Striker Sports Writer Max Myers Just Discovered He Lives Next Door To The Hottest Soccer Player To Hit The Field If He Scores A Coveted Interview With The Reclusive Striker For The Denver Blaze, He Could Take Himself From Sports Blogger To Mainstream Sports AuthorityRiley Grayson Has No Interest In Interviews Or In Outing His Private Life To The Public He Wants To Be Known For The Scoring He Does On The Field And Not In The Sack But Max Is A Temptation He Can T Resist Taking A Chance, Riley And Max Discover They Have In Common Than Passion For Soccer And Hot Sex Between The SheetsJust As They Begin To Trust Each Other Outside The Bedroom, Max Is Put In A No Win Situation Write An Article About Riley Exposing Accusations Of Drug Use, Or Risk Destroying His Own Credibility If He Does, He Ll Lose Riley If He Doesn T, He Ll Lose Everything He S Worked Hard To Achieve, Words

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Striker book, this is one of the most wanted KyAnn Waters author readers around the world.

❮Epub❯ ➝ Striker  ➜ Author KyAnn Waters –
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  • Striker
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  • 22 November 2019

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    This particular book deals with an exceptionally talented and famous but low key soccer player, Riley, who ends up falling for his neighbor, Max, who just so happens to be one of the most notorious soccer reporters out there They make a relationship work until both their careers and love are tested Now the question is should Max give up his career by not writing a story about Riley Or will Riley s career be ruined by Max s story Sports themed books hold a special place in my heart because of the simple fact sports are so testosterone laden It always comes down to the player being in the closet for fear that he ll be shunned by his uber macho teammates and his fans No matter what sport, they are all manly in some way and these characters are always in the closet I love seeing the turmoil the player goes through and watching him figure out whether he should stay in the closet for the love of his career or come out for the love of his partner or somehow keep both his career and his lover without too many consequences In this one, Riley holds enough angst for me to be satisfied with his turmoil over coming out but at the same time it wasn t too angsty which suited my mood perfectly The added conflict of being attracted to but yet afraid to start a relationship with out and proud sports writer, Max, made this story a very great read I loved the characters and their dilemmas I felt like I knew them by the end of the story I loved the way this story was handled because we went through Riley s problems, Max s problems and then found a happy medium between the two while the story kept the realistic feel that I was looking for My only complaint with this book is I felt like there was a bit too much sex which, in my opinion, took away from the advanced characterization this story could have achieved Don t get me wrong, I loved the characterization in this book but I felt like there could have been of it as well as of an emphasis on seeing Riley actually competing in soccer games as opposed to just the conflict that revolved around the games Still, in the end, I loved the story, the characters, and the trials Riley and Max went through Their story was sweet and hot at the same time with just a tiny bit of angst It was a great book and I hope we get to see of them someday.

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    Good story with some initial PWP tendencies Enjoyable, but ultimately forgettable Bonus points for being available as an ebook from the Brooklyn Public Library.

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    More of my reviews and ramblings at PANTS OFF REVIEWSMax Myers is a sports writer with a bit of fame, and is hoping to make it big in a new city He has a blog that is very popular, so he s hoping that fame will take him to primetime Moving can be a bitch, but when said bitch makes him neighbour to Riley Grayson the talent and popular Striker for the Denver Blazer Max cannot complain because Riley is hot as hell and also getting an interview with him would pretty much make his career.Riley Grayson is the popular soccer player, the fans love him and he is living the life When Max moves in next door, the hiding of his sexuality comes in to play Riley doesn t need a reporter outing him but the flames are high when it comes to the heat between them, and Riley is willing to take a chance.Riley and Max together is all kinds of hot These two really burn up the pages and offer so much personality This little story is worthy of novel praises, because it offers up some realistic angst with all that man love I loved the whole soccer player meets sports writer, still within the same element but the contrast is super hot.The writing is spot on Ms Waters captures the sexy but also bring the emotions out of the pages Though the storyline got somewhat predictable, I loved it any freaking way I never expected it to be so awesome, and I am all kinds of happy it was I don t read many sports themed book, but if they are as good as this one then count me in.SideNote This book has one of the best ride them cowboy scenes ever I m surprised Max isn t a full fledged jockey _

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    I really enjoyed this book Things quickly get hot between Max and Riley You can t help but be attracted to both men The story spans over a couple of months, so everything doesn t happen all at once From the synopsis you pretty much know what is going to happen But it still happens at a nice pace and the sex is really freaking HOT A great story and I ll definitely check out by this author.

