Spring Broke (86 Bloomberg Place Series #3)

Spring Broke (86 Bloomberg Place Series #3) With Creditors Hounding Her And All Her Available Cash Going To Make Payments On Her Debt, Kendall S Spendthrift Lifestyle Has Finally Caught Up With Her To Complicate Matters, She S Pregnant And Not Sure Who The Father Is Kendall Needs Help, But Her Roommates Are Caught Up In Problems Of Their Own Megan Is Trying To Manage Her Crazy Boss And Remain True To Her Christian Principles Lelani Is Still Trying To Work Up The Nerve To Go Home To Maui For A Visit With Her Parents And Her Young Daughter And After A Gaffe On Her First Job, Anna Is Trying To Regain Credibility In The Workplace Without Relying Too Heavily On Edmund So When Lelani S Parents Offer To Host The Girls In Hawaii, It Sounds Like The Vacation Everyone Needs And No One Can Afford A Really Big Garage Sale Is Scheduled, But Fraying Tempers Threaten The Teamwork Needed To Pull It Off Will They Finally Turn To The One Who Can Really Help When You Ve Got Your First Apartment, A Real Job, And Grown Up Responsibilities, Life Can Be Tough Loaded With Confusion, Emotion, And Secrets You Can T Tell To Anyone But God In The Bloomberg Place Series, Melody Carlson Has Captured All The Uncertainty And Joy Of Being Twenty Something In Pitch Perfect Detail And Their Stories Just Might Sound Like Someone You Know

Melody Carlson is the award winning author of over two hundred books, several of them Christmas novellas from Revell, including her much loved and bestselling book, The Christmas Bus She also writes many teen books, including the Diary of a Teenage Girl series, the TrueColors series, and the Carter House Girls series Melody was nominated for a Romantic Times Career Achievement Award in the inspi

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  • Paperback
  • 336 pages
  • Spring Broke (86 Bloomberg Place Series #3)
  • Melody Carlson
  • English
  • 21 March 2019
  • 9781589191075

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    Spring Broke is the third book in this series So far, four girls have moved in together and fixed up their house, now they are facing a couple problems Kendal is in debt and now learns that she is pregnant To get money, Megan suggests having a garage sale This sounds like a great idea to Kendal So she gets started right away She is very excited until she finds out how much work a garage sale really is At the same time, Lelani is struggling, trying to decide if she wants to go to Hawaii to visit her family or not At first she just asks Megan to go with her, but by the end the whole group is going.So far the series has been interesting and the story like has been good In this book, she definitely makes the story interesting and adds some surprising twists I like this series and this book because it is very easy for anyone to find someone they relate to in this book.I would recommend this book to almost anyone It appeals to girls mainly, but some guys might enjoy it But if you do decide to read it, make sure you start at the beginning of the series.

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    In typical chick lit fashion, this was a light read However, it also lacked a lot of depth of the characters For some reason I continue reading this series The author manages to make me curious about the continuation of the plot, but then I m always disappointed with the next book.

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    Even though I didn t appreciate everything in this book and certainly didn t agree with everything I did like it better than the last one This series was intriguing for me because the author did a really good job of making each of the four girls unique, and that s what kept me coming back It was especially interesting to see how the one girl, Kendall, sounds so normal and justified when it s from her point of view, and like a delusional, spoiled brat when from everyone else s point of view I m giving the book 3 out of 5 stars, 4 out of 10.

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    Fun and heartwarmingA little predictable but enjoyable just the same Maui was a great seeing and the characters with Hawaiian names were interesting addition.

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    While I didn t really love either of the first two books in this series, I was actually pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed this one In this installment, we find the four residents of 86 Bloomberg Place preparing to have a garage sale in their never ending quest to help Kendall get her finances in proper order Megan was the original driving force behind the garage sale but she s about to lose her mind over Kendall s attitude towards it, especially since she s also attempting to manage her boss who s also driving her crazy Kendall is struggling to accept the fact that she s pregnant and broke, and continues to behave in her typical immature manner Anna has had about all she can take from her family s judgmental attitudes towards her boyfriend, and Lelani is struggling with the fact that she walked away from her daughter, and hasn t been welcomed back to visit her since.A trip to Maui to visit Lelani s family seems to be the answer to a lot of the girl s problems, but unexpectedly arise along the way And it only gets complicated when the guys decide to join in on the fun, and soon everyone has a front row seat to the drama surrounding Lelani s situation, and the difficult decision she has to make for herself, and for what s best for her daughter.While Spring Broke is definitely still a light read, I enjoyed the fact that there s a lot growth shown in certain characters than in the previous two books, especially in regards to Kendall, Lelani, Anna, and Gil With the growth came a better relationship between the girls, and it made the story line a lot interesting to follow along with In particular, I really enjoyed Anna in this one, and the steps she goes to finally stand up for herself to her domineering family although overall I d still say that Lelani is my favorite of the four main characters.I also really enjoyed the way that Melody Carlson set up the ending of this one, and I m looking forward to picking the next one up to see what s next in store for Lelani, Kendall, Anna, Megan, and their numerous friends and family members The only real downside to this one was Megan s character, as I found her preachy ways were off putting, and not truly representational of Christian principles, but I did love Megan s mom as a character.All in all, I d recommend this to anyone who s a fan of chick lit, and lighter reads, and I d definitely say it s the best of the series so far

