Something Beyond the Sky

Something Beyond the Sky When Anne Bradley Receives Her Invitation To A Welcome Tea Hosted By The Air Force Base Officer S Wives Club, She Is A Bit Surprised And Hesitant As Are Rachel, Beth, And Karen, Three Other Women Who Attend When The Tea Is Poured, These Four Strangers Face One Another And Begin The Journey Of Friendship And Self Discovery Each Woman S Life Is Revealed In Engaging Storylines About The Struggles And Joys Of Marriage, Parenthood, And Personal FaithIn This Compelling Story Of Love, Forgiveness, And Truth Each Woman Discovers That With Good Friends And A Lot Of Faith She Can Believe That Beyond Yesterday S Heartache And Today S Troubles There Is An Expanse Of Hope Beyond The Horizon

Siri Mitchell

☂ [PDF / Epub] ☁ Something Beyond the Sky By Siri L. Mitchell ✐ –
  • Paperback
  • 303 pages
  • Something Beyond the Sky
  • Siri L. Mitchell
  • English
  • 14 October 2017
  • 9780736916370

10 thoughts on “Something Beyond the Sky

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    Great concept The plot was good but some of the characters weren t believable Like the LDS couple Karen and Kevin Yes, I do think it s okay to have doubts about your beliefs, but some things were way off Like LDS people can drink coke. just not coffee or tea It has nothing to do with caffeine Otherwise LDS people wouldn t be able to eat chocolate LDS people can wear shorts They just have to be to the knees and not daisy dukes The concept was great People who go blindly without questioning what they believe will always have the feeling that they are a little lost Take out the tennents of the LDS beliefs and have someone struggling with why God would let them not get pregnant when all they want to be is a mom, would have been a better focus Lots of women struggle with this whether they are LDS or not Like Hannah, Sarah, Elisabeth view spoiler Also, Rachel was a character that seemed to flip and flop You d like her one minute and the next, you d wonder why she was hiding things She seemed like a good friend, but then wasn t Anne was a character who always felt a little displaced and things didn t always seem to match up with reactions she d had previously in the book Beth was totally believable Who wouldn t go a little crazy with two 2 year boys I may have given it a three but the book just felt a little like a Mormon bash whenever Karen tried to describe her beliefs Most of them were way off what LDS people actually believe and practice Whether you personally accept that LDS people are Christians or not is up to you With over 12 million members world wide, it s not just a Utah religion or solely for people in the USA, like this book made it sound If you want a better idea of what LDS people believe and practice check out You won t find anything about not drinking Coke, except that lots of people like theirs to be diet view spoiler hide spoiler

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    Erg I am not usually a one star giver but this book was just.well.horribly done I ve read other books by this author and have enjoyed them But this was just miserable My big beef with the book is not the entire reason I ranked it one star, but, it s a part of it It seems that she really wrote this book as a framework to spout some soft core anti Mormon literature Her half researched info about LDS culture and doctrine was tainted and derogatory It also made me doubt the authenticity of every other situation, emotion and scenario in the book But the whole book was really just pointless I picked it up thinking it would be one of those girl power books I didn t even know one of the characters would be LDS It s about 4 wives of Air Force servicemen and their different life situations, and they all get to know each other over the wives club food committee So, you think, ah, yes, differences come out and strengthen each other, unlikely friendships, overcome some big hurdle in the end etc etc Nope Yes, they do get together to decide on cake and cookies for different events, but that is such a pointless part of the story I guess it s a way to bring the 4 stories together, but their entire conversation at each meeting really is like, oh, last year they had cake with coconut Why do they use coconut at Easter I don t know Maybe we should die it green this year Ok So, we ve decided on a cake with green coconut and punch Great Meeting adjurned There are a few big events that happen but it s a so bland and emotionless, there doesn t really seem to be a plot.Nothing is resolved No one really grows or changes None of the characters are believable and especially not their friendships, the decisions they make or the conclusions they come to.Overall, just leave this one on the shelf and read one of her cute clean romances instead.

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    I have really enjoyed this author, so I was excited about this book It is about four very different women who are military wives and how they become friends and work through their trials with the help of one another Sounds good right Well, my problem with it was that one of the women is LDS and anorexic and struggling with her faith The author brings up issues to make her question her faith that were never explained further or answered Lots of the issues were completely incorrect and it just made me mad I know it is fiction and all, but it really is no wonder why some people have such screwed up ideas as to what we truly believe and stand for.

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    After falling in love with Kissing Adrien and The Chateau of Echoes, I was very disappointed in this book One of the characters in this book was LDS and there were enough inaccuracies portrayed about my religion and unfortunate references to how some members behave that I had a hard time focusing on much else I did really like a few of the characters especially Rachel and I applaud the author for taking on a character with an eating disorderalthough with the exception of a few well placed comments from her friends and spouse, it didn t really seem like she got any real help I look forward to reading her new book, A Constant Heart.

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    I really delved into this one and finished it in a jiffy But if you are not a military person or related to one it would be challenging to understand anythingThe Mormonism was harped on way too harshly I m not Mormon, but the other Christian denominations attacking Mormonism were really, really rude and cynical I felt like the author s opinions were too strong on LDS persons and took away from plot development.Well written for the most part, however.

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    I don t usually rate books that I didn t finish, but I couldn t get past the inaccurate portrayal of the LDS character s beliefs I have enjoyed other of Siri Mitchell s books, I plan to read some others, but I won t be going back to this one.

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    good story

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    This is a great book about women who become friends The ending seemed to stop abruptly I did like it though.

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    Hated it.

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    I love this author, so, of course, I liked this book I wish all the issues were resolved at the end, but then again I like that they weren t because life doesn t neatly work out all the time I saw movement in the characters lIves which corresponds to realities I like how the author addresses controversial topics in a way that requires empathy on the part of the reader.

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