Tailing a Tabby (A Bookmobile Cat Mystery #2)

Tailing a Tabby (A Bookmobile Cat Mystery #2) This is the second in a cozy Bookmobile mystery series I read it for March Mystery Madness on YouTube, a month of themed challenges surrounding, you guessed it, mysteries A sweet local librarian, Minnie, travels around Chilson, Michigan in a bookmobile with her gray Tabby companion, Eddie They encounter an abnormally high amount of murders for such a quaint town, with some literally crossing their path These are cute and fluffy, even if incredibly unrealistic Minnie s amateur sleuthing techniques would never work in real life, and were often laughable Casual interrogations often have the suspect asking outright Do you think it s possible I had something to do with the murder Not exactly discreet If you don t analyze these types of stories too deeply and just let them take you on a syrupy journey, you will enjoy them for the candy they are If you are looking for realistic relationships and mysteries, this is not going to be your jam I recommend for cat lovers who want a little book hug every now and then between heavier subjects. Great second installment to series. It s been some time since I had read the first book in this series but it didn t take me long to feel comfortable back at the Chilson Public Library with Minnie and Eddie This was an enjoyable cozy mystery with enough twists to keep guessing and turning the pages. I forgot how fun these cozy mysteries are And the covers are adorable Really enjoyed reading the sequel I liked the first one but also the second one as well I think this is my new favorite series right now I probably said it in the last one but it needs repeating Pretty good read Looking forward to the next book in the series and that Minnie stays likeable because you really like her and her determination and that she really does care about the bookmobile, her friends, family, the people who visit the bookmobile and of course adorable cat Eddie. In The Bookmobile, Librarian Minnie Hamilton And Her Rescue Cat, Eddie, Roll Out Great Summer Reads To Folks All Over The Lake Town Of Chilson, Michigan And When Real Life Drama Turns Deadly, Minnie Makes Sure Justice Is Never Overdue The Bookmobile Is Making Its Usual Rounds When Minnie And Eddie Are Flagged Down By A Woman In Distress The Woman S Husband, A Famous Artist, Needs Emergency Medical Care After Getting Him Into The Bookmobile, Minnie Races The Man To The Hospital In Time But His Bad Luck Has Only Just Begun After Disappearing From The Hospital, The Artist Is Discovered Slumped Over The Body Of A Murdered Woman Minnie Knows That Her New Friend Didn T Commit The Crime, But The Evidence Paints An Unflattering Picture Now This Librarian And Her Furry Friend Have To Put The Investigation In High Gear And Catch The Real Killer Before Someone Else Checks Out Minnie and Eddie are cruising the back roads in the bookmobile when they suddenly spot a woman frantically waving to them on the side of the road The lady is in need of desperate assistance getting her husband to the hospital since he is suffering from a stroke Minnie jumps into action and soon realizes that she has helped save the life of Russell McCade, a very famous local artist The mystery begins when Cade leaves the hospital after receiving a suspicious phone call and is later found over a dead body Minnie knows that she just met this man, but she honestly believes that he is innocent Can the librarian and her four legged friend collect clues and track down a murderer I m really enjoying this series Minnie and her sidekick Eddie are the perfect partners Yes, Eddie is just a cat, but he s so incredibly, full of personality His timing is rather spot on as well I love the conversations that Minnie carries on with him too He truly feels like a main character Who wouldn t love the idea of a bookmobile coming to their area It sounds like such a fun and personal way for a librarian to connect with the public and bring awareness as well as excitement back to checking out books Minnie is a great main character, even if she is a bit naive at times It s easily overlooked because she has such an infectious personality It was great to have some characters return for the sequel I love Minnie s friendship with Kristen, her banter with Rafe, and her antics with her matchmaking Aunt Frances Dr Tucker is back as a love interest, but he sure did annoy me a few times throughout this story The author set him up with having a huge conflict so we will see if he sticks around much longer I m intrigued by Detective Wolverson Hope he makes it into of the story line in the next few books I loved the addition of Cade and his wife They were the sweetest couple and easily likeable I enjoyed watching their friendship with Minnie blossom and really liked their letter game I really hope that we run into them and the bunny enthusiast again Such great, well written characters I really enjoyed the mystery It captured my attention straight from the start when Minnie rushes to get Cade to the hospital I was already invested in his