Spellbound It s a ghost story It s a love story It s a story about the decisions we make that shape our lives, and it sure made me think about some of my past decisions Jennifer Adele has once again caught me in her web of words with her second novel I can hardly wait for her third. free book for honest review juliesbookreview.blogspot.comVera is a 16 year old that is lonely she befriends Lillian, an elderly neighbor of Vera s grandmother Lillian and Vera create a close relationship Vera loves everything about Lillian, her house, her garden andthan anything a large oak tree that grows in the middle of the garden Life is grand till Lillian dies, then Vera s world is turned upside down Things changed the day Lillian died, a darkness fell over Vera She was lost and lonely once again Then things once again changed Elizabeth, Lillian s sister moves in Elizabeth is not a friendly person and shows no interest in knowing Vera Elizabeth is totally opposite of Lillian She becomes a mystery to Vera Wanting to knowabout her, she starts spying on her, on a dark rainy, stormy night Vera witnesses her tree being chopped down The old oak tree, Vera s favorite and most loved part of Lillian WHY After this night dreams haunted Lillian Nightmares that haunt her for years till she has an encounter with Elizabeth then they stop Vera goes on to college then moves back to home town Her and friend Misty open a coffee shop She moves in with her brother, who now owns their grandmothers house Vera waste no time and is again obsessed with the house next door Elizabeth has since died, but something is still calling to Vera Vera is soon caught up in a whirlwind of love, magic and ghostly encounters WOW What a great powerful read Jennifer did not waste or miss a beat with this novel I found the characters colorful and so easy to fall in love with The story has so much mystery that I found myself guessing till the last page Wende spellbound indeed and I have a signed copy even though I live across the pond in Avalon England one of my most prized books.MystikMaster..editor of the online magazine THE MYSTIK WAY good read that keeps you turning but a little over climatic lots of meaning at the end I have to start off by saying that I am not an avid reader of anything that could be considered romance and the main thing that convinced me to read it was the potential for a good ghost story The thing that struck me first is how well written the book is I found myself lost in the poetic language of the work and found myself rooting for Vera and Keith I have to say that I found the character of Derrick predictable but that was completely overshadowed by some of the end events I like the idea of the book and loved the tie in of reincarnation I actually would have loved that angle examined a bitand almost wouldn t mind a prequel of sorts or some kind of arch containing these characters Also, this is the first independent work that I have read and I have already ordered this author s other two works I have to say that I am really interested to see what she accomplishes This was a fun read and was eery and suspensefulI would recommend it to anyone. By Garry E Lewis Jacksonville, Illinois, USA This review is from Spellbound Paperback A great read for sure, if you enjoy mystery and suspense along with the Paranormal,Romance as well as Ghostly encounters,and Witchcraft as well, you are indeed in for a treat with Spell Bound A young teen loses a close elderly friend who lives next door, she soon finds comfort in an old Oak tree in her deceased friends yard But not long after her friends sister Elizabeth moves in to the house and things soon change, as she is nothing like her sister Lillian was, as Vera soon discovers Much to her shock Vera soon finds the sister plans to destroy the old oak tree Deciding to spy one night on the sister, Vera soon witnesses Elizabeth performing some strange old Ritual over the remains of the tree Not long after the nightmares begin and continue until one day Vera has a very unpleasant encounter with Elizabeth Afterwards the nightmares soon stop, and Vera goes off to college.Years pass as Vera returns home to her past and memories of her neighbor and her old Oak friend.Can she reclaim what she had lost, and the life she had known Find out the thrilling conclusion to this haunting tale in Spell Bound I give this story Five stars for a page turner you will not want to put down till you ve reached the conclusion I have read another book by this talented and beautiful Author, and I looked forward to readingof her work in the future Rumor has it she will very soon be releasing another title, in which I look forward to purchasing as well. This was a stellar second novel from Jennifer Adele She continues her suspenseful and haunting style with Spellbound, and is becoming one of my favorite authors in this genre I love a book that I can get lost in, and this was one of those I felt like I lived on the block and was a witness to the storyline Adele has a way with detail and description that paints a picture without bogging down the story.I resonated deeply with Vera, the main character, and gained unexpected wisdom while I was being entertained I highly recommend Spellbound, as well as Jennifer s first book The Haunting of Willow Tree Court and look forward to her future endeavors. This is the second book by this fantastic author that I have read, I didn t think she could out do the first book but she has Thrilling read, suspenseful, will have you turning pages as fast as you can read them I hated to put it down and always looked forward to the next twist and turn that came with each page Grab your favorite beverage sit back and be ready to get Immersed in an Amazing story This is my first read of this great author and she has me spell bound The author writes in a style that is free flowing, descriptive and entertaining Her book is absolutely a well written piece that is part ghost story part love story It is this human element that makes it so attractive The characters are as real as can get and it adds to the story which is told well This combination makes for a great writer who has not only mastered the craft but knows exactly what her audience wants and what to look for There are a lot of plot twists and turns that will keep you turning page after page Then just when you thought it is ending the author gives youIt has drama, suspense and tender moments This combination will bring you both high and low as you find yourself captured and spellbound I give this book five stars and recommend it highly. We Always Think We Will Have Time And Then It Runs Out Vera Norton Is Only A Young Girl When Her Ancient Friend And Neighbor, Lillian Thompson, Dies, Leaving Her Emotionally Wounded And Incredibly Vulnerable With Little Parental Supervision And A Brother Who Couldn T Be Opposite Of Her In Every Way, Vera Is Left Reeling And Spending A Lot Of Time With The One Permanent Figure In Her Life, A Large Oak Tree At The Center Of The Thompson Gardens, A Tree That Is At The Epicenter Of Vera S World However, When Lillian S Strange Sister, Elizabeth, Moves Into The Thompson House Next Door And Takes Over The Property, The Curious And Horrific Really Take Hold This Then Catapults Vera Into An Adult Life Of Magic And Mystery, Love And Dangerous Obsession, Ghostly Encounters And Supernatural Apparitions, Curses And Spells Can Vera Reclaim The Life She Knew And The Tree She Loved, An Odd Tree That Is Central To Her Existence Can Vera Override A Fate That Stalks Her And Stares At Her With Red Ember Eyes, A Fate That Seems Determined To Destroy Her Can A Curse Be Broken And Age Old Spells Unbound

Jennifer Adele is an independent author and nature gal, whose sense of adventure is only matched by her predilection for the magical and macabre Her love of the written word in its various forms and her fascination with the symbolism inherent in all languages provides an ancient, deep, and eclectic background to her works She is also an active lecturer and educator for many local groups and publ

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  • Paperback
  • 264 pages
  • Spellbound
  • Jennifer Adele
  • 10 June 2018
  • 9780615876221

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