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Stealing Phin As The Great Jane Austen Once Said, We Are All Fools In Love Twenty Two Year Old Phinegan Swift Is No Exception To That Rule In Fact, She S Been Accused Of Being A Certifiable Lovefool But She S Proud To Wear Her Heart On Her Sleeve And Risk It All For LoveThat Is, Until Her High Powered Lawyer Boyfriend Betrays Her, Breaks Her Heart, And Causes Her To Question Everything She Ever Believed InDevastated By His Betrayal, Phin Escapes To Costa Rica For A Week With Her Best Gal Pal, Hoping To Give Her Heart A Chance To HealDez A Foul Mouthed, Man Eating Sex Pot Makes It Her Mission To Distract Phin From Her Breakup Woes With A Healthy Dose Of Sun, Fun, And Costa Rican Man CandyBut The Only Man Who Catches Phin S Eye Is A Handsome And Mysterious Stranger She Meets At The AirportByron Is A Guy Whose Angle Phin Just Can T Figure Out All She Knows Is That He S A Thief First, He Tries To Steal Her Luggage Then, He Tries To Steals Her Massage Finally, He Tries To Steal Her HeartBut Byron Has His Own Secrets The Real Reason He S In Costa Rica Being One Of ThemWhen Phin Uncovers His Duplicity, She Is Faced With Yet Another Heartbreak Things Take A Dramatic Turn When A Ghost From Phin S Past Resurfaces To Win Her Backor So He ClaimsWill Phin Learn To Believe In Love Again Or Will Love Play Her Like A Fool Contains Explicit Language And Sexual Content Mature Audiences Only

I m a small town girl, living in the big city of Chicago with my trusty Boston Terrier sidekick, Duncan I m a cog in the corporate wheel by day, and a Romance writer by night When I m not working or writing, I love cooking, laughing, yoga ingand, of course, indulging in my ridiculous obsession with love stories In addition to Romance, I also write in the YA Paranormal genre under the pen name

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    When I read the blurb about Lovefools it immediately sounded like my kind of book A love story based in a beautiful country What can possible be bad about it I participated in the cover reveal of Lovefools at June 24th and I seriously loved the cover The cover of Lovefools is just very natural and thankfully it fitted this book perfectly So you can understand I was very excited to start in this book.In Lovefools we follow Phinegan Swift Phinegan is heartbroken ever since her boyfriend broke her heart in a trillion little pieces Thankfully, Phin has Dez, her best friend who also happens to be a complete man eating sex addict Dez is determined to make Phin forget about her bad ex But Phin isn t easily distracted That is until she meets Byron And soon the only thing to get Phin from thinking about her ex is the extremely handsome Byron But who is this man Byron is a mystery man who Phin met on the airport Somehow Phin and Byron keep bumping into each other and soon Phin finds herself being swept of her feet But Byron is keeping secrets and Phin isn t prepared to get her hard broken all over again Lovefools is the perfect summer time read From the first page on I liked this story It s easy to read, funny and there s a nice dose of friendship and love concealed in this book I can totally see myself reading this book with a cocktail in my hand while lying on a nice beach But it was also totally worth reading on my sunny balcony LOLAlthough this book travels very fast sometimes I mean there a declarations of love after the third meeting I still really enjoyed it I loved the chemistry between Phin and Byron, and the best friend Dez really made me laugh a lot In the beginning of this book there where many times when I wanted to scream at Phin to not be so damn stupid Phin was pining over her stupid ex and I really wanted to smack her in the face Thankfully Dez was not afraid to open up her mouth, and she told Phin what I really would like to have said to her if this was real life.The one down fall about this book was the length I really would have loved to read about Phin and Byron This book was just too short But at the other hand I don t think this book would ever be long enough.

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    I totally enjoyed this book Although I liked Phin the main heroine, Dez philosophy rocked.

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    Lovefools is a sweet, sexy, perfect little summertime read This story follows Phinegan Swift, just love her name, nice and different, not run of the mill who has just, and I mean like, really recent, broken up with her high powered lawyer boyfriend, who is, in my opinion, a complete douche bag, and her best friend Dez, who I just loved everyone needs a friend like Dez, as they go on their week long vacation to Costa Rica which they have scrimped and saved for, for over a year I simply couldn t get myself to give a shit about going a week without clean underwear Phin meets the hot but mysterious Bryon at the airport, who throughout her time in Costa Rica, can t seem to grasp what it is about him that consumes her thoughts when she s grieving over the end of her long term relationship My peripheral vision caught Dez s jaw drop open and her tongue rolling out of her mouth and onto the floor Who could blame her The guy was a ten on the Richter scale, a ten million on the Scoville scale, and the top of whatever other kind of scale there was Now normally, the internal monologue that occurs in these types of situations annoys the crap out of me, but thankfully, here it did not It was well written, and not boring, like many other books have done with the internal voices of the characters I think it helped that the storyline contained a situation that I think most could relate to well, for those who have experienced getting their hearts broken Questions like What did I do wrong Why didn t I see it What s wrong with me Why wasn t I good enough Those types of questions would be normal in that type of situation and having hot, mysterious Bryon popping up at every turn on a week away from the crap that your life had turned into could be unsettling Well, I would think so And Byron Well, what can I say The guy was HAWT, and I, like Dez would be telling my friend to jump on board and take a ride Not necessarily, on Bryon, cause HELLO we are in Costa Rica and Avery paints a lovely picture of eye candy galore Stuff, pining over douchebag Dougie Take life by the horns and get a little holiday loving to refresh the batteries Haha It moves a little fast for me, feelings wise, towards the end, but other than that a great little summer story for sitting by the pool or by the beach drinking cocktails This was a great book from Avery, and I m looking forward to awesomeness from this new upcoming author Four stars I received a copy of the book for an honest review This review can also be found on my blog, so don t be shy, follow me and never miss any of the goss or find me on facebook

