Success Secrets - How to Make Big Money with Real Estate

Success Secrets - How to Make Big Money with Real Estate Success Isn T So Much A Matter Of Winning As It Is The Result Of Not Losing One Of The Most Successful People In The World Is Warren Buffett His Rule Is Never Lose Money His Rule Is Never Forget Rule I We May Not Be Able To Avoid Losing Money, But We Shouldn T Bet Than % Of Net Capital On A Single Venture This Way, If Things Don T Pan Out, We Ve Still Got A Chance To Use What We Have Left To Recover What We Ve Lost Can You Think Of Anyone You Know Who Has Been Driven Out Of The Real Estate Business And Had To Go Back To Work For Wages Because He Or She Didn T Understand This Table Of Contents SUCCESS SECRET AVOIDING FAILURE Winning By Avoiding Losing Trying To Hit Home Runs Vs Buying Singles Buying Properties You Don T Understand Using Financing That Creates Negative Cash Flow Treating Loans Like Earnings Getting Into Bed With Strangers Buying Out Of Your Geographic Area Buying Too Many Properties Too Quick To Manage Buying El Cheapo Houses In Bad Neighborhoods Buying A Job Vs Building An Investment Portfolio Failing To Learn Enough To Make And Hang On To Profits Buying Trophy Houses Vs Good Investments Buying For Non Economic Tax Shelter Reasons Holding Flipper Too Long Not Holding Keepers Long Enough SUCCESS SECRET ADAPTING TECHNIQUES TO MARKETS Analyzing And Harvesting Market Cycles To Maximize Profits Working In Hot Markets To Get More Bang For Your Buck Money Making Magic In Slow Markets That Beats The Crowd Secrets Of Sustained Survival In A Choppy Market Becoming Inflation And Depression Proof SUCCESS SECRET CREATING YOUR OWN PROFITS Dy No Mite Negotiating Tips That Give You The Edge Getting The Best Deals By Zigging When The Competition Zags Using Creative Financing Techniques Time Tested Strategies That Make Money Today Trade Ins, Trade Ups, And Trade Downs Leases That Create Or Destroy Value Options To Buy, Sell, And Lease Partial Purchases And Sales Created Paper That Transfers Equity SUCCESS SECRET USING SMART FINANCING Beating The Bankers At Their Own Game Avoiding Credit Traps, Tricks, And Travesties How To Borrow Money Smarter And Better Creating And Selling Paper To Generate Cash Flow Motivating Private Investors To Lend You Money Pension Plan Financing Trading Price For Terms That Create Cash Flow And ProfitC SUCCESS SECRET BUYING IN DISTRESSED MARKET MARKETS Deep Discount Buying From Bankers And Their Victims Extracting Money From Lenders And Sellers In Trouble Negotiating Big Discounts From Lenders In Distress Discount Leaseback Buyback Techniques And Caveats SUCCESS SECRET FAIL SAFE PROPERTY MANAGEMENT Hands Off Management Systems Positive And Negative Approaches To Managing Cash Flow Increasing Your Cash Flow More Each Month Structuring Long Net Leases, Lease Options, Ground Leases SUCCESS SECRET ASSET PROTECTION How To Hold On To What You Have, And Get More Low Profile Property Acquisition That Confuses The Enemy Using Trusts To Create And Maintain Financial Privacy Using Corporations And LLC To Increase Take Home Profits Dealing With Government To Stop Problems Before They Start Avoiding Government Subsidized

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[PDF / Epub] ☉ Success Secrets - How to Make Big Money with Real Estate  Author Jack     Miller –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 56 pages
  • Success Secrets - How to Make Big Money with Real Estate
  • Jack Miller
  • English
  • 01 January 2019

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