Special Men: A LRP's Recollections

Special Men: A LRP's Recollections Throughout His Several Tours Of Vietnam, Dennis Foley Served With America S Finest Warriors Men Like David Hackworth, The Nation S Most Decorated Living Soldier, And Jim Gardner, Who Was Awarded The Medal Of Honor For Sacrificing His Life So That His Men Might Live Now, In A Tough, Clear Eyed Account, He Recaptures The Raw Courage And Sacrifice Of American Soldiers Fighting A Savage And Desperate Battle For Survival

Dennis Foley retired from the Army after several tours in Southeast Asia He served as a Long Range Patrol Detachment commander, an Airborne Infantry company commander, a Ranger company commander, and a Special Forces A Detachment commander After the Army he started working in Hollywood as an television writer In addition to his novels, he has written and produced for television and film He l

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  • Paperback
  • 352 pages
  • Special Men: A LRP's Recollections
  • Dennis Foley
  • English
  • 22 October 2019
  • 9780804109154

10 thoughts on “Special Men: A LRP's Recollections

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    Not my usual fare I dont usually read military books but this one kept my interest It is about the guy and his personal experience than it is about war, which is probably what kept me interested He was one tough guy I admired how he kept persevering through adversity and pain There was no poor me attitude here The guy truly loved what he did even though sometimes it was hard If you need to read a war book for a challenge this one is a pretty easy read.

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    Special Men is a terrific book Dennis Foley takes us through his entire twenty year Army career in this book, but the bulk of it is spent in the first ten years of his career I really enjoyed this memoir It s well written in a conversational, humble voice Foley comes across as likeable The years prior to Vietnam were quite interesting Foley tells us about his time as an enlisted man in Cold War Germany He also gives quite detailed descriptions of OCS and Airborne School in the pre Vietnam era One extremely unusual aspect of this story is the connection to LTC David Hackworth Hack was famous as a warrior, author, and reporter Foley served under Hackworth multiple times in Vietnam It s interesting to see another view of Hack The descriptions of combat in this book are gripping and real This is a good overview of an impressive military career Most of Foley s career was spent with special operations LRP Ranger Special Forces units He is extremely humble about what was an amazing career I recommend this book highly.

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    While this book is subtitled A LRP s Recollection Long Range Reconnaissance , and the Vietnam War makes up the heart of the book, it is only a small fraction of what Foley writes about, as he describes the complete arc of his military career, from an electronics tech in West Germany, to Officer Candidate School at Ft Benning, and then as the commander of Tiger Force under David Hackworth in Vietnam, and finally as a Ranger teacher Combat and the physical demands of patrolling are not the main topics of the book, perhaps because those subjects are nearly impossible to write about, but Foley provides a vivid depiction of an army in transformation, and how soldiers are trained and lead He humbly dedicates this book to his comrades in arms, but Foley is also an exceptional soldier and author.

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    I enjoy personal accounts of the Vietnam war and Dennis Foley definitely has an interesting one and i like how humble he is in his meteoric rise up the ranks although after a while it comes off as false I mean, how can he keep being surprised at his success in the military when he delivers time and time again Also, for me, the extensive account of his time before Vietnam and after was too much And he glosses over his personal relationships that suffer due to his marriage to the army Maybe he thought that this was too personal and not germane to the topic of Vietnam, but to me it would be very interesting to see how the military success comes at a personal price But still an amazing account of battlefield action in Vietnam.

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    Awesome Details life in the American Army before, during, and after Vietnam The author worked in the elite Tiger Force.

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    If your into Vietnam war books it is a good quick read.

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