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    This book is from an up and coming new author, and I was thrilled to get the chance to read it It starts out as a book about trying to get over an emotional betrayal, and quickly turns into a fight for your life I loved the characters with the quirky names, and the innocence that Phinegan shows is endearing I hope to see from this author, who has quickly found a place in my authors to watch list This book kept my attention, and just when you think you know where it is going, WHAM The story takes a darker turn, and you can t wait to see where it goes.Our main character, Phinegan Swift, is a young lady who has had her heart ripped out by her ex, Douglas, when on their anniversary, she goes to his office and finds him getting a hummer from his secretary In one fell swoop, Phin loses her boyfriend and her job Desiree Lockport, Phin s best friend since college, goes with her to Costa Rico to try to help her find her inner party chick Dez is a hoot, and she is very loyal to her friend And, if Phin s thought roam to the ex, Dex will bring her out of it by embarrassing her until she stops Gotta love friends like that The story starts as the girls get to Costa Rico and begin their vacation Their luggage is taking forever, and just when they are getting testy, a hot man brings Phin s bag to her She knows it is just a ploy, seeing as how his luggage looks nothing like hers, but she figures if Dez wants some eye candy, she can have him Phin s mood gets darker when she is about to share a massage room with said player, one who Dez says is gay, and she has some moments with Byron that leave her ready to crawl in a hole My favorite line in this book is from where she decides Byron is not gay I noticed something going on in his crotchal region I laughed out loud, very ready to see where this book took me Things get odd for Phin Byron shows up everywhere they go, and she starts to see things might not be going her way Soon, the book takes a darker turn, and the mystery begins.This read is a shorter one, it can be read in one sitting, and I was not going to stop until I found out what was going on This was an enjoyable read, and I cannot wait to see what Avery Hale releases next I hope good things with sexy twists, because this book has that in spades And as a bonus, it comes complete with a sinister dirt bag ex that you can t wait to dislike I give it a 4 out of 5, because it was an interesting story with great characters.

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    I was provided an ARC from the Author for an honest review This review will also be posted on Shanoff Says on Facebook I really enjoyed Lovefools It is a sweet sexy read with a tad bit of mystery thrown in the mix I loved Phin and I loved her name, it was very unique Phin s character is really sweet and easy to connect with I felt pain that her douche of an ex, Douglas, had cause her I could feel the confusion she was feeling when she started to feel something towards The Hottie, Byron Even the guilt she felt because she thought she was being unfaithful to Douglas was understandable I thought that I would get super tired of her waffling about the Douglas situation, but I really enjoyed when she changed back into the old Phin which Dez, her BFF, referenced a time or two Her character is very well written as well as the other characters I really enjoyed Dez, Estevan Byron, I even liked Carlito for a little bit The relationship that started to grow between Phin and Byron was a little touch and go at time They definitely had the sexual chemistry and tension going on It did not take long for me to figure out Byron s hesitance to take things any further with Phin, but it added the needed drama to the storyline This storyline is quite a bit different from your normal girl with broken heart tries to get over her ex romance There is quite a bit of things that go on in this book to keep your attention and excited to get to the bottom of it all So now the reason 4 stars instead of 5I really did enjoy the relationship that Phin and Byron shared, but at the same time there was never that shift for me when you feel them falling in love It just seemed sudden and there wasn t enough of that warm and fuzzy feeling for me to make that leap with them The other thing that was not really neccessary, but with all the light shed on it during the story, was Dez and Estevan s relationship It was never addressed at the end and was kind of just left with no closurefor me anyway Obviously my cons were not enough for me to give anything less that 4 stars so I would recommend this book if you want a sweet, sexy and fast paced story The mystery factor is what really made this story really come together and engaging Give it a try

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    4.5 rounded up for the excellent work by a first time author I received a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review This will also be posted on and originally appeared on my blog, In Patti s Imagination.As a reader, this is one of the best first novels I ve read since I discovered Brenda Rothert and Cora Carmack Like I did with both of those authors, I will eagerly anticipate what Avery brings to the table next, and I think anyone who likes either of those authors will enjoy this book I know I did Not only did I fall in love with Byron, like Phin, I fell for Costa Rica, too Avery infuses her stories with humor and still keeps the heat in the equation And yes, there is definitely heat here Byron and Phin have a palpable chemistry Pool scene, anyone Love does often make you a fool, but for a love like theirs, I think I d gladly hop on board the train.Secondary characters were very well fleshed out here without taking over the story Dez is fabulous and easily deserves her own book The wonderful Estevan, questionable Carlito and jerk extraordinaire, Douglas, were all perfectly rendered and served their purposes well And though not a character, Costa Rica proved equally memorable.When you re a writer, it seems like you should hate meeting other talented writers, but it s exactly the opposite for most of us We love discovering talented people who share our obsession with fictional people and their lives Avery is one of those people for me Her natural talent is evident even in this first work and I originally saw an earlier version, so I m not speaking of just the great changes she made to the final product I can t wait to read from her.