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    Title SPRING BROKEAuthor Melody CarlsonPublisher David C CookMarch 2009ISBN 978 1589191075Genre Chick litWith creditors hounding her and all her available cash going to make payments on her debt, Kendall s spendthrift lifestyle has finally caught up with her To complicate matters, she s pregnant and not sure who the father is Kendall needs help, but her roommates are caught up in problems of their own Megan is trying to manage her crazy boss and remain true to her Christian principles Lelani is still trying to work up the nerve to go home to Maui for a visit with her parents and her young daughter And after a gaffe on her first job, Anna is trying to regain credibility in the workplace without relying too heavily on Edmund So when Lelani s parents offer to host the girls in Hawaii, it sounds like the vacation everyone needs and no one can afford A really big garage sale is scheduled, but fraying tempers threaten the teamwork needed to pull it off Will they finally turn to the One who can really help When you ve got your first apartment, a real job, and grown up responsibilities, life can be tough loaded with confusion, emotion, and secrets you can t tell to anyone but God In the 86 Bloomberg Place series, Melody Carlson has captured all the uncertainty and joy of being twenty something in pitch perfect detail and their stories just might sound like someone you know.Oh the drama I did read the other three books in this series, I Heart Bloomberg, Let Them Eat Fruitcake, and Three Weddings and a Barmitzah, but it was been awhile, so I forgot how dramatic these four girls are They are each dealing with their own trials and issues, and try to get along with each other, but with four different personalities in the same house, tempers do flare Ms Carlson is a very prolific author, and very talented, handling whatever genre she writes in well If you like chick lit then you won t want to miss any of the books in the 86 Bloomberg Place series Available in Kindle, paperback, or audio.

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    See reviews like this first on my blogI even thought about putting this one down multiple times, because of how preachy Megan was being towards Kendall I got why she was being preachy and all that, but I can t help but feel that she could have done it in a better way I mean really sometimes showing people what something really is will work much better than just stating your opinion on it over and over again and just being a brat about the situation.Now I will say that Lelani is my favorite character and she has been through most of the series Not just because I find her story line the most interesting, but also because of her personality and how she doesn t just preach to people constantly and expect that to fix the problem I was so happy with the outcome for her at the end of this story and I can t believe she was actually able to get what she wanted.Kendall was just as annoying as she was in the first two books in this series for the first half of this book, but once they got on vacation it actually started to seem like she might be growing up and that she is going to face what she got herself into and not just try to fly by the seat of her pants any While yes she still has a lot of growing up to do and she is going to have a rude awakening in a few months I think she will be able to handle it especially if she has Lelani s help.Anna what to say about Anna, she is finally starting to be friendly to the girls and fixs some things with her mother, but she is still not my favorite character and I hope some things with her get resolved in the final book.Megan boy is she still annoying, and not just because of the preachyness but because she also keeps everyone at arms length and tries to control Kendall Yes I know she is trying to help, but most of the time she just upsets Kendall and refuses to reason with her I was happy to see that she is chilling out a bit, but I still think she has a bitter growing to do as well.

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    I really enjoyed the first book I love old houses and the story of these girls fixing up the house in the first book was magical to me I would have liked if Kendall would have found some treasures in the attic It would have been nice to read about the girls getting excited about something instead of everyone complaining The idea to have a garage sale was Megan s and she was shocked Kendall motivated herself enough to bring things downstairs and was completely pissed off bc she did Then there was Anna and Gils family Honestly it s not alright to be completely rude to guests at a party I don t care if it s your party and you are old it s not polite in any culture If you wanted to be realistic the old hag would have made her mean comments in Spanish The other thing that bothered me was this attitude that you cannot have a successful job unless you are a college graduate This attitude that you are not intelligent unless you have gone to college is nonsense I know plenty of people that are intelligent but could not afford college There are people that go to college only to struggle to find a good paying job Look at Megan for instance Megan has a low income job that she could do without a degree but she went to college She doesn t have four years of college loans to repay or she would be screwed The idea that you cannot be successful, intelligent, or have a good paying job without a college education is a complete fallacy In fact if you have to get loans in order to go to college it sometimes makes sense to NOT go to college.

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