Spellslinger No One Should Ever Come Between A Man S Family And His GunsNot If They Want To LiveNot Even A DragonEspecially When Those Guns Belong To A SpellslingerThe Dragon Who Had Killed His Brother Had A Death WishKoren D Uene Is A Ja Lel, A Gun Knight, And His Is The Job Of Granting WishesHis Guns Spoke And The World Listened Spellslinger Is A Wild West Inspired Fantasy Novel Of Roughly , Words


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  • Kindle Edition
  • 174 pages
  • Spellslinger
  • Joseph J. Bailey
  • English
  • 15 July 2019

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    This one started of quite fun I really enjoyed the beginning, even if the prose needs some getting used to It is a really weird mix of all sorts of things fantasy, western, magic, scifi, drones, dragons, mystrals, that somehow managed to work for me Why only two stars then The end was an utter and total let down All the book built up to finding and fighting that one dragon And that battle just underwhelmed me completely It also managed to up the weird to a point where I could only roll my eyes Some characters who were important before are just discarded with a side sentence This ending really killed the whole book for me.

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    I was first drawn to this story by the really cool cover by Rodrigo Gonz lez Toledo and Sol Devia.The blurb presents a fairly promising idea for a spell shooting, gun toting, fast paced weird west story, but it s written in choppy, incomplete sentences I m okay with that in small doses, but the story continues in the same vein For no logical reason I can fathom, all but a few of those sentences are used on their own as paragraphs It wrecked the pacing for me, which is a shame because the story itself is pretty action packed after you get through the initial laundry list of woes Formatting error, I hope The opening loses even impact when the viewpoint character waxes poetic about the scenery He s in a really tight place literally , and he s hurt Who cares about the scenery at that particular point Or at any other point when the main character is in danger From there we go on to lists of descriptions, and modifiers on nearly every noun The descriptions are vivid, which is good, but better in moderation The protagonist suffers from tell don t show, and There s potential here and the story is fast paced, it just needs an editor I received this book from Story Cartel in exchange for a review.

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    I would take what I got, because that was all I would receive Koren D uen is a Jelal, a gun knight, a spellslinger His will is iron and his magic is indomitable We learn this early on and come to get a sense of the limitless heat in our protagonist s hearth With his brother s death, the man goes to seek revenge against an ancient dragon With his trusty guns by his side, the Jelal goes on to do what he does best in this fantasy western.Let me start by saying that I ve never read a western themed book before This book had the tropes I had associated with it, grit and all Joseph almost strayed too far with adding interdimensional and space funk into the mix of magic and guns but to my delight, his pen wielding hand was stayed by something The novel is split into many tiny chapters, each aptly titled.There was less detail to most characters than I would have liked, but Joseph I hope it s fine to use first name bases here managed to get around that with sheer scale of fantasy species, magic and interaction managed to get enough across This tale is, at heart, about Koren, and we certainly get a lot about him, with flashback parts very often I found myself wondering at some of his actions, thinking them different from how I expected him to act This seems intentional, and towards the end we remember that Koren is tired and flawed, so than many Joseph really does some characters justice in this book, and I found his talent for likability immense There was plenty of magical action as well, and there was enough lore to convey depth.There were linguistic issues when I felt the author sometimes overuses words, especially some that seem artificially smart Sometimes I felt him reach for the epic with that sort of Bond James bond Licensed to kill BORN for a license Sometimes it just didn t land or was overkill But when it did land Oh boy In the end, I was hesitent to give this book than four stars on account of its flaws Then I read the chapter titled Childhood s End Besides, there were parts in this book that deserve extra stars I will gladly say that it s one of my favorite books this year, and certainly deserves the following score.5 5

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    I admit, I waffled between a 1 and 2 star rating and finally settled on 1 star.Bailey had the basis for a good story here A magical gunslinger in a science fiction fantasy world full of differing races, interesting technology, and even dragons Unfortunately, there were a number of elements that dragged what could have been a fast paced weird west story and turned it into anything but.First off, Bailey s style choice for this novella is a weird one Often individual sentences are their own paragraph This creates a very, VERY choppy story, and when the action hits, it only serves to feel like you re driving a high speed car over a pothole filled side road No matter how fast you re driving, you keep being jarred around It also seems as if Bailey is trying to eat up page space to make the page count longer than it should be, much like kids do in school when their essay assignment is based off pages, not words.Second, Bailey s got an obsession with purple prose Though this would work wonders at certain points in the story, it appears even when the character is in a situation which he s in danger though he s never really in danger, which will be my next point , or when he s in a battle of sorts Sure, tell me about the ranch and how beautiful it is Tell me how epic the landscape is But during a battle I don t see the protagonist spouting off that kind of prose, no matter how bad ass he is supposed to be.Which brings me to the third point Koren D uene is a Mary Sue He has magical guns that can do anything, he has an amazing flying demonic horse that is super rare as a mount, and he constantly talks about how he could kill the dragon on his own Even the situation he finds himself in at the start of the book is nothing to him At no point in the entire novel is Koren ever feel like he is in danger And what s even worse is the dialogue he constantly spouts Like a kid trying to be badass, he throws out one liners about how dangerous he is There are no complexities to his character, there is no character growth, there is nothing relatable or sympathetic.And lastly, Bailey s approach to world building is to make reference to a race place thing and give no descriptions of it Instead, the reader is supposed to flip to the appendix and read a very short, not very descriptive description of said race place thing This leaves the reader to fill in the blanks with whatever images they come up with on their own Thus, instead of Bailey s vision, readers are left with their own interpretations This will work for certain readers, but for me it just felt like lazy writing All that aside, I really liked Bailey s world from what I saw outside of my own interpretations , and I really thing that with a bit editing to streamline things and remove the stylistic choices, this could have been an amazing story with a significantly shorter page count The races sounded interesting from what little I read about them in the appendix, and given a bit time and description to them over other story elements like the setting, there really could have been something amazing here For people seeking weird west stories, I would put this one closer to the bottom There are a number of people who enjoyed the story just look at those reviews , but as I am in the middle of reading a bunch of weird west tales, I found that the writing just detracted too much from the story Bailey was trying to tell Still, it s a unique take on the weird west genre and if you are looking for a fresh take, this would be the book to pick up.