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    This author was new to me so I wasn t sure what to expect from her book The title and synopsis really pulled me in As I started to read I had a hard time putting it down This book has romance, drama, and suspense all rolled into one We meet Phinegan Swift as she is going on vacation with her bold and brassy best friend Dez to Costa Rica She just found out her long time lawyer boyfriend and now ex boss Douglas was cheating on her Dez has one mission for Phin to accomplish while in Costa Rica get laid Phin isn t sure she is up for that kind of fun like Dez is At least until she meets Byron Byron has his own agenda and Phin is his job Things get a little too intimate and he realizes she couldn t be what she is accused of He begins to work a way to keep her safe, which becomes a real job, and keep her close Phin is a self proclaimed Lovefool and begins to wonder if this is a bad thing Especially when her new Mr Right has some serious secrets And you can t have a good love story without the jerk ex Douglas trying to make another play But Douglas has a secret agenda as well Will Phin and Byron be able to overcome Byron s secrets and both be lovefools or will his secrets break them apart Those are questions to find out I enjoyed this story It had a few small twists that made it suspenseful and the romantic element was wonderful I loved the interactions between Phin and Byron They didn t come together easily and clashed together hard But when they give in they give in Question is will it be enough

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    Favorite Quotes Not the Public Display of Embarrassment card Knowing Dez, this could mean anything from shouting penis as loudly as she could in as many languages as she knew the equivalent word twenty seven to be exact to flashing the nearest unsuspecting bystander her double Ds, which she d nicknamed Laverne and Shirley The latter was her favorite P.D.E by far On one occasion, her drive by boobing victims included a thirty man crew at a construction site in the Chicago Loop and a Catholic nun who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time Be still my quivering clitoris My Review What fun Our main character is suffering a broken heart from catching the love of her life with his pants down and being serviced by his 19 year old secretary, on her anniversary, and the day before she is leave for her dream vacation And although she is miserable much of the time, her antics, while on vacation in Costa Rica with her outrageous friend, continued to put a smile on face despite her misery This little missive hopped several genres, I counted New Adult, Contemporary Romance, Romantic Suspense, and Humor It was a quick, well written, and easy read, with some delightfully steamy sex scenes which of course are a near must for this old cougar It was short, I would have enjoyed a little of the same, but it was probably just the right length to leave us wanting to read the next in the series.

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    I have not picked up an Avery Hill book until now and I loved Lovefools It had everything a good book should have in it Excitement, Love, Pain, Regret and some very hot sex Phin is just getting over walking in on her boyfriend with his sexy secretary going down on him in his office What way to get a low down cheating man out of your life Go out of the country of course Phin and her best friend Dez go to Costa Rica to have a little fun in the sun Phin hopes to let her heart heal and Dez wants to get laid and party.While Phin is trying to heal her broken heart, she ends up in lots of drama and meets a handsome man who she and Dez brush off because according to Dez, he is gay Don t count him out, looks are so deceiving I fell in love with Bryon right at the first meeting If only the world was full of those kinds of guys loving, sweet and has a conscious.Dez is such a trip She has the energy that was tiring me out just reading about her She lives life to it s fullest and the she gets laid by great looking guys the better as long as they leave as soon as the sex is done No sleepovers for her She loves Phin and you can tell she really wants what is best for her best friend and tries really hard to cheer her up Couldn t put the book down once I started this book I look forward to reading much from this talented author.

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    Phin finds her fiancee in bd, ramming some mile long legs she flees to Costa Rica for a get over it holiday with her friend, Dez Byron accidently picks up her luggage at the airport He then steals her massage time But there is something about Byron that Phin cannot get, he is keeping something from her, even after amazing sex, in a pool, in a thunder storm things get complicated when the said Ex truns up, but does he want her back or does he have ulterior motives an enjoyable read, nothing too complicated, or deep ar dark and deadly just a great little read i picked up Byron s secret, as soon as they went to his hotel room, some may not, but to me, it was quite obvious What let this book down was, we only heard from Phin I m a big believer in everyone having their say, and Byron doesnt get his it was well written, with some witty one liners from Dez there is an attachment to the characters, except the EX who is a slime His point of turning up in Costa Rica was fairly obvious, and im so glad Phin stood up for herself and followed her heart.4 solid fangs, i ll certainly look out for anything new from this author.reviewer for Paranormal Romance and Auhtors That Rock

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