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Tainted BloodIn The Third Generation V Novel, Fortitude Scott Proves That Working With Family Can Be Deadly Former Film Student Fortitude Scott Is Finally Gainfully Employed Unfortunately, Said Employment Happens To Be With A Group Of Sociopathic Vampires His Family And As Much As Fort Is Loath To Get Too Deep Into The Family Business, When His Brother, Chivalry, Is Temporarily Unable To Run The Territory, It S Up To Fort To Keep Things Under ControlSo When The Leader Of A Powerful Faction Of Shifters Turns Up Murdered, Fort Finds Himself Tracking Down A Killer While Navigating Dangerous Rivalries, Longtime Grudges, And Hidden Agendas Even With The Help Of His Foxy Kitsune Sidekick, Suzume, He Ll Need To Pull Out All The Stops To Hunt For The Paranormal AssassinBut As He Calls On Fairies, Witches, And Ghouls For Help, He Discovers That The Problem Is Much Bigger Than A Single Dead Werebear The Supernatural Community Is Preparing For A Massive Shift In Power Within The Scott Family Leadership And Fort Has Landed Right In The Middle Of The Gathering Storm

M.L Brennan is the author of the Generation V series GENERATION V, IRON NIGHT, TAINTED BLOOD, and DARK ASCENSION, all published by Roc Brennan holds an MFA in writing and is employed as an adjunct professor at several New England colleges.For Brennan s thoughts on writing, publishing, and the world in general, please check out her official webpage at

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  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 306 pages
  • Tainted Blood
  • M.L. Brennan
  • English
  • 08 April 2018
  • 9780451418425

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    As the author, I d say that I m possibly the second most biased source that you could possibly locate the most biased being the author s mother With that in mind, I give this book a full five stars, and only regret that I cannot add extra stars for how much I love this book It was awfully fun to write, and if it is merely half as much fun to read, then you guys are in for some fun Can t wait to see what everyone thinks in November

