Something You Should Know

Something You Should KnowCon esta novela llor much simo, sufr inmensamente Todo lo que le ocurr a a la protagonista era horrible, y tremendamente devastador, y la actitud de ella, tampoco era buena Esta no es una novela divertida, tierna, y conmovedora, es una novela desgarradora, dif cil de leer, y muy intensa emocionalmente Yo me romp al leer esta obra de Melissa Hill, y no he vuelto a repetir con esta autora Ni lo har Escribe bien, sabe hacerte sentir mil emociones, atraparte entre sus p ginas, y no soltarte hasta llegar a la palabra FIN, pero yo no disfrut leyendo su novela, m s bien, se me hizo trizas el coraz n.Fue enormemente doloroso conocer a Jenny, es una protagonista que te inspira mucha pena, pero tambi n, que llegado cierto punto de la novela, desborda nuestra paciencia, e incluso nos hace odiarla Jenny es una mujer que NO se ama a si misma, es una mujer que NO se valora, que piensa que solo vale algo si tiene un hombre a su lado, en este caso a Roan Es horrible ver como Jenny se va perdiendo m s y m s entre los enga os, las mentiras, y los maltratos de Roan, es horrible ver como nunca se ama a si misma y lucha por defenderse, como se repite mil veces lo est pida, fea y horrible que es, como se odia a si misma, y como perdona cosas imperdonables Roan le es infiel, numerosas veces, y Jenny siente que se lo merece Roan se va de vacaciones con su ex novia, y Jenny siente que ha sido su culpa, por no calentarle lo suficiente, por no valer nada, y despu s Roan vuelve y ella le perdona, Roan decide no volver a trabajar y Jenny felizmente acepta mantenerle, Roan la pega, y Jenny siente que merece cada bofetada, Roan le dice lo gorda y est pida, etc que es, y Jenny siente que cada palabra es nica y exclusivamente la verdad Que nadie puede amarla porque ella no es digna de ser amada y que Roan le est haciendo un enorme favor al darle las migajas de una relaci n, al aceptar acostarse con ella, convivir con ella, y qu es a cambio de eso, recibir maltratos e insultos y no ser libre y no poder hacer jam s nada que quiera Para Jenny, el mundo existe para dar cabida a Roan, y sin Roan, ella no ser a nada, a n menos que eso, porque nada ya es No os parece demoledoramente triste que Jenny se vea a si misma as Qu se odie tanto La suerte de Jenny Que un d a, Roan, el HDP maltratador, decide que no la quiere m s y abandona Dublin Jenny empieza a ver la luz, a acercarse de nuevo a sus amigos, a valorar quien es, y m s cuando conoce a Mike, su jefe, un hombre de gran coraz n, dispuesto a tratarla siempre como una princesa Y Jenny le acepta, y se casa con l Pero una noche, en un funeral Jenny vuelve a ver a Roan, y decide cerrar viejas heridas echando un polvo con l y ah se queda embarazada Y ahora, cuatro a os despu s, Roan va a venir a cenar como socio de Mike, y Mike necesita saber que su hija no es en verdad suya Pod is entender cuanto odi este libro Hasta que punto llor Lo mucho que acab odiando a Jenny A Roan ni os cuento As que, chicas, aprended de esta novela Jam s se is como Jenny, amaos a vosotras mismas, valoraos, sed felices independientemente de si ten is novio o novia, so ad y no os rind is Nunca jam s os dej is hundir por nadie, no permit is que alguien os haga tanto da o, por que, sab is qu Sois hermosas, sois listas, sois especiales Creedlo Eso es todo cuanto dir. It Was Her Secret, But Now There Was No Going Back Just When Everything Was Going So Well For Jenny And Mike, Roan Williams Comes Back Into Their Lives Four Years Earlier, While Her Closest Friends Were Falling In Love And Heading For Happy Ever After, Love Rat Roan Had Broken Jenny S Heart And Completely Shattered Her Life Harbouring A Terrible Lie, Jenny Struggled To Pick Up The Pieces Of Her Life, But Now That Roan Has Returned The Truth Will Out It Would Ruin Everything, But Mike Had A Right To Know It was good, a bit slow in the middle but I really enjoyed following Karen and Jenny s stories. Firstly to explain how I ended up with this novel as the front cover is rather pink.I discovered that my local library lends audio ebooks as well as ebooks I love listening to Radio 4 s Book at Bedtime, but because they are heavily abridged, I do not count them towards my annual target Since late August I ve been listening to audio books on CDs in the car whilst commuting, and I m just finishing my fourth I ve really started to enjoy listening to a whole unabridged novel.The problem was, the local library audio ebook collection is rather small at present, and most were on loan I d read a Melissa Hill before and enjoyed it, so when I saw this one was one of the few available I grabbed it I am so pleased I did Yes you should never judge a book by its cover, but I would never have picked up such a garish, pink covered novel I would have missed out The two characters, Karen and Jenny, are well rounded, real protagonists, and over 12 hours I got to be part of their lives The narrator, Katherine Igoe, had