Spring Fever

Spring Fever I m going to dnf this with no rating because it s not really the book s fault that it isn t a story I m interested in Andrews spins a great story and the location is evocative and the relationship dynamics complex and in ways that have great potential.My problem is that I m primarily a romance reader and this is very firmly chick lit The romance is developing painfully slowly and could be resolved with a conversation and a little charity And it isn t even that the author is artificially keeping them from having the conversation It makes sense given their mutual hurt that they interact the way they do It s just that I want the reconciliation and have become irrationally impatient of impediments for these two characters They re so perfect for each other and I want them to get on with getting together.Anyway, yeah No rating Good story with interesting setup and characters I really like in a situation that will eventually provide great payoffs I can see that, but the thought of going through the remaining story to get there fills me with impatience that will not age well. In Spring Fever, The New York Times Bestselling Author Mary Kay Andrews Delivers Her Delicious New Escapist Novel About Small Towns, Old Flames, And Deep SecretsAnnajane Hudgens Truly Believes She Is Over Her Ex Husband, Mason Bayless They Ve Been Divorced For Four Years, She S Engaged To A New, Terrific Guy, And She S Ready To Leave The Small Town Where She And Mason Had So Much History She Is So Over Mason That She Has Absolutely No Problem Attending His Wedding To The Beautiful, Intelligent, Delightful Celia But When Fate Intervenes And The Wedding Is Called To A Halt As The Bride Is Literally Walking Down The Aisle, Annajane Begins To Realize That Maybe She S Been Given A Second Chance Maybe Everything Happens For A Reason And Maybe, Just Maybe, She Wants Mason Back But There Are Secrets Afoot In This Small Southern Town On The Peaceful Surface Of Hideaway Lake, Annajane Discovers That The Past Is Never Really Gone Even If There Are People Determined To Keep Annajane From Getting What She Wants, Happiness Might Be Hers For The Taking, And The Life She Once Had With Mason In This Sleepy Lake Town Might Be In Her Future This was a very fun audiobook I brought it into the house to finish as I was cleaning and my husband kept laughing at the little bits he was hearing He finally said he thought the book was pretty funny I really enjoy Mary Kay Andrews especially as an audiobook. Fever by Mary Kay Andrews Summer Rental ARC Supplied by Publisher This is a book about second chances It is about when life hands us a do over do we have the depth of character and maturity to take a chance on getting things right the second time around It is about Mason s integrity and his abiding love of a family business that will keep a town from going under It is about Annajanes ability to love and trust someone that she has a few doubts about.Annajane and Mason have just such a chance when Mason s marriage to his new fianc is interrupted by his little girl Sophie having a hot appendix and being rushed to the hospital You see, Annajane and Mason were once married, but they didn t quite make it Now Mason is getting married to someone who is most definitely NOT the one he was destined to be with the rest of his life Annajane is engaged to a musician now, but even though Mason is her ex husband, she has been invited to his wedding to Celia One of the main issues this story deals with is the Bayless s family business Quixie soda, a regional product, and the possibility that the family company will be taken over by a much larger company There isto it but I don t want to ruin the story for you.After the somewhat slightly lackluster release of last year s Summer Rental , this book was just such a pleasant surprise I was worried that Ms Andrews would keep on with the notion that those of us who like Southern chick lit would be appeased with another book like Summer Rental What she gave us with Spring Fever is one of the most delightful, witty, charming stories I have read in ages The characters are so well defined that you could swear you ve met them before or at least people just like them Everyone knows a couple that was just perfect for each other, but too stubborn to realize it themselves I m sure everyone has known a back stabbing SOB like Celia is or a money obsessed person like Mason s brother And this is just one of the things that makes this novel such a delight to read The descriptions of the area, the factory, and the secondary characters are all richly written and 100% believable The dialogue is believable and so is the story The ease of reading this novel was truly pleasant for me.This will defiantly be a book I will read repeatedly every springtime. Written for Beyond Reading3.5 starsSpring Fever was so essentially sweet When I read the blurb, I thought it was going to be an explosive reuinion exes arguing and rehashing the past to move on I didn t expect it to be such a tentative, loving joining I think the characters were well rounded through and through, with Annajane positively shining as a strong, dedicated heroine despite ditching her marriage and Mason being as honest as