Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning As an author, Salazar is very diverse She writes about a variety of different topics and approaches a variety of touchy subjects, bringing them to light and giving a venue for discussion She also makes each and every one of her works a phenomenal work of art They are uniquely captivating tales that bring forward some issues in mainstream society that most individuals don t like to talk about Spring Cleaning is definitely one of those stories.I couldn t put this book down I was captivated from the get go Not only was this story suspenseful, but it was also very heartfelt It is not only the subject matter that carries this story forward It is also the amazing storytelling skills possessed by the author She weaves everything together so seamlessly that you are walking through the world with the characters rather than simply reading about them She also plays with the imagery of darkness and light throughout different scenes, adding moments of happiness and fear or sadness without having to state it outright Salazar also nailed character development on the head with this story We learn about the characters as they learn about one another Being only acquaintances at the beginning of the novel, there is a great deal that they must learn about each other as their relationship grows As they make discoveries, so does the reader She also gives enough development to her supporting cast to make them seem real This development also depends on how large a role the character plays in the story, allowing each and every one to have their moment in the spotlight.I also appreciate the fact that this relationship between the main characters doesn t seem rushed Although the relationship does grow in leaps and bounds, as do many new relationships, they don t go from strangers to married in 2 days They become a couple by spending quality time together The storyline also doesn t depend on this relationship It is integral to the story, but if the main characters had never gotten together the main storyline would still have been there and very strong.As a whole, this was a phenomenal story that leaves very little to be desired It draws you in and makes you think while providing you with the ride of a lifetime Please note that I received this novel from the author in exchange for an honest review. This is the first book I have read from Ms Salazar and I would like to continue to readof her books Spring Cleaning starts off kindainto the storyline then I wanted to be I think it would have been better if we could have built up getting to know the main characters like Randy, and how his rage anger started.The book definitely had me wantingby the time I was turning a page I would get through a chapter then another one, till I was almost half way through the book It is scary to think some women go through this abuse on a daily basis I would have purchased an alarm system for everything I owned, or tried to I know Terri s money must have been tight with her working at a club.I love how Luke could feel Terri s emotions without asking her a billion questions He knew when something was wrong, and wanted to help right then He was a remarkable character in the story Spring Cleaning is a book that would be enjoyable by a fire, the story is very appealing, and will have you wantingWe re Jumpin Books What can I say.but wow Another great story from Ms B Salazar I have read four of her eight books and have come to the conclusion that no matter what she puts out I am going to love She keeps my mind from wondering with her great writing style and this story is another proof that whatever she writes will be a hit with me Terry has had enough and wants to start clean but her abusive soon to be ex husband wants her back Her new job is not great but she earns enough to pay the bills and she feels safe around her boss who will do anything to keep the girls safe But when Terry is distraught he catches on and decides to take her under his wing and personally keep her safe The ending is sweet but I would have like to see what happened Though I can mold and imagine what I want and still be happy, which is probably what Salazar intended, allow her readers to put their imagination to use Spring Cleaning is a sweet love story that a YA to Adult can read and enjoy. I absolutely loved the story I found it to be very well done and I absolutely loved the characters in the book I don t know how Terri drew inner strength the way she did This was a great example of a book you don t want to put down The plot line consisted of Terri trying to escape the past with an abusive husband, and what happens after he gets out of prison with an axe to grind While trying to protect Terri from her ex husband Randy, her boss Luke falls for her The lengths these two go to protect not only Terri but him as well are astounding.I really liked how Terri s naivety was played upon when the author divulged how she met her now ex husband in the story This wasn t a book that just played upon the good traits