Soul of the Wildcat

Soul of the WildcatExperience The Sexy And Sultry World Of Devyn Quinn Where One Woman Is Taken To An Erotic Place Of Primal Ecstasy And Untamed Sensuality By The Magic Man Wreathed In Mists That Are Older Than Time, The Mountain Sanctuary Of Jesse Clawfoot Is Threatened, And An Ancient Magic Transforms Him Into A Cougar Ferocious Powerful On The Prowl And Lethally Silent Until His Instincts Compel Him To Hunt For A Mate, One Who Will Help Keep His People From Extinction His Keen Senses Lead Him To Dakoda Jenkins, Whose Beauty And Compelling Sensuality Awaken His Deepest Lust And Most Ardent Desire Once Aroused, Jesse Must Lure Her To His Hidden Laird Unleash Her Wildest Passion

Devyn Quinn lives in the scenic Southwest, though she has called several other states home She is a huge fan of dark gothic music shoot em up action movies But reading is her first love and Devyn spends too much time with history books, as well as feeding her addiction for celebrity biographies She especially enjoys reading books on Hollywood before the 1960 s and is crazy about Marilyn

❰Epub❯ ➟ Soul of the Wildcat Author Devyn Quinn –
  • Paperback
  • 302 pages
  • Soul of the Wildcat
  • Devyn Quinn
  • English
  • 03 December 2019
  • 9780758231215

10 thoughts on “Soul of the Wildcat

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    Based on the back blurb of this book, I thought this book would be very interesting and I would very much enjoy it Unfortunately, the blurb had nothing to do with the book itself I don t know if the blurb was written by someone who hadn t read the book or what happened, but it was completely inaccurate.Jesse and Dakoda whose name is sometimes spelled Dakota throughout the book meet when Jesse who starts out in cougar form is caught by poachers and Dakoda is one of the rangers who tries to stop them Of course, the rangers don t succeed and Dakoda is also captured While in captivity, we learn that Jesse is one of the Tlvdasti a tribe of Indians who can shift into cougar form and insists that Dakoda is at least part Tlvdasti as well The poachers have been capturing Tlvdasti and selling them into slavery for some time, and that is what they intend to do with Jesse and Dakoda In fact, they already have a buyer lined up for a mated pair despite not knowing ahead of time that Dakoda would happen along and happen to be Tlvdasti and that she and Jesse would happen to actually be a mated pair can you say Plot Hole.Anyway, I read a bit , but it was a struggle, and after about the halfway point when there were plot holes and I was just not enjoying the book at all, I finally gave up I wanted to like this book, because it seemed like my cup of tea, but it was just lacking something Perhaps my expectations were led astray and I never got over that Perhaps I just wasn t in the right frame of mind But, really, I just think that the combination of plot holes, handy coincidences, and everything else doomed this book from the start for me.So, it wasn t for me, but it might be for you Give it a try

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    This was a great read I read Heart of the Wildcat in Sexy Beast Written after this one but the story Pre dates this one and had to read this right away It would have been nice to have some written from Native American Stud Jesse s POV rather than everything from our Heriones omni POV, but that is my only critizism I absolutly loved it and wish she would write some stories about these poor hot native american shifter studs in need of a few goood women The world Quinn paints is sexy and leaves the door open for .

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    The Magic ManWreathed in mists that are older than time, the mountain sanctuary of Jesse Clawfoot is threatened, and an ancient magic transforms him into a cougar Ferocious Powerful On the prowl and lethally silent until his instincts compel him to hunt for a mate, one who will help keep his people from extinction His keen senses lead him to Dakoda Jenkins, whose beauty and compelling sensuality awaken his deepest lust and most ardent desire Once aroused, Jesse must lure her to his hidden lairand unleash her wildest passion

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    This was an interesting read Kidnapping, slavery, escape, acceptance are only a few themes in this novel There was an awful lot of sex but it was steamy and well written Reading what I did did evoke emotion and the idea of creationism and the lost ability to shift was an interesting concept I m not sure I will read the next one or not but I enjoyed reading this.

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    Had not read this arthur before but I really liked the book..

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    A good story but the ending could have been better Once again I am left feeling like there should have been .

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