he was Background characters tend to lack depth, being stereotyped without unique personality traits not that it usually takes too much away from the book , but Mary Kay Andrews succeeded in adding depth to all her characters, giving each secondary character a personality that aided in the plotline The main conflict was a tad bit too dramatic where Mason s fiance and mother were concerned, and Annajane s fiance, Shane, was also an unneccessary abberation considering he provided no challenge or barrier I absolutely enjoyed Spring Fever, it was one of the cutest books I ve read in a long time, but I, perhaps, found it a little too relaxing if you get my drift and I felt there was a slightly loose end concerning Celia Mason s fiance , as she sounded she was cooking up some grand scheme towards the ending there that never showed itself I ll be looking fortitles by this author. Spring Fever was a slow starter for me It had an incredible amount of back story that dragged on and was confusing at times I found myself getting lost between the past present and having to re read In fairness, most of the back story was needed to support the plot and romance Eventually the story picked up pace about half way through and I grew to like Annajane and Mason Reading about the adorable antics of 6 year old Sophie and her pink pocketbook made it all worth it.Anything written by Mary Kay Andrews is an auto buy for me, but this one Not my favorite If you want to experience this author s charming Southern style, try Hissy Fit I still giggle when I think about it. This is a MUST READ y all If you only read one MKA book, let it be this one please I absolutely love MKA, and I think this is my favorite book of hers that I ve read so far She is such a talented writer and has such a beautiful way of captivating the reader s attention to a story I love how she slowly and carefully weaves details and backstory for the characters throughout her books I love that she constantly includes humerus southern isms and names into the stories, which made them slightly ridiculous but so unique.This book was nothing like I expected when I started reading After reading some people s reviews, I was skeptical about how I would feel for the plot and for the main characters However, reading the book I understood the thinking and the logic behind MKA s writing and why she crafted the story the way she did I also loved the bit of suspense and mystery she wove through the story, and I can honestly say I was SHOCKED at one twist in the book. This book moved on reeaaaally slow.rambling on and on and never really getting anywhere Spring Fever starts with Annajane Hudgens attending the wedding of her ex husband, Mason Bayless They ve been divorced for several years, she s engaged to a new, terrific guy, and she s ready to start new life Sounds like interesting beginning but I didn t like that there were too many flashbacks and by the time we reach chapter five, the wedding circus still goes on I had to force myself to continue reading but this story did not get any better Sadly the characters were difficult to like, especially the hero , Mason He was such a spineless man he may be handsome but how can anyone respect a man who seems to have no ability to stand up for himself and not enough brains to figure out he is being conned I read books to escape from a daily stressful life but this book was just terrible I did not like it at all If you are looking for books that make you laugh and cry, have interesting, unique and quirky characters, then please try Susan Elizabeth Phillips instead. Not great literature, but fun enough to listen to in the car between destinations I met the author once, and was totally charmed by her,so it s fun to pick up one of her books occasionally Also liked the bits fo soft drink company isms, as I once dated the son of a VP from once of our national chains The house had the soda logo all over the place On my first visit, there were a slew of gifts for me with the logo, too tee shirts, tote bag, pillow, jewlery box, bracelet, earrings, socks What No panties , I quipped to my boyfriend His mother looked agast, and his father laughed so hard he snorted his Jim Beam and Name Brand Soda out his nose I definitely wasn t on their keeper list. I m surprised by how invested I found myself in this book I was fussing at the characters when they did something stupid, was thrilled when they finally did the right thing, was shocked when certain things were revealed I loved the gay couple that ran the motel, they were fun and I would have liked to see a bitof them.

Kathy Hogan Trocheck, based in Atlanta, who has authored a number of best selling books under the Andrews pen name since 2002.Trochek graduated from the University of Georgia with a journalism degree in 1976 She worked as a reporter at a number of papers, and spent 11 years as a reporter for the Atlanta Journal Constitution before leaving to write fiction full time in 1991 She published ten mystery novels under her own name between 1992 and 2000, and switched to the Andrews pen name in 2002 to author Savannah Blues, which marked a change in her style to Southern flavored themes.

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