Swallowdale Ahoy Ahoy Swallows Ahoy Have You Ever Sailed In A Boat Or Built A Camp Have You Caught Trout And Cooked It Yourself The Four Swallows, John, Susan, Titty And Roger Return To The Lake Full Of Such Plans And They Can T Wait To Meet Up With Nancy And Peggy, The Pirates When The Swallow Is Shipwrecked And The S Fearsome Great Aunt Makes Decides To Make A Visit Their Summer Seems Ruined Then They Discover A Wonderful Hidden Valley And Things Take A Turn For The Better

Arthur Michell Ransome was born in Leeds in 1884 and educated in Windermere and Rugby His family spent their summers at Nibthwaite, to the south of Coniston Water.In 1902, Ransome abandoned a chemistry degree to become a publisher s office boy in London He used this precarious existence to practise writing, producing several minor works before Bohemia in London 1907 , a study of London s artist

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  • 24 April 2019
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    Update of May 2013 Three years give or take a couple months is not really enough of a gap in between rereadings of a series I know as well as this one Swallowdale in particular seems like it could benefit from lying fallow for a decade or so But I suppose that in 2010 I just didn t dare to allow myself to foresee that my son would eventually appreciate having these read aloud to him, lest I jinx the chances of his liking these books which mean so much to me.As was also the case in my recent reading aloud of Swallows and s, I suspect Ransome of deliberately making the chapters before the appearance of the s boring just to contrast how much livelier things are when they do show up Three times during the Swallows first day and evening on Wild Cat Island, we have scenes in which various Walkers are observing Swallow lying snug in a harbor whose perfections are also detailed each time The system of the harbor markings is explained at least twice One notices these things , reading aloud Of course in my loyalty, I want to say that Ransome is doing this by design, side stepping the fact that he s not always the most sparkling of writersReview of July 9, 2010 On rereading this book for the umpteenth time although for the first time in many years I just settled down with a happy sigh How I love these books This one is even better than Swallows and s longer, eventful, and a shade emotionally complex, but still with the same unrushed holiday pace in the leisurely unfolding of the story I liked it better than ever.Taking place in the summer immediately following the first book, it deals with two calamities that strike separate blows to the holiday adventure plans of the Swallows and their allies the s One I won t mention on account of not wanting to spoil the book but trust me, it s very exciting The other is the arrival of the s Great Aunt Maria the G.A , a gorgon of an aunt who arrives at Beckfoot instituting a reign of terror involving best frocks, decorous behavior and punctual attendance at meals Poor Captain Nancy I relished this part of the book than ever, and had the realization that as satisfactory as the ending of this book is, the real conclusion to the story of the Blacketts and their aunt doesn t come until the end of a much later book in the series The Picts and the Martyrs or Not Welcome at All Whereas the first book took place almost entirely on the lake, this one involves of the country and people around it The Swallows know the place better and are in turn known and liked, and consequently are involved in the texture of the lives of the people around them, even as they continue with their independent adventuring, and are always lurking and hiding from the natives I loved how virtually everybody the kids meet knows all about Aunt Maria Turner and how the cook at Beckfoot is on the verge of giving notice because of her.Can t wait to continue my reread of the series, but will probably take a pause between books they re too good to be gulped down all at once.

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    More 1930 s kids camping sailing pirating adventures, this time with a shipwreck And a cave And a daring escape I think one of the things that s most charming about these books is that they re so detailed It s not just, the Swallows made camp, it s a five page explanation of how their tents work, and how they built a fire, and how they made a broom from brush The educational value is faded with time, but the charm hasn t.

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    I liked this one a little better than the first, perhaps because I have invested in the characters My son is determined to get a sailboat now This series and our recent sailing class have really sparked a passion for him.

