Swim I don t know if non swimmers would find it interesting but I loved it Just the kind of non fiction I love They take a part of my life and elaborate on it Reading these type of books for me is so validating Lynn Sherr shares her love affair with swimming and the water, particularly open water swimming Then she includes tons of interesting trivia and history on the sport I just loved itMy favorite quote Swimming is my salvation Ask me in the middle of winter, or at the end of a grueling day, or after a long stretch at the computer, where I d most like to be, and the answer is always the same in the water, gliding weightless, slicing a silent trail through whatever patch of blue I can find Tell me to think of something pleasant and count backwards and I m back in the drink, enveloped by an ocean, a lake, or a turquoise box, carving long and languorous laps that lull me into serenity. Enjoyable read She feels just the way I do about living in swim and filled me in on all kinds of trivia and history Swimming is my salvation Ask me in the middle of winter, or at the end of a grueling day, or after a long stretch at the computer, where I d most like to be, and the answer is always the same in the water, gliding weightless, slicing a silent trail through whatever patch of blue I can find the silky feeling of liquid on skin the chance to float free as close to flying as I ll get Swimming stretches my body beyond its earthly limits, helping to soothe every ache and caress every muscle But it s also an inward journey, a time of quiet contemplation, when, encased in an element at once hostile and familiar, I find myself at peace, able and eager to flex my mind, imagine new possibilities, to work things out without the startling interruptions of human voice or modern life The silence is stunning. Swimming is my sport I swim 5 10 miles week easily in the summer But this year I lost my inspiration It was hard to swim alone, so I played tennis and went to group dance classes And then I read Lynn Sherr s book on the history of swimming, her love of the water, her interest in technique Lynn is a 65 ABC News Journalist who swam the Hellespont from Asia to Europe She analyzes this swim, the legend of Hero and Leander that inspired her swim she dissects technique Did you know that the crawl was a Mandan tribe of Native Americans in North Dakota who journeyed to London for an exposition in 1880 s to demonstrate their technique and she trains with Master swimmers from all over improving her technique on her way to swimming the Hellespont Thank you Lynne, I m going back to my Masters swim group, happily swimming in Lane Six What fun Inspiring. Lynn Sherr was a competent narrator Listening to the book, I joyfully headed to the pool Swimming has held a special place in my heart since my youth My appreciation of the sport was enhanced thanks to the presentation of swim related facts and its cultural impact. Libro curioso, eterogeneo, un po folle La traccia autobiografica dell attraversamento dell Ellesponto da parte dell autrice procede in parallelo a una seria di approfondimenti estremamente variegati sul nuoto dalle sue origini ai diversi stili, dalla frequentazione delle piscine allo stile dei costumi da bagno Lettura estremamente piacevole, fa davvero venire voglia di nuotare. I used to love to swim, before my muscular and coordination loss prevented me from that pleasure I had a little of that former joy reading Lynn Sherr s Swim Why We Love The Water, a lengthy meditation with a good dose of history and art and sports wisdom The concentration swimming demands means it is where some of us are fully present in the moment, learning from swimming what we might learn through other spiritual practices Indeed, I know many people whose best time to meditate or pray is swimming why not we have other forms of movement meditation and prayers walking, yoga, finger labyrinths, tai chi, feeding the hungry, visiting the imprisoned Some of what Sherr includes may startle, and that s a good thing let us have the water dissolve divisions and assumptions and pull our focus back to being present to what is. As a water lover who claims to be part fish, Swim was the perfect summer read for me as I swam daily in my beloved ocean Indeed, to quote the author, we were fish ourselves hundreds of millions of years ago The fish part of us is really very deep, and it s written inside of the basic structure of our bodies, says Neil Shubin who led the team in the Canadian Arctic in 2004 that found the missing link between our aquatic ancestors and land based mammals, namely a 375 million year old fossil fish You may have never heard about your 9 foot long ancestor who crawled out of the primordial pool to be called Tiktaalik, which means large freshwater fish in Inuit, but he was apparently sick and tired of being all wet and got this whole beach party started I ll be reading Shubins book, Your Inner Fish, next so stay tuned for on that, including how you re closer to sharks than you might like to think Suffice to say that the key to it all is Breathe ing But that s a different bookPart history, part sport, part art, Swim is a complete celebration of swimming The definition of swimming, according to one nineteenth century instructor, is to keep yourself afloat and make progress Indeed Water is something very magical to us, says Shubin and I completely agree Swimming, says the book and I, is the closest thing to a perfect sport According to Sherr, swimming uses every large muscle group, builds lean muscle mass, promotes flexibility, lowers blood pressure, optimizes cholesterol levels, improves circulation and heart function, expands lung capacity and increases cardiovascular performance To which I say, Amen Swim reminded me that our skin is our largest organ, so swimming is the most sensuous of sports And if that s not enough reason to get off your chair and dive in, swimming is fun As is reading this book Sherr s book is a charming little read part meditation, part memoir, and part history of swimming The chapters are brief and each includes some update in an italic font of the author s progress across the Hellespont, accounts of the various and sundry folks she traveled the globe to interview, consult and or train with, marvelous post cards and other 19th and 20th century images of bathers and bathing costumes It s really surprising that people didn t drown wearing such astounding amounts of heavy wet wool As a lifelong competitive swimmer, I very much appreciated her take on how the sport has changed, not just historically but within our own lifetimes While the specifics of her relationship with the blue box as she calls it are quite different from my own, her writing inspires the same reflections upon when and how we learned to swim, positive associations with long summer days spent at the pool, gruelling swim practices, indoor meets and full contact open water racing, and the stolen pleasure of swimming daily for an hour and considering it my sanity break While Swim Why We Love the Water will not induce any sort of epiphany, aquatic or otherwise, it will certainly inspire you to pause and reflect happily upon your own many reasons for why you love to swim so much The book is a super fast read, and one that any adult swimmer should enjoy. Swim Is A Celebration Of Swimming And The Effect It Has On Our Lives It S An Inquiry Into Why We Swim The Lure, The Hold, The Timeless Magic Of Being In The Water It S A Look At How Swimming Has Changed Over The Millennia, How This Ancient Activity Is Becoming Social Than Solitary Today It S About Our Relationship With The Water, With Our Fishy Forebearers, And With The Costumes That We Wear You Ll Even Find A Few Songs To Sing When You Push Out Those Next LapsSwimming Enthusiast Lynn Sherr Explores Every Aspect Of The Sport, From The Biology Of Swimming To The Fame Of Esther Williams From Turquoise Pools And Wild Water To The Training Of Olympians And She Reveals The Secret Of Buoyancy So That Anyone Can Avoid The Example Of The English Poet Percy Bysshe Shelley, Who Lamented, Why Can T I Swim, It Seems So Very Easy When His Friend, The Biographer Edward John Trelawny, Said, Because You Think You Can T, Shelley Plunged Into Italy S Arno River And Dropped Like A Rock With Swim, You Can Avoid That Happening To You This book was chalk full of crazy fun facts about swimming Women first competed in Olympic swimming in 1912, but not the US didnt allow women to compete without long skirts until a couple years later Goggles weren t permitted in the Olympics til 1976 Michael Phelps armspan is longer than his height Despite the encyclopedia fun fact nature of it, I wanted the book to be a I think the author tried to do that by interlacing the story of her own personal swim journey as she raced across Hellespoint, a history laden 4 mile stretch of water from Europe to Asia, but the idea was a good one but after joining her for that swim, I wasn t left with a strong enough sense of why we should care about that journey It just sort of read like a good sort of primer book for people getting interested in swimming for the first time mid life still a quick read and I learned a lot of fun facts.

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