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    It was a good read I was not expecting it to be in first person, and the dialogue style threw me at first, but overall, it was a good read I think the book fulfilled on its promise of Wild, Weird West , though I was hardly expecting aliens, they seemed to fit in to the world the author created The one main issue I had was all the unanswered questions the narration itself raised, or implied through the story line Though the main plot ended, many of the driving forces were not It left me feeling a little like the conflict was plucked out of no where, if those questions weren t worth answering.The book was good I wanted to keep reading But I gave it three stars for what felt like an incomplete ending, or a conflict occurring in a vacuum.

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    A fast read, and thebrief sentences of the text gave it a rhythm that made it easy to keep going Cool world, but ultimately I didn t feel engaged with the characters.

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    A fascinating blend of three very different genres, including certain expectations of writing style and characterization.Bailey gives the protagonist, Koren D uene, a rich inner life that supports the honored image of the lone hero of the West , who sees much and says little The readers move through that inner life a step at a time, just ahead of the external details of the strange world Koren inhabits we share his impressions of the situation at hand, get glimpses of the trail he has ridden to get here, and taste the heady brew of his emotions as a young ja lel in training.Of the strange world through which he moves, we receive many tantalizing morsels of a much wider world than the one we know magic is real, the planet itself is far removed from Earth, aliens and faster than light travel is a practical reality, and so on We also learn that the planet has hosted intelligent, starfaring life for many human generations, though Bailey has avoided using the trope that the world has grown old or other implications of decadence and decline common to high fantasy works No, the Skaelyrian Wastes is a setting that has still to be fully settled, by any culture with any level of technology or magic Any similarity to the American West may be attributed to humans using what works in these Wastes , the trappings of the Wild West are used because they keep the desperate, the mad, the foolish and the greedy going better than any other such symbols.The fantasy aspect of the work comes through in the displays of magic, true, but clearly through persistent memories of Koren s early ja lel training and references to his family heritage the mystic guns at his hips Most Western genre stories make references to a single generation, either prior to the protagonist I m lookin fer the man who shot my Pa or immediately subsequent Where s the snake in the grass what took my boy as a way of reinforcing the uncertain nature of life on the Frontier the Wastes, on the other hand, present enough active and passive threats that most sentient species prefer to seek easier resource supplies elsewhere.Perhaps the weakest of the three genres in the book is the hard science fiction , discussed mostly through off handed references to semi pronounceable alien species that are not described with as much detail as I would prefer, though there are also examples of very high levels of technology, up to and including faster than light travel through space.All in all, the book reads like a recipe using classic Western novels by Louis L Amour as the base with high fantasy elements layered above it, and garnished with science fiction The writing style reinforces this by setting individual sentences as paragraphs.This emphasizes the importance of the sentences, but is somewhat overused in this book because the reader may find it difficult to properly prioritize the relative importance of one thought over another.I would recommend the book to my friends who are interested in any of the three genres incorporated into the writing as an example of how their particular favorite can be blended with the other two It s not perfect, as Mr Bailey has clearly chosen to emphasize the Western motif at the occasional expense of a potentially rich reading experience from emphasizing or contrasting the fantasy or sci fi elements, but still quite enjoyable.

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    This book was a fun tale of revenge and danger It had its foibles, but all in all I enjoyed it a lot.The biggest issue was the strange paragraph breaks It worked sometimes at establishing a rhythm for the words, but could become confusing once dialogue was underway.Also, these people have magic technology and interstellar travel Why no land vehicles

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    A magical gunslinger hunting a dragon in a world with similarites to the Old West, with elements of both science fiction and fantasy What King s The Gunslinger should have been Tons of fun, and hint to the author I m hoping there ll be stories with this character in this world

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