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    4.5 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum If you re in the US we have a giveaway for a SIGNED copy of TAINTED BLOOD, running until 11 4 14 again, M.L Brennan reminds me why this is one of my favorite urban fantasy series right now I simply love how the Generation V books break so many of the genre s rules.First off, forget about immortal vampires that ooze sexuality from every single attractive pore on their flawless runway model bodies, because here we have Fortitude Scott, a vampire protagonist who is very much an underdog and is as down to earth as they come And how bout those family dynamics Where else can you find a book in which the mother and siblings of said vampire protagonist have such a huge impact on his everyday life I ve always enjoyed the roles that Madeline, Prudence and Chivalry play in the development of Fort s character, but this third book is where the author really drives that point home The story here is, after all, about the blood ties that bind.Unlike the first two books which both started off with a healthy dose of humor, a dark shroud of sadness hangs over book three s introduction, because it is revealed that Chivalry s ailing wife has finally passed away The loss leaves Chivalry in no shape to attend his duties, meaning it s up to Fort to step up and fill his older brother s shoes It s a tough job keeping checks on all the supernatural denizens living in his mother s territory, but Fort manages swimmingly with the help of Suzume, his kitsune sidekick and friend who he wishes is than just a friend.Then everything goes to hell when the leader of a faction of bear shapeshifters turns up brutally murdered It s Fort s first time handling an investigation and of course his family is no help his mother Madeline s sagely advice pretty much boils down to Just handle it dammit, find a patsy if necessary , but still Fort is determined to get to the bottom of this mystery and bring the true killer to justice He just hopes he s not in way over his head on this one.Tainted Blood and the story of Fort s first solo mission on his family s business is definitely not to be missed The twists and turns of the investigation had me on my toes, and as always the brilliant banter between the dynamic duo of Fort and Suze continued to have me chuckling all the way through.But there are also a few other things I felt this book did extremely well, which I want to highlight For one thing, you ll definitely be floored by Brennan s fascinating and unique take on the paranormal world and its creatures, an approach which has become her signature style Her first book Generation V introduced us to the nitty gritty details of the vampire life cycle, while her second book Iron Night portrayed elves in a way that I know will make me never look at Legolas the same way again I can always depend on Brennan to have a cool supernatural race or two up her sleeve, and quite honestly, I would expect nothing less from an author who features the awesomeness of kitsune in her books This time around, we get up close and personal with shapeshifters in the form no pun intended of werebears Just, ah, don t call them that to their faces, unless you want to risk getting your own clawed off.What I really like are the checks and balances in the world of these books, providing an explanation as to why we puny humans aren t overrun a million times over yet by all these supernatural beings that are so much powerful than us Every creature has a weakness to go with a strength Brennan s vampires, for example, are not immortal, and though the process is much slower, they can and will die of old age just like anything else And while elves do enjoy the luxury of immortality, they are so violent and bloodthirsty that they ve pretty much fought themselves to the brink of extinction, with problems of infertility and inbreeding to boot Witches have powers that make them extraordinary talented healers, but they re also the most isolated and scattered group because any large concentration of witches in one area can stir up bad juju and mass hysteria in nearby human populations Details such as these lend Fortitude Scott s world a touch of realism which is not always present in UF, and it s something I don t think is appreciated enough.I also want to take it back to family dynamics, because this is another area where Tainted Blood excelled Familial love can be a tricky thing to tackle, especially when it comes to so called monsters Fort may be a relatively harmless vampire trying to hold on to his human side as long as possible, though the same cannot be said of his mother and older siblings But Madeline, Chivalry and Prudence are such fascinating characters simply because they love Fort and are fiercely protective of him, only they show it in their own very different and sometimes unconventional ways This is brought to the forefront in Tainted Blood, when Fort s interactions with each of his family members produce a wide range of emotional results Perhaps for the first time, he catches a glimpse of weakness in his mother, a darkness in his brother, and probably the most shocking revelation of all a nice side to Prudence Nothing is ever black and white, and I loved that about this book.So if an urban fantasy with actual deep, meaningful and complex relationships sounds good to you, look no further than this series And speaking of relationships, if you have been following these books and are rooting for Fortitude and Suzume in the romance department, you might be in for a real treat too Bottom line, fans of urban fantasy need to check out this series, and current fans MUST read Tainted Blood There are significant developments brewing, and with all this foreshadowing of Madeline s inevitable fate, I have a feeling this books marks the beginning of a turning point We may be on the cusp of something huge What can I say, but bring on the next one

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    Fantasy Review BarnFull apologies to M.L Brennan, Soft Cell, Gloria Jones, and Ed Cobb Sometimes I can t stop myself.Sometimes Fort feels he got to da da Run away, he got to da da Get away from the matriarch ofThe familythe fate he shares da da Is a dark, cursed fearI turn up my lightNo toss nor turn cause I read all night chorus Were bears called on you they called A murder to solve for youThe evidence your givenDoesn t work with the bears agendaKitsunes your friend but that s not near ENOUGH Tainted Blood oh oh oh Smell for blood oh oh oh Now I know you got to da da Find killer, you got to da da Learn your place, your mom might not be around much If you don t fightPurdence may take your rightThen the creatures all will pray,Learn to late Prudence don t play that way chorus Work with witches witches While chive mourns his wifeThe vampire life your livingIs closing in on full fruitionTake may cash because this book is pure joy Tainted Blood oh oh oh Tainted Blood oh oh oh Brennan write pleaseI can t stand the way you teaseMore about this family I should knowFrom here where will this series go Tainted bloodWere bear, were bearDon t call them that to their faceBecause they big and mean,And can do much harmTainted Blood oh o oh Tainted Blood

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    Jos jedna vrlo zabavna knjizica koja se lako i brzo cita.Sama prica je u sustini dosta jednostavna i predstavlja varijantu obicne who did it price, ali sami likovi njihova interakcija kao i sam razvoj glavnog lika kroz knjigu je ono sto drzi paznju i vuce te dalje.Bas me interesuje kako ce se dalje prica razvijati.Preporuka i dalje za ovaj serijal.

