Tales of Beatnik Glory

Tales of Beatnik Glory Ed Sanders S Mock Heroic And Heroic Odyssey Follows Poet, Filmmaker, And Activist Sam Thomas, Editor Of Dope, Fucking, And Social Change, And A Variegated Cast Of Castoffs, Dropouts, Peaceniks, Freakniks, And Mendicant Filthniks, From Kansas Through The Beatnik And Hippie Countercultures Of New York City S Lower East Side And Greenwich Village From The Freedom Rides And Confrontations With The Alabama Klan To The Hate Dappled Summer Of Love, Tales Of Beatnik Glory Is The Epic Of America In The Sixties, In A Language Of Droll Invention And Stoned Mythopoesis, From A Man Who Once Dared To Exorcise The Pentagon This Revised Edition Adds Two New Volumes And Includes Twenty Five Never Before Published Stories

Ed Sanders is an American poet, singer, social activist, environmentalist, author and publisher He has been called a bridge between the Beat and Hippie generations.Sanders was born in Kansas City, Missouri He dropped out of Missouri University in 1958 and hitchhiked to New York City s Greenwich Village He wrote his first major poem, Poem from Jail, on toilet paper in his cell after being jail

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  • Paperback
  • 784 pages
  • Tales of Beatnik Glory
  • Ed Sanders
  • English
  • 04 April 2019
  • 9781560256526

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    This book is very good because it gets beyond the Kerouac Burroughs Ginsberg triumvirate and instead recounts tales of regular, non famous, beatnik bohemians in New York s Lower East Side Very down to earth, real, and funny It s actually become one of my favorite books because of Sander s skill at recounting the tales, his heart, his moral compass, and the genuineness of the people he describes.

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    Divided into palatable pieces, this anthology gives an unique and accurate look into the period and the culture that makes it accessible and lyrical without cheapening the experience The stories ranged from droll to madcap and I enjoyed the perspective It almost made me regret being born too late I ve been to a few clubs that have tried to emulate the time and places but they didn t quite manage the feeling as well as this book did I highly recommend it as a slice of high Americana.

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    If you are interested at all in the Beat era or the Sixties psychedelic and protest movements you have to buy this book and read it.It is by Ed Sanders, long time resident of first Greenwich and then the East Village of NYC from the late 50 s on Ed published several selfmade zines in the late 50 s and early 60 s, then switched to being an avant garde filmmaker circa 1963 66, and then became a writer of verse and prose He formed the folk rock weirdness group the Fugs who performed throughout the Sixties His first success in book form was probably The Family which chronicled the misadventures of the Manson Family which appeared in 1973 Vol One of Tales of Beatnik Glory which dealt with the years 1957 62 was published in 1975 Now all four volumes of the Tales of Beatnik Glory are available in one tome I finally quit reading this book about halfway through though originally I was quite excited by it As time moved on and the adventures of the inner circle of beatnik hippie protagonists played out I, though sympathetic to them and their situation vis a vis the mainstream culture, found the characters increasingly tedious and tiresome Their radicalism as the 60 s progressed became, to me at least, obviously less countercultural and mainstream as the youth movement of the period grew popular It s hard to imagine a self congratulatory group or one, going by Sander s handling of their narrative, a group less self critical.I feel that I am on their side philosophically, but I am disappointed at their lack, especially over time and given perspective, of self examination and scrutiny They almost remind me of the mindless supporters of G.W Bush and the War on Terror though less destructive.

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    Tales Of Beatnik Glory is a collection of stories or less about the Beatniks of Greenwich Village Characters come and go throughout, which communicates a sense of the community that seems to have existed at the time And the rivalry And the insanity There s a healthy amount of social commentary in the inimitable Ed Sanders style I like Sanders writing For one thing, he s subtly funny Like, At first the walkers were tempted to serve as janitors on the roads of degeneration stuffing debris into bags but it was futile who had the spaceships needed to clear the American ways His writing is engaging, loose and economical.I noticed fellow Fugs conspirator, Tuli Kupferpberg, is mentioned on page 189, which left me wondering how many of the characters in this story are real I m sure they re all based on someone Sanders came across at one time or another.Alternately hilarious and horrifying, Tales Of Beatnik Glory is an interesting introduction to the dynamics of the Beatnik scene, East Coast Style Sanders satire takes the cake Probably amphetamines, too.

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    I loved beatnik glory I know it s standard fare to focus on the indulgent nature of the beatniks, but this book seemed to have a nice middle ground, discussing the protest movement, sex, music, and drugs really only being a peripheral until halfway or so through the book there are a few stories which focus wholly on the experience of whatever mescaline Sam took that day, but largely it was just a neat window into a New York I can only imagine where people can enjoy life and not kill themselves trying to exist.

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    I picked this book up, feeling a little pretentious, at half price books, hoping for an interesting plane book for my upcoming vacation When I got sick it became my I have to stay at home for 5 days book Great for passing time, a book of short stories about lots of topics all centering around the beatnik culture Interesting and entertaining

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    Great first hand account of the 60 s on the Lower East Side of Manhattan.

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    Strangely uninvolving.

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    read it years ago Enjoyable

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    Fun anti establishment stories that are heavy on punchline and low on substance A good read but not much of a lasting impression.

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