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    This is I think the third of the Swallows and s series, with the second being Peter Duck, which I have not read.I probably won t read of these, but I did indeed love SA and this one.They are a rare breed, wonderfully summed by a quote on the jacket of the wonderful old Jonathan Cape edition I read Eric Linklater, in the Observer, writing about Great Northern, another of Ransome s books, wrote It is perhaps, Mr Ransome s happiest gift to dress all his invention in good workmanlike clothes He makes a tale of adventure a handbook to adventure The books are carefully constructed to teach I learned useful tidbits about sailing, camping, and cooking I ve remarked elsewhere that I ve seen this quality in Captain Marryat s Masterman Ready and in Cory Doctorow s forthcoming Little Brother It is a real gift Ransome does it effortlessly The books also have a wonderful approach to encouraging the imaginative life of children The wilful suspension of disbelief, the sudden fears, the desire for independence and competency, are given rare outlet.There are elements that seem dated today for example, the complete trust of strangers not to mention the willingness of a mother to allow her children to run truly wild at a young age Most dated, but in a charming way, are the sex roles of the children The second child, Susan, is characterized as the first mate of the ship, and is always seen practicing for her adult role as wife and mother.But the younger sister is still given rein to play at the adventurer, so the novels aren t overtly sexist, and quite frankly, I can see how modeling different adult roles in play is actually a good representation of how children act.Overall, these books are charming I recommend, nay encourage, them for all children of an age able to read them In fact, I ran out and bought a copy for my godson immediately.

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    This is a classic from yesteryear I do wish they would bring it back into print Oh, there are some comments that are perhaps not entirely pc, but none that are particularly uncomfortable The kids refer to the natives and how to avoid them but it is all fantasy I certainly would have no qualms letting a child read this The worst problem reaction is likely the same reaction I have had now I really want to take sailing lessons There are also comments that may need interpreting by Americans since these are very British upper class families Although I was aware of the upper class family part as an adult than as a child The clues are the casual way they speak of Cook as though she was a part of the family and a mention of a housemaid The baby also has Nurse The Swallows have finally finished their school term year and are anxious to be back doing what they love sailing and living on their island, Wild Cat Island, and sailing with their friends, the s, two local girls But nothing goes right Their friends are stranded at home by a tyrannical nasty old fashioned Great Aunt who brought up their mother and Uncle Jim and assumes she still can rule the roost Then the kids bash their boat, Swallow as in the bird on a partly submerged rock They make the best of it and camp on land and have adventures with the s in spite of the Great Aunt What happens on these adventures and what did the Swallows discover that made a huge difference in their fun is just what you will have to read to find out Start saving up money now for sailing lessons

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    In my view better than the first After holing their boat Swallow, the family camp on the moor in a valley above the lakeside woods whilst it s repaired.The Blackets, part time female pirates due to the arrival of an Aunt at their home on whom attendance must be danced upon, join them as and when they can.It s clear that in a way Ransome was particularly keen on the Titty character In every book she assumes, at some point, a pivotal role In fact it could be said that generally Ransome wrote his female characters better than the male On only one occasion did John shine, in We didn t mean to go to sea whilst Titty, Nancy and later Dorothea all assumed important roles.In most of the books, John was just there and Roger always seemed to lack part of his brain.In later books Dick, Dorothea s twin brother showed up as the consistently intelligent and practical person was this Ransome writing himself in It wasn t until Ransome wrote the novels set in the Norfolk Broads with a predominantly male cast that men took the lead, although in The Big Six it could be said that Dorothea than held her own.

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    I think this is definitely one of my favourites from the collection I loved the adventures and outdoor challenges But also the references to hills and lakes of the Lake District which I knew and recognized from family walks Perhaps significantly I really envied the Walkers and Red caps freedom to explore independently, without their families It seems that parents were much liberal with allowing their children to be independent in this period.

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    Again a book in a delicate condition with a 50p price tag Oh so much value in a book with memories of previous readings and pleasure in the rereading and remembering forgotten pleasures.This is why books should always be given as presents Forget lego, xbox , cars, dolls This is what remains with me and brings me undimmed delight.

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    Arthur Ransome s tales of British children out sailing in the Lake counties are just wonderful Funny, quaint, perfect adventures, with the right amount of characterization, realism, whimsy, and imagination I have re read all of these as an adult, and they hold up to time I can t wait to read them to my son when he s older.

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    No sopho slump for Ransome Book Two in the series is full of pitch and moment great aunts, the top of the world, wounded sailors and Long John Silver Ransome keeps it humming along right up to the end, and the world he creates is both of the Lake District in the 1930s and full of timeless wonder about childhood, responsibility, and make believe as if your life depended on it.

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