story so when he was framed for murder it just increased my interest The author did a great job of keeping you wondering about his character at times and of course adding in a whole list of plausible suspects I m anxious to read book three now A comfortable cozy with two likeable main characters Minnie, the Bookmobile librarian, and her cat, Eddie, the real brains of the operation OK, maybe not entirely, but he does make important moves at key moments The plot is reasonably well put together, and the pacing is smooth This is a cozy, not a thriller, and it doesn t try to keep you at the edge of your seat, but it is consistently engaging Every scene is there for a reason, and the ending is satisfying The author avoids the tired gimmick of stupid cops The detectives here are intelligent and take Minnie seriously, though they do not involve her in their investigation This is the second book in a series, but can stand alone. AudioBook Review Stars Overall 4 Narration 4 Story 3.5 Second in the series, but easily read out of order, Eddie and his erstwhile owner Minnie are traversing the Michigan countryside when they are stopped by a frantically waving woman, desperate for help Her husband is desperately in need of medical care, and Minnie and Eddie shift into helpful mode, getting the man to the hospital Soon Minnie discovers that the man is renowned artist, Russel McCade, and a friendship of sorts is formed from her actions But after Cade leaves the rehab center after his stroke, he s found slumped over a body and is the first, primary and only suspect Minnie knows that he s not a murderer and she s determined to find the real culprit Off she and Eddie go, conversations and Eddie s apparent nose for clues leads them in several different investigative directions, all highlighted with the conversations that bring Eddie to the forefront, as Minnie works out her ideas, questions and conclusions Different from other cozies in that Minnie is obviously an amateur, but rather than the police ignoring her input, they actually glean information from her resulting in some lovely interactions with Wolverson Like the first, the storyline is gently implausible, but wholly engaging, although there is a touch of overuse of descriptive that occasionally feel overworked and trying too hard The return of secondary characters, from Minnie s BFF Kristin, her Aunt Frances and a rather questionable love interest in Dr Tucker all add some depth and the budding friendship with Barb and Cade, including their letter game brings another level of atmosphere to the story all overseen by Eddie the cat with his Main Character personality and plenty of input into nearly every scene Again the narration is provided by Erin Bennett, and she s got Minnie and Eddie perfectly represented, full of the emotions, camaraderie and even a solid voice for Eddie amazingly so as he s not said a word Friends and acquaintances are also present and clearly distinct from the all business approach of the police, to the rather frantic, at first, Barb, and the quietly outrageous Aunt Frances, the characters all have a subtle, or not so, influence on the storyline and progression, as well as some quickly introduced and forgotten suspects This is a series that returns the fun to cozies a candy floss tidbit of sweetness, clever, engaging and utterly perfect to put a smile on your face.I received an AudioBook copy of the title from Tantor Audio for purpose of honest review I was not compensated for this review all conclusions are my own responsibility Review first appeared at I am, Indeed I didn t like the mystery in this one as much as in the first, she was much insistent in her investigation and confrontational with the detectives without any real reason Following a number of suspects even after they showed alibis I couldn t guess who the killer was though view spoiler In the end it was someone so briefly introduced I had forgotten about him entirely, can t think of any clue either And the black SUV was never explained, it only scared Minnie and almost killed her while she was trying to escape from someone who just happened to own one hide spoiler Minnie Hamilton drives the Bookmobile that is popular among the community in Chilson, Michigan for her bringing along her cat, Eddie, in Tailing a Tabby by Laurie Cass One day as Minnie is driving home, she screeches to a stop when a distraught woman hails her from the road She helps the woman drag her husband, who is having a stroke, to the Bookmobile and rushes him the half an hour to the closest hospital Only then does Minnie learn that the man is Russell McCade, a highly famous artist Visiting him in the hospital a couple days later, Minnie becomes close to Cabe and his wife, Barb.Read the rest of this review and other fun, geeky articles at Fangirl Nation

Laurie Cass is the national bestselling author of the Bookmobile Cat Mysteries, including Wrong Side of the Paw, Cat With a Clue, and Pouncing on Murder She lives on a lake in northern Michigan with her husband and two cats.

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