an insight into a grieving father s healing process and it also has a little bit of The firestarter by Stephen King.

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    A bit of Firestarter by Stephen King A bit of Runner by Patrick Lee A tragic plane accident turns into something so much Koontz takes you on a bizarre spiritual adventure questioning our mortality, destiny, and how far some might go to keep that knowledge power for themselves and use it for evil.While this story is packed with action and conspiracy, it will most likely leave you asking a lot of What if questions about life as well.

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    I certainly wasn t expecting this to turn into a preachy bs book.Oh well.

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    I really like this book It brings to mind elements from Watchers, False Memory, The Eyes of Darkness, Fear Nothing, From the Corner of His Eye, The Silent Corner and Stephen King s Firestarter A story of loss and hope, with glimpses of alternate realities While Sole Survivor doesn t make it into my personal top ten favorite Dean Koontz books, I find it a fine achievement and a beautiful work Favorite Passages Out of the thin blood filtered light, into the hallway where a funerary stillness of shadows stood sentinel, toward the enormous chandelier that hung in a perpetual crystal rain above the foyer staircase, he ran.______Their eyes were, without exception, calm pools in which he saw humbling depths of acceptance and a kindness like moonlight on water ______Everywhere he turned his eyes now, this world was different from the one that he had inhabited all his life The change had begun the previous day, when he d gone to the cemetery Ever since, a shift seemed to be progressing with gathering power and speed, as though the world of Einsteinian laws had intersected with a universe where the rules of energy and matter were so different as to baffle the wisest mathematicians and the proudest physicists.This new reality was both piercingly beautiful and fearsome than the one that it replaced He knew the change was subjective and would never reverse itself Nothing this side of death would ever again seem simple to him the smoothest surface hid unknowable depths and complexities ______ the white trunks of the paper birches glowed like painted doorjambs, the deeply moody shadows between like open doors to futures best left unvisited ______

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    Reviewed first at Brunner s BookshelfI have to say that I am not a huge Dean Koontz fan My wife was with his earlier work but there came a point when his books just got really weird and our interest faded I have some of his books that I really liked, Tick Tock and Life Expectancy to name a few This was another book that kept popping up in my hunt for horro books for the R.I.P challenge I figured I would give it a try Let s just say I was expecting a horror novel and this isn t.The book is all about a man who is suffering after the loss of his wife and two daughters in a plane crash Wanting to die he goes to visit the graves one last time When he arrives he finds a strange woman taking pictures of the headstones and FBI types following him This opens the book up to what could have been a really interesting suspense thriller Sadly about half way through the book my interest tanked I couldn t keep focused and my mind kept wandering I was mechanically reading just to get through this It also seemed about this point that the story was just all over the place My lack of focus might have had something to do with this but I m not sure I will own up when my dislike of a book is my own doing but I really tried to like this By the end of this book I was so happy to be finished with this I felt the ending was terrible It felt like the book started out to be one thing and Koontz forgot how he started the story so it ended as if it was a different story I was really disappointed This started out with so much potential and then just lost me It s over and I can move on I give this 2 out of 5 stars and really it was like 1.5 stars I also had every intention in including this in my R.I.P challenge but I m going to skip it I have already had enough books to complete the challenge than two times and this is not what I was expecting being at the top of several horror fiction lists So I decided to save this review till after the challenge and just focus on my Halloween week posts.

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    Perhaps it is just me, but this book ultimately seemed to be little than the preaching and proselytising of a religious fundamentalist At one stage in the book, a prominent biologist even goes to lengths to condemn evolution in the manner that only a creationist lunatic would It was almost like reading the AIG website or a Jehovah Witness Watchtower pamphlet I am currently reading another of his novels The Taking and find that this, too, is interjected with out of place statements and claims that one would only find spew from the mouth of a fundamentalist Christian or Muslim And while this shouldn t matter after all, where would such things be better suited than in a work of fiction it is so out of place with the actual story, and has little to no relevance to it, that it detracts from the story itself While Sole Survivor is ultimately a religious message, there was no need nor relevance in attempting to dismiss evolution or erroneously claiming that most scientists have come to realise it isn t true and that science is continually proving the fact of intelligent design, to get that message across It would not in the least surprise me if the next book of his I read contains the claim that scientists have demonstrated that humans and dinosaurs lived together, the world is only 6,000 years old or that the Noah s Ark fiction actually happened All of these stupidities would in themselves be entirely acceptable IF they were relevant part of the fictional novel itself But when pointlessly and irrelevantly included, it becomes rather off putting The only thing I shall remember this novel for is its creationist style ignorance of science.

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    Made it through 30% before I finally gave it up I ve only read a few Koontz books and wasn t impressed by what I did read Sole Survivor only confirms that I m not a Koontz fan.You d think it would be pretty difficult to make a man who lost his wife and two daughters in a plane crash unsympathetic, but Koontz makes it look easy The first 20% of the book is the main character going on and on and on about he s suffering, miserable, angry, unable to ever move on, yadda yadda yadda We get it The main character is in a bad place Can we start the story now Unfortunately, the annoying main character isn t the only problem I m not sure if Koontz was trying to stretch his literary wings, but Sole Survivor is filled with over the top prose and endless descriptions that seemed to have been written to establish Koontz s literary cred Bleagh If I want boring literary descriptions, I ll check out the Booker Prize nominees I ultimately read spoilers about the rest of the plot Frankly, it sounded nonsensical so I m glad I checked out.

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