Survival of the Fittest

Survival of the FittestIn This Fascinating Book Based Soundly In Medical Science, Mike Stroud Of BBC Television S The Challenge And SAS Are You Tough Enoughsets Out The Genetics, Diet And Exercise That Enable Humans To Perform At Their Peak Dr Stroud Polar Explorer, Practising Hospital Physician, And A Former Adviser To The Ministry Of Defence Analyses Individual Feats Of Survival And Athletic Prowess That Illustrate The Way The Body Functions At Its Best He Dissects His Own Challenging Experiences Of Crossing Antarctica With Ranulph Fiennes, Running Marathons In The Sahara And Participating In Gruelling Cross Country Endurance Races In The United States And Gives Some Tips On How To Stay Fit For Life For Those Of Us Who Find Walking The Dog An Endurance ChallengeThis Revised Edition Includes The Story Of Dr Stroud And Sir Ranulph Fiennes IncredibleGlobal Marathon Challenge Seven Marathons On Seven Continents In Seven Days In Aid Of The British Heart Foundation

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❮Ebook❯ ➮ Survival of the Fittest ➯ Author Mike Stroud –
  • Paperback
  • 256 pages
  • Survival of the Fittest
  • Mike Stroud
  • English
  • 15 July 2019
  • 9780224075077

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    This is not just a book for those into endurance sports or extreme adventures to the poles It is a book that will help you view the physiological make up of you body differently, appreciate the mental strength that we are all capable of and can tap into,should we will it so It also debunks, myths and beliefs we hold about what our body, its ills and how to get healthy, stay healthy There really is no short cut and it really isn t that difficult to lead a healthier and active life, we were borned with all the right tools, we just need to stop abusing it, and do what we have evolved to do Simple written Witty on times, a great read.

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    Fascinating read about how the human body is so much capable of amazing endurance no matter what your age Also an inspiring example of how we should all challenge ourselves throughout our life time to make sure that we make the most of the time we have walking this earth.Will definitely read another of mikes books and continue to exercise into my later years.

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    quick but amazing read and incredibly captivating this book makes you long for running, exploring, going outside.

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    Loved this book It really reminds you that you can dig deep and go further

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    This is an odd sort of book, with on the face of it quite a narrow audience To properly enjoy it you have to be a the sort of person who enjoys tales of human endurance, and b interested in the detail of evolutionary biology and sports physiology If you DO tick both of those boxes, then this is definitely for you The author tells tales of his own endurance adventures, including ultra marathons in the Sahara and treks to the Poles, and uses the extreme impacts they had on the bodies of he and his companions to illustrate the theories of evolutionary adaptation that make up the other third of the book Stroud tells excellent stories, and his own adventures are colourful and vivid While a little one sided in places, the science of what kind of animal the human being is and why is also very clearly mapped While there are small details here and there that are debatable, Stroud is balanced enough to point most of these out as he goes, and at least references the counterpoints even if he doesn t delve into them in the same detail as the perspectives he himself is most interested in Overall, the book stands well as a fascinating and demonstrated narrative of what the human body is for, and why it so often goes wrong in the modern age.

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    Okay, you ve got to hand it to this guy, he s done some incredible things, and has a lot of knowledge about the human body and its ability to withstand extremes If he d stuck to what he knows and avoided straying into the realms of conjecture about what does and doesn t represent the correct human diet, then I d have given him 4 stars for this And most people wouldn t have noticed some of the howlers he commits when talking about diet But since I know a little about that than the average person, I found it offputting That said, he wrote this book quite a few years ago, probably before the information with which I am armed was even known by anyone so rather than being a direct criticism of the book, it s merely an explanation for why I did not enjoy it as much as I might have.

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    Despite being a few years old now, the science and physiology is still so relevant, and he shows considerable foresight in places regarding discoveries that have only recently come to light Also, what a complete nutter His muscles physically breaking down due to trying to run 7 marathons in 7 days Why didn t they hire a Kenyan In terms of ease of reading, the expedition sections are smoother going than the in depth physiology, but these are nicely placed within the thread of his own experiences other than the wooly mammoth hunting I dont think that was from pers obs , so you can see the experiments in progress in a sense Nice book, worth a read.

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    About 60% story of amazing crazy endurance challenges that the author has been involved in and 40% a good summary of exercise physiology from an evolutionary perspective Well written and researched, the author sees himself as the ultimate lab rat and shares his learning with us He challenges the reader to understand the enormous endurance capacity of the human body, a feature that is shared by everyday people not just by specially gifted individuals.As someone who has studied much of this stuff at University, I didn t find the physiology sections as interesting as newcomers to the topic would I can however vouch for them being good summaries that stack up.

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    You don t only get to read about other people s sportive exploits With this book, you also get to learn about your own extraordinary mental and physical capacities, how to read the sign your body sends you and when it is right to give in and when they are wrongly misleading as your body not always has it right I would recommend this book to everyone who is health concerned and enjoy exercising as a way to improve his day to day life A very much positive thinking and action book that provides concrete evidence that age is indeed mostly in one s head.

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    The science is a tad out of date, but the majority still holds firm Excellent chapters on Stroud s unsupported attempt to walk the North Pole with Ranulph Fiennes, his following of Scott s Antarctic expedition etc interspersed between thematic chapters on man s evolution and how our post industrialised lifestyle is out of kilter with our evolution from active pack like animals, and how this inactivity leads to diabetes, heart disease and cancer

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