Speaking for England

Speaking for EnglandThis book has an excellent title. Each of the 3 protagonists in this triple biographyLeo Amery and his sons Julian and Johnspoke for England, but each in his own way. Leo and Julian were British patriots, John ('Jack') was executed as a traitor after WW2.

During his long life, Leo was involved both in South Africa and later in India. Julian fought alongside guerillas in Albania in WW2, whilst at the same time his brother John assisted the Nazis by broadcasting propaganda against Britain and her allies.

This complicated story of the most famous 3 members of the Amery family is brilliantly handled by David Faber. Full of wellresearched information, it reads as easily as a good novel. This is a great book for anyone interested in the machinations of British politics in the years leading up to, and following WW2. It is also a readable 'human interest' story of the best kind. 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Leo Amery, a British politician, had the opportunity to find out during the Second World War. Things took a turn for the worse when his son John Amery, the broadcaster and speechgiver for the Nazis, was captured by Italian partisans, handed over to British forces, and charged with treason. John Amery (usually called Jack) had been a strange person from his earliest years. He had been kicked out of his posh boarding school, Eton. After his schooling ended, he had marginal jobs in the film industry in Britain and continental Europe, and was arrested for basically stealing a diamond necklace in Greece (he wrote a check he knew would bounce). He seems to have been a congenital liar, and he had a habit of living with prostitutes, marrying one Una Wing. His parents, Leo and Florence (nicknamed Bryddie) got him out a jail, and for years provided financial support. Leo Amery was a rightwing politician in the British Conservative Party. He was partly Jewish in an ethnic but not a religious sense, as his mother was one of several members of her family who had become Christians. Leo was born in 1873 in India, where his father was a forester in what was then a British colony. His parents separated when Leo was young, causing his mother financial difficulties. He was still was able to attend the elite boarding school Harrow and then Oxford University. He was a journalist before becoming a Member of Parliament before the First World War. He was a strong opponent of Home Rule for Ireland. During the First World War he was a staff officer in the British Army. During the 1920s he was the British Colonial Minister and during the Second World War he was the minister for the India Office in Churchill's government, where he tried to work out a path for Indian independence, preferably without partition into what are now the separate countries of Bangledesh, India, and Pakistan. When not doing politics, he was an enthusiastic mountain climber and skier. Leo's other son, Julian, was rather more normal. He graduated from Oxford University and served during the war in the Special Operations Executive, a British agency charged with clandestine sabotage operations in occupied Europe. Julian spent some time in Albania working for SOE; unfortunately for him, his superiors in SOE supported another, communist dominated, resistance group in Albania, rather than the one he was working with. Why his superiors would do so is beyond me. I disagree with the author's generally favorable impression of Julian's war experiences, as it seems to me they didn't achieve anything useful, and could have been predicted in advance to have been of marginal importance even if they had been more successful. Furthermore, as Julian was trained pilot, his training taking place in the Royal Air Force Oxford University Squadron before the war, it seems to me he belonged in the air force. I can't help suspecting that his father's political connections got him a more pleasant assignment.Julian's brother, John, was executed in 1945 for his work for the Germans. His most egregious act was the attempt to recruit British prisoners of war to fight on the German side against the Soviet forces, which were British allies. John always claimed he was motivied by his oppostion to communism and wanted peace between Britian and Germany, but as noted above he seems to have been a congenital liar. He pled guilty in court, the strategy being to appeal to the government for clemency. He did not recieve clemency, probably due to the unwillingness of the government to appear to be showing favoritism towards the son of a former cabinent member. His mother in particular was heartbroken by his execution. What a twisted family! The father was one of Churchill's closest allies, one son served in the milatary, and the other son was hung for treason. It's really an interesting read.

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Speaking for England book, this is one of the most wanted David Faber author readers around the world.

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  • Paperback
  • Speaking for England
  • David Faber
  • English
  • 17 March 2019
  • 9781416525967

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