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    Genre Urban Fantasy Rating 3.5 MY Thoughts Tainted Blood is the THIRD installment in the Generation V series by author M.L Brennan Brennan s protagonist is 20 something Fortitude Scott who has been thrown into the middle of his families drama over the previous novels It has been a month since Fort was nearly killed by his sister, Prudence who was trying to trigger his full transition Fort is still trying to understand what it means to be a vampire, but hasn t fully come to gripes with his fate Now, with his brother, Chivalry out of action due to losing his wife, Fort is expected to pick up his slack Full Review Posted Gizmos Reviews November 4th 2014 by Roc first published November 2014

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    Warning Violence and goreMy Rating 8 10 StarsMy Summary While Chivalry is spending time with his dying wife, Fortitude s been put in charge of the family business Along with his new partner the Kitsune Suzume It s been mostly quiet for the first month he s been in charge, but now the head werebear don t call them that has been murdered and it s up to Fort to investigate.My Review I enjoyed the growing relationship between Fort and Suzume They trust each other now and confide in one another And joke of course I want a friend like Suzume I like how in each book we learn about this world Here we not only learned about the werebears, but also a little bit about the ghouls who run funereal homes and do autopsy s.There was of course still plenty of family drama I didn t like Chivalry as much, but I feel like I understand Prudence better Yep she s psycho It was strange that Fort had the family behind him for once and all of their resources Which surprisingly didn t help much I didn t think this mystery was as well done as the previous ones, but that could be because I figured it out right away The ride to get there was still really fun I just love these books The fourth book, Dark Ascension will be published on August 4th 2015 I can t wait If you like Generation V, I recommend Hold my Closer Necromancer by Lish McBride Or if you like Necromancer, Generation V They re quite different, but the tone is the same.

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    This is another great book in what s becoming one of my favorite urban fantasy series It s very unique and fun with great characters Full Review

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    Fortitude Scott is back in Tainted Blood and this time playing detective on behalf of the local werebears excuse me lets not offend them the metsan kunigas clan, when their leader is found brutally murdered in his own home.Taking on new responsibilitiesSo recently Fort started working and for the family business of troubleshooting small things happening with the paranormal community that is essentially governed by his mother and family Chivalry has been mentoring him in his duties but as Chivalry s wife has recently passed away that leaves him in a state of grief but also hunting for a new wife blood source Fort thus has to step up and fill the roles that Chivalry would otherwise be handling I say he s done a fair job in the previous book but of course his family thinks him too soft The paranormal community also seems to think that as well because they are starting to turn to him with their concerns that they would never consider even broaching with any other of the Scott family.There is a Fox making eyes at youAt the end of Iron Night, Fort and Suze s not quite relationship comes to a head with Fort putting his feelings for her out there Well in Tainted Blood Suze still hasn t given a response about whether she wants to date him or not and it s hilarious the way their interactions are effected by this For the most part it s business as usual with them on the job and they are still companionable but you can feel the tension there between them especially since Fort isn t shy about making it known to her, in rather witty banter, about the way he feels Suze of course is rarely serious and is up to her usual antics of prank pulling But have no doubt things are definitely heating up between these two as they become closer.I can t even begin to tell youThe Generation V series is currently among my favorite new urban fantasy series right now You can t beat the amount of fun, humor and drama that you get coupled with a unique and fresh paranormal community I feel like there is still so many places this series can go and I m eager to get my hands on each new installment These are definitely books that I know I want to reread which coming from me is high praise since I rarely reread urban fantasy series books these days If you need something new and fresh in UF pick up the first book And if you haven t caught up to the third book by now you need to because oooo so much is happening for Fort and Suze and the Scott family as well as the entire paranormal community Get on the ball people A quote from the book that made me snort with mad giggles What, I sit on a dock all day with you to visit something that is probably going to give me tentacle hentai nightmares, and you can t even spring for half a pizza pg 36