of the characters The mental and emotional journey that Terri went on from young college student to a woman fighting for her life is nothing short of a miracle You read a lot of stories where victims of domestic violence never truly understand what needs to change before they can move on, but this character and author nailed it on the head The change needs to come from within and they need to wake up one day and say enough is enough I couldn t think of a better way to do that then Terri s way of Spring Cleaning I love Brandi Salazar s writing style Every question that pops into your head by reading this book gets answered and she isn t afraid to get into the nitty gritty of the characters.In my opinion, pick up a copy of the book, get comfy, and plan for an all night read a thon You really don t want to miss out on a book that is reminiscent of Mary Higgins Clark from this wonderful author Let Brandi Salazar take you into the world of Terri, Randy and Luke WHAT I LIKED This author has a lot of talent The mixture of drama and romance was so well crafted, that I went throughemotions in this one book than I ever have before while reading It cleverly mixes good and bad, sweet and shocking, and mysterious and romantic It seemed almost effortless for the author to convey anticipation, intrigue, and scenes that made my adrenaline run high from page 1 until the very end.WHAT I DIDN T LIKE I would have liked to see the fight scene in the beginning described out a little bitAlso, the editing needed a closer look At first, it wasn t so bad but then I found a few errors that I had to re read the sentence a few times for it to make sense.ADDITIONAL NOTES I very much enjoyed this book and I hope we see these characters and the Sunset Black bar again This author is very talented and kept me glued to my seat at every turn. This is the first book of Ms Salazar s that I have read and I thoroughly enjoyed it First of all, I was on the edge of my seat for most of the book The abuse that Terri went through, the life she had to suffer, all broke my heart in so many ways The acts that her husband, Randy, committed were heinous Too often, this is the reality for many women.Anyway, I absolutely adored Luke and although he wasn t a squeaky clean kind of guy, he had worked through many of his own demons and was trying to help others with theirs He was a good guy in many ways and the way he came through for Terri was wonderful.Until the very end, I wasn t sure how it was all going to play out No matter what measures were taken to keep her safe, Terri was repeatedly in danger and I was reading so fast, hoping it would end well, that my eyes were going buggy.Thankfully, Terri was able to take out the garbage I am sure if there ever was a sequel or follow up story, it would reveal the road ahead wasn t going to be easy for her, but I know she d eventually find peace And, I also know that Luke would be there every step of the way.I really enjoyed it and highly recommend it Sometimes, Relationships Can Be Deadly Terri Thought She Was Marrying A Strong, Loving Man, Only To Find That Beneath That Handsome Face Lies Something Cold, Brutal, And Dangerous After Years Of Abuse, Randy Takes Things A Little Too Far, And Terri Finally Summons The Courage To Take Matters Into Her Own Hands And Make Her Escape But Freedom Comes At A PriceForging A New Life, Terri Tries To Forget Her Past, But She Can T Help Looking Over Her Shoulder At Every Turn When Prison Bars Can No Longer Hold Randy, And Her Past Comes Knocking, Terri Finds That The Strength To Trust Again May Be Her Only Salvation Heck, I d give it a 10 if I could LOVED this book one of those you don t want to put down..took only a couple of days to read and that s only cause I work full time and have 5 dogs and a hubby could have easily finished in a few hours Terri though fearing for her life, stood up and defended herself I know many women who wouldn t do this Oh, and wouldn t we all like a boss like Luke I had chills just thinking of what might have been in Randy s bag.great ending, though I would have loved to see Randy sufferCan t recommend this book enough Full of suspense and romance I loved it Terri married the perfect man Or so she thought Her perfect husband became the monster she never wanted Ever He abused her throughout their entire marriage Until finally, Terri turns him in Although she ran away and started a new life for herself, Randy is still after her, seeking for revenge.This book was a great read I had high expectations for it and it reached them 5 Stars Funny, mysterious and over the top Thumbs up

Brandi Salazar started writing poetry, short stories, and novels at a very young age, weaving tales to share with her friends that were geared toward making them laugh Today her writing habits reflect that, ranging from mystery suspense thriller to paranormal and YA romance, and no matter how different her works may be, you can always find a healthy dose of action, romance, and humor Under the p

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