a lovely, easy listening voice It got much better towards the end It was long, but because I was listening and it was a proper saga, I didn t notice, and actually, because, unlike a book, you can t easily see how much to go, it finished much quickly than I was expecting.As a regular reader, I was aware of the twists before they occurred, but Hill is clever as she plants seeds but it could still go one of two ways, so you stay guessing I really enjoyed listening to this book this week, and will miss Jenny and Karen. It was just.okThis would be good for a summer beach read, not too intense and easy to follow.Based on friendships and relationships the story follows Jenny s heartbreak after the breakup from the love of her life Roan, and her shock at him returning years later I preferred Karen s story in this book, her interfering mother in law and family lightened up the story and was relatable Would have been nice to focus on her rather than Jenny who became irritating I only downloaded the book because it was advertised as with a twist that s impossible to guess Which is misleading, if your looking for a page turner this isn t it.This is the first book I ve read from Melissa Hill, and hasn t put me off Will try another one of her books. The thing that is good about Ms Hill s books is also the thing that makes them a bit confusing at the beginning There are always at least a couple of storylines, and so getting and keeping the characters straight is sometimes a challenge But, the payoff is always very much worth the effort Another fabulous Melissa Hill book there is a reason she is one of my all time favorite authors. Unexpected It took a while to get going I almost gave up a few times but the ending was unexpected I m glad I persevered Given up at 33%.Not holding my interest in any shape or form How stupid can one person be, even if you try to write a story around it Irritating and unlikable, life is too short, next Just when everything was going so well for Jenny and Mike, Roan Williams had to come back into their lives.Four years earlier, while her friends Tessa, Gerry, Karen and Shane were falling in love and heading for happy ever after, love rat Roan had broken Jenny s heart and completely shattered her life.Harbouring a terrible lie, Jenny had struggled to pick up the pieces of her life, but if Roan was going to be around, the truth would have to come out.It would ruin everything but Mike had a right to know Read my review underneathFirst off Melissa Hill is one of my favourite authors because not only does she tell a story but she throws in some un guessable twists which you do not see coming at all A lot of authors who try to write twists end up being guessed miles before it happens, not so with Melissa Hill.Something You Should Know was a brilliant read We start in the present day for around 30 pages before going back and finding out exactly why Jenny is so worried about Roan coming back and it re tells exactly what happened four years ago We learn about the romances of Shane Karen and Tessa Gerry and we also learn about the rocky relationship of Jenny and Roan.Jenny irritated me up until half way through the book when she finally got rid of Roan for good She buried her head completely in the sand about Roan and I was getting very frustrated with her timidness when it came to Roan She only woke up and smelled the coffee when she saw for herself exactly how Roan the rat acted Roan was the definitive love rat and had Jenny wrapped around his little finger by manipulating her into believing she was to blame The way he did that was awful I was so glad when Jenny finally dumped him.Shane and Karen s relationship had lots of ups and one down but they ultimately worked through it I found Nelly very interfering but understood why when she explained herself at the end of the book I did not see the sting in the tail of Shane and Karen s relationship coming and it was very sad I just couldn t believe it.Gerry and Tessa s relationship took of a backseat and they bubbled along nicely.I loved when Jenny finally got her act together and got with Mike, Mike was a wonderful character he wasn t flawless though as we found out but bar that he was nice personified After Roan, Mike was the perfect tonic for Jenny I hated what happened near the end between Jenny and Roan but must admit I did see that one coming The revelations a few chapters later however were a whole different story Jenny s confession and then Mike s confessions were shocking It seemed just as I d got my head around Jenny s confessions, along came Mike s But that s exactly what Melissa Hill does she keeps us guessing, she throws in surprising and sad twists and can still carry off a happy ending Melissa Hill is one of my favourite authors and I am so glad I picked up All Because of You I still have 3 of hers to read and can t wait for her new novel Please Forgive Me.Rating 4 5

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