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    Striker is a short but tasty morsel of man love that I completely devoured Hot men especially ones in soccer shorts are just too much for me to resist Riley is a professional soccer player for the fictional Denver Blaze and he s quite famous for not only his prowess on the field but also for his strictly guarded private life It s widely known that he doesn t give interviews So imagine his surprise when he meets and is instantly in lust with his new next door neighbor, Max, who just happens to be a pretty well known sports blogger who just recently moved to Denver The two hit it off and fall into a relationship together, but a scandal breaks about Riley, and it puts their relationship in jeopardy Each man will have decide what s of a risk their careers or the new love they ve found.This was hot and sweet all at the same time I loved Riley s character But, I loved how Riley s character was with Max even I thought the story was interesting, especially when the scandal broke out I thought it was pretty apropos for the times.I did think that the story line was a little rushed I would have liked to see development between the characters and their relationship before the conflict arose I think it would have made the ending a bit believable.Overall, though, I throughly enjoyed it and look forward to reading by this author.

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    Sports writer Max Myers just discovered he lives next door to the hottest soccer player to hit the field If he scores a coveted interview with the reclusive striker for the Denver Blaze, he could take himself from sports blogger to mainstream sports authority.Riley Grayson has no interest in interviews or in outing his private life to the public He wants to be known for the scoring he does on the field and not in the sack But Max is a temptation he can t resist Taking a chance, Riley and Max discover they have in common than passion for soccer and hot sex between the sheets Just as they begin to trust each other outside the bedroom, Max is put in a no win situation write an article about Riley exposing accusations of drug use, or risk destroying his own credibility If he does, he ll lose Riley If he doesn t, he ll lose everything he s worked hard to achieve.You could totally relate to Max and Riley, their motivations, desires and plans Smexy scenes were nicely wrought and the conflict was believable I would definitely pick up another KyAnn Waters book soon

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    This was a good story I loved the story line of it I had a little trouble with the reading though Sometimes it was a little confusing who was feeling what It wasn t told for POV s which I m ok with, but shrug It was a great story though I enjoyed getting to know Max and Riley When Max moves to Denver to get a fresh start on his journalism, he learns right away that the star of Denver Blaze Soccer team lives just on the other side of his townhouse.Since Max is a Sports writer, he is a BIG fan Riley is a private person He doesn t do interviews, and he doesn t want his personal life publicized But there is something about Max that is driving him crazy He doesn t do casual flings, and he defiantly knew that getting together with a popular sports writer wasn t a good idea for his private life But when things heat up, Riley doesn t seem to care any Days turn into weeks, and things couldn t get any better that is until Max s editor calls him and demands a story that will hurt Riley What s a guy to do It was sweet I re read the ending 3 times because it gave me chills Love a great romance

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    I m a sucker for sports star press stories, unfortunately, they normally are hard to come by, so when I saw Stiker I was intrigued The same could be said for my enjoyment of soccer to me its much entertaining than US Footballyes, I knowdon t cruicify me too much.One of the main things that I liked about Riley was that he wanted to not be known for anything other than what he did on the field I wish that in general, there were sports stars like that similar to Drew BreesHeck, I didn t know who he was until his team won the superbowl But my rant about our societies admiration of sports stars movie stars is for another day But I found Riley to be charming and down to early.My only complaint with the book was that it was too short I knew going in that it was only 16k words, but those 16k went really fast I would love to see and have their story developed into a longer tale, or even a follow up.

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    Kyann Waters Striker is a fast paced novella that is sweet yet delectably steamy A little bit of angst, two yummy protagonists and some intensely erotic sex make this sports themed novella a must read for fans of m m fiction To read my review in its entirety, please visit

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    Striker is a terrific story, I only wish it was about 50 pages longer Riley and Max are wonderfully sweet guys and I would have loved to have seen even of their relationship and to have seen some interaction between Max and the team.

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