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    One Sentence Summary Reluctant Baby Vampire continues to be dragged into Mafia like family affairs and winds up investigating the death of local were bear chieftain.Tropes Murder Mystery, Family Drama, Succession Crisis es Also slow burn wooing Quotes The modern day metrosexual would be completely unprepared for one of my brother s discussions about picking the right colors for your skin tone Squeeworthy Bits That entire conversation between Suze and Keiko, with Farid and Fort watching out for explosions in the background Every time Prudence and or Chivalry show up on screen if they are not being hilariously obtuse and grossing the heck out of Fort, they are being deliciously creepy and delighting me That one scene where Prudence shows Fort how to store blood for later use and he wishes he d been reincarnated as a dung beetle instead of a vampire Every scene with googly eyes, because Suze is fun Eyerollworthy Bits I m not a big fan of the romance I like them both as individual characters, but there s nothing that really makes Suze Fort a couple I d root for On the other hand, I also have nothing against them, so meh Verdict Yet another funny, solid installment in a series that s progressively making me and upset about it being cancelled.review format borrowed from

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    Oh, Fort. You adorable, clueless dork Ok, if you haven t jump aboard Generation V ship and you love UF you are missing out In a genre of bad ass heroines and Harry Dresden look alikes, Fortitude Scott continues to be unique hero material So, last time we saw Fort he was taking over family business of enforcing his mother s rules from Chivalry, who needed some time with his dying wife Unsurprisingly, that is how Tainted Blood starts with Buhmika s funeral Chivalry still needs time off to mourn,so Fort is sent to investigate the murder of karhu of the mets n kunigas that s PC term for leader of werebears As Fort looks into possible suspects and clues, it becomes clear that various fractions of sups think that Fort is one Scott they want on their side.I loved the way Brennan made this world larger in previous novel, showing us different supernaturals in Providence It s not just that she dipped into different mythologies, even some we are not used to see so often like rusalka, which is russian take on mermaids , but she also in a very amusing and clever way combined these creatures with modern life..like witches who are usually in the business of medicine or ghouls For me the best and most intriguing arc that s stretching through entire series is of course, Scott family dynamic In this novel it went even further because we got to see other side of Madeline, Prudence and especially Chivalry If story got complicated in second book, here it was tangled and turned around completely Our baby vamp is in for some wake up call when it comes to being a vampire.Characterization in this plot arc is excellent every book we discover something new about Scotts and i feel like we barely scratched the surface.There is one general theme that s waved into this novel it deals with difficulties of relationship between different species with accent on human supernaturals We have that with Keiko Suze s sister , Chivalry and his wives, Dan and his boyfriend, Bears and their husbands It s like Fort gets to see how it s working or not working with all of them, and it brings a different serous perspective on the fact he wants to date Suze.Which brings me to romance one thing that s left hanging in the air from Iron Night is Fort admitting to Suze how he feels about her Suze is being Suze, she is a trickster, a playful, teasing kitsune you can t really woo if she doesn t want to have anything with you And this why I think Fort was great about this he came clean and he stuck to it, carefully waiting, not pressuring, but he never left any doubt to Suze about his feelings It s still Fort we got to know he s still blushing and diverting eyes every time one of the female shifters lose clothes after shifting back for example , but he knows what he wants and once he said it, he doesn t try to downplay it.Star is chucked off because main plot mystery about karhu murder was somewhat weak It dragged at the beginning a bit, but mainly, it was a very small group of possible suspects who acted in a cliche ways for mystery I pegged the killer pretty much as soon as Fort and Suze came to murder scene It also, doesn t help that entire family intrigue was particularly interesting, so I was pulled into that completely and bears didn t interest me as much.There are some very interesting questions left to be answered about Fort s transition and somehow I feel that Fort got himself into trouble that would prove to be a problem with his family in the future, so I am crazy relieved we have fourth book to look forward to.

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