Tag, You're Dead

Tag, You're Dead Torn Between Rescuing Ashley From The Homicidal Ben And Staying With Jake, Who S Been Infected, Jessie, Kelly And Reggie Fight Over What Their Next Move Should Be But Then Reggie Mysteriously Falls Gravely Ill And The Undead Breach Their Defenses Soon The Three Are Fighting For Their Lives In A Battle That Will Lead Them To Their Darkest Hour

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  • Kindle Edition
  • 132 pages
  • Tag, You're Dead
  • Saul W. Tanpepper
  • English
  • 28 September 2019

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    With so many twists and turns, it is impossible to predict where this is going.

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    When you hear the story behind the title, Tag You re Dead, it may break your heart.This whole story is just keeps getting krazier Who s good Who s bad Who do you trust Saul Tanpepper is a master at his craft.

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    This is a very well written series with a very intense story line It is the sequel of Kingdom of Players , sixth episode of this series This is supposed to be the seventh of an eight series book, so it does not stand by itself as a story It starts where episode six ended and finishes with a hook to the next episode The plot is interesting and will keep you reading on the edge of your chair for most of the book The characters are well developed and the scenario is so richly described that you feel you are inside the story In episode one we saw a group of game hackers deciding to break into Long Island s Gameland, a place where nobody lives, because of an outbreak that happened twelve years before All population that survived the outbreak were evacuated Now the only entities that inhabit that wasteland are the zombies Their adventure starts with a poorly planed trip idea and tension escalates during preparation for the trip and execution of the trip They soon figure out that it is easier to enter than to leave the Island In episode two, after trying to leave the Island, Jake is trapped and left behind, so Jessie wants to return to rescue him Kelly anticipates her move and goes alone for the rescue Then the whole group unite again, trying to bring them home It fails badly and the whole group is back in the Island and facing some mysteries In episode three, Steven is an employee from Arc, doing some experiments on our group with new drugs to create an improved version of zombie But before all were injected, they manage to escape from La Guardia Airport and go in the direction of Gameland When arriving there after lots of incidents and twists in the story , they find out some answers to questions they had from Steven and they were not happy about what they discover In episode four, the group is in the heart of Gameland, trying to break the failsafe mechanism that could allow them to go back home One of the members of the group is bitten and infected More revelations happen In the fifth episode, Jessie goes in search of a treatment to contain the disease, but she needs to return before it is too late Other characters are introduced into the story, some that were left behind when the outbreak happened In the sixth episode, Jessie finds other characters when trying to return to her group with the treatment Things get out of control and these new characters ended up kidnapping one of the original group and they leave in search of the source of the treatment An intense end leave us in suspense, and the seventh episode brings us to a battle for survival intense than any previous one This book was written by Saul W.Tanpepper in November 2012 I recommend this book to the permanent library of all thriller lovers, young adults or not But be aware that you should read the previous episodes before reading this one, so you can understand what is going on and the interaction among the characters If you enjoyed the first six, you will love this seventh book in this series.

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    The group are still stuck in Gameland and are now up against the IUs, Players, Arc and now another group has joined the mix and they re even brutal This is the seventh book of a eight book series and each book gets interesting Fast paced and action packed with well defined characters that you root for or against keeps this series fresh How are Jessie, Kyle, Reggie, Ashley, Micah and Jake going to survive and get home or will they fail and become infected Now, on to the eighth book to find the answers I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys the zombie gamer genre.Well done Saul Tanpepper.

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    Holly Father of Festering Flesh Batman Tanpepper does it again I kept yelling holly crap the whole way through this book.

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    This episode was very fast paced, heart stopping and coming to the point that everything will start being explain I am still really enjoying this series I am going to sad when it end.

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