State of the Heart

State of the Heart Best Seller In Short Stories On FebruarySome Of The Stories Will Drive You To Tears The Writing Does Justice To The Little Things In Life That Add To Its Beauty And Mystery Goodreads, Average RatingMany Of The Stories Are Heart Touching Which The State Of Every Heart Can Relate To An Enjoyable Read Flipkart, Average RatingMust Read Keeps One On The Edge Of Their Seat Wanting To Read And Relationships, Love And Life Are Like The Three Legs Of A Tripod Without Any One, There Is No Balance The Same Hold True For Every Human Being State Of The Heart, Through Its Collection Of Short Stories On These Key Aspects, Cuts Across The Social Spectrum To Present To You The Lives Of People Whom You Didn T Think Could Be So Interesting, But Actually Are In Short, It Could Be A Story About You Or Someone Like You Every Chapter Of This Book Reveals A Different Aspect Of Love And Life While Some Of Them Are Very Touching, Some Are Very Humorously Portrayed, Some Throw Up A Surprise At The Very End While Some Of The Stories Even Have A Hidden Social Message This Book Is Recommended For Everyone Who Love A Light Read They Are Sure To Have A Smile On Their Face When They Reach The Last Page

Nelton D Souza is a Consultant at Capgemini and into Data Extraction and Analytics Apart from his day job, he is the editor of the Employee Journalist Community at Capgemini He describes himself as a writer who writes code by the day and in his leisure time writes short stories on relationships, love and life on his blog Just A Minute.He is the author of the 1 Best Seller, State of the Heart.

[Ebook] ➦ State of the Heart  ➬ Nelton D'Souza –
  • Paperback
  • 146 pages
  • State of the Heart
  • Nelton D'Souza
  • English
  • 14 October 2019

10 thoughts on “State of the Heart

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    Well, as a start i would like to say that the author Nelton did a fair job of writing stories, as in the stories were good But unfortunately they lack imagination They could have been comprehensive, imaginative and beautiful I found a lack of connect with them Although all the stories have the potential to find a reader connect but somehow they fail to do so and this disappointed me And the biggest drawback typos the book has plenty of errors, both gramatical and typos May be the editing team was not sincere enough to even read the stories once coz the errors are easily eye catching and highly distracting Nelton, my advice, find a better publishing house, revise your stories a little and go for it again You ll do well all the best.

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    My review may tend to be biased since I am closely associated with the author but have tried to be as pragmatic as possible.First of allCongrats to the author for publishing his first book.Whats good about the book The sincerity of the author comes out in every story Most of the stories had some unique content The writing style tends to keep the reader interested and eager to know the ending The dialogues interspersed in the story helps the reader to relate to the characters What are the areas of improvement.A better review to avoid some errors in grammar and punctuation The dialogues could be spaced out across different lines for a better impact and to avoid confusion about who is saying it.I like a book which has a good story to tell and where the writing style is gripping For a debut book, the author scores well on these counts.

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    I have known Nelton as a programmer and colleague.Reading his book was like getting inside his mind.I didn t figure someone who was into creating reports and writing database queries could get so imaginative and creative.Some of the chapters are so descriptive that i could actually feel as if i was there in the situation.All in all a great book and a good start for Nelton.I wish you all the best for you future publications and hope you come out with that novel you always wanted to write soon.Good Luck.

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    First of all many congratulation to Nelton A person who is not much into reading and i.e ME read your book is by itself a real victory and than review for your book on similar lines of story shoes Campaign.Every story in this book somewhere can really relate to ones part of life which motivates reader to go further and read next story.And lastly my wish complaint I would love to see and read my city name by its real name itself that s MUMBAI and not BOMBAY, however its My opinion and not compulsion to anyone.Cheers.

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    A collection of short stories, thought provoking in some ways,easy to read and remember The book however,is not free from typos and cliches The author has done a good job in including stories set in different planes and view points most of them has got a sort of message in it without being the least didactic The title does total justice to the content as the stories are seen to be dealing with states of heart myriad and wonderful The book can be read in one go it fits into the genre of metro reads.

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    Hi Nelton D Souza enjoyed reading your book some of your stories drove me to tears Your writting does justice to the little things in life that add to its beauty and mystery.thanks for a good read.Mrs.Carla D Souza

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    I like books which are a light read, not very intense and fast paced All stories in this book fit the bill I read the book cover to cover in one go and enjoyed it thoroughly Looking forward to books from this author.

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    It is a great book.The best part is you would find yourself in many of the stories Each story has a suspense and that makes it even entertaining to read Nelton, I am eagerly waiting for your next book I hope it s a thriller novel.

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    Ah Nelton, It s raw, poignant, wise and touching Like all nice writing, it seems to be about one thing, but touches deeply on so much Love it I would Keep one for your next book Please do keep writing ThanksJinesh Rajesh Parekh

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    State of the Heart Really a nice collection of stories that covers every aspect of human life Out of all my favorite is The Love Letter and most touching The Search for the butterfly congrats Nelton foe such a nice work hope to see from Author Nelton D Souza..

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