Tanza (The Astor Chronicles Book 2)

Tanza (The Astor Chronicles Book 2) Sarlice And I Came To Tanza To Escape From The Zeikas, And We Were Not Prepared For A Country On The Brink Of War Where Should Our Loyalties Lie To Our Home Towns, To Tanza Or To Each Other The Zeikas Have Their Fire Magic, Dragons And Demons, But They Lack The Kriite Ability To Communicate Across Vast Distances Using The Waves I Know One Thing The Skyearls Will Not Give Up Tanza Without A Fight Soon I Will Have A Skyearl Of My Own, And The Miracle Of Flight Along With It I Was Slow To Come Into My Powers In Jaria, But I Was Wrong To Think Krii Had No Purpose For My Life They Have A New Name For Me Here In Tanza Astor Talon Tanza Is The Second In The Astor Chronicles , A Series Of Epic Fantasy Adventure Novels For A New Adult Audience

Australian writer of adult fantasy and childrens books She aims to make every book she writes entertaining and thought provoking Amanda completed a Bachelor of Communication majoring in writing and screen production at Griffith University in 2003 The Managing Director of Australian eBook Publisher, a self publishing service, Amanda is a multi skilled communicator and designer She has knowledge

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  • Tanza (The Astor Chronicles Book 2)
  • Amanda Greenslade
  • English
  • 09 October 2019

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    I feel like I would have been in a better position if I did not start out this series with this book The book throws the reader into a situation with terms and ideas that there is no actual starting point too and so you read on, confused about what the heck is going on The lingo and grammar are geared for about a middle age reader, but the situations and content are for of a young adult reader, so there was a bit of lack of flow there for me as well I love the cover and the ideas are interesting and I love the book description, but to be honest, reading this was really painful to get through The provided map stretched across 4 different kindle pages regardless of the font size and I ended up giving up on trying to connect the layout in my head It felt like it was not fully polished I wish this book could have given some background to a reader that would like to get to know the book without assuming prior knowledge, I don t recommend for anyone who hasn t already had the chance to read book one I also wish that this book could have decided what age group the target audience was as well There needed to be a thorough layout of the world, the creatures and all of the in book terms to better implement the reader into the story I felt detached and could not connect with any of the characters 2.5 stars for me Thank you to Netgalley and TigerAce Books for the opportunity to read this book.

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    Tanza is the second novel in the Astor Chronicles and I enjoyed it as much as the first At times it was a little heavy on the detail, which I don t really like, but it was still entertaining to see what happened next in Talon s journey I liked the new characters, although missed some of the old, who weren t in it as much But all in all, it was a good sequel.

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    Original Review HereWith soul bonds and magic and quests to rid the land of evil, I thoroughly enjoyed Talon As soon as I saw Tanza was available, I had to read it It was definitely worth the wait, even if I am behind.Talon and Sarlice travel to Tanza to seek aid Along the way, Talon bonds again to both a sword and the Emperor Skyearl called Ciera, making him a legendary Astor But despite his many talents, the enemy is drawing in and it isn t long until all those who follow Krii are under mass attack.For a girl who loves Roman era fiction because of the battle tactics and formations used, Tanza was a delight for me The majority of the book was a battle But as well as the normal siege weapons catapults etc there was magic, mystical creatures and people with various bonds that should not be underestimated I completely engaged with the text it was the first book that I ve stayed up late to finish for a while.I can see how this would work as a weakness though If you aren t particularly interested in battles and fights, you would probably be bored out of your mind I enjoyed this book but I can easily see why others wouldn t.Talon grows tremendously as a character, and not just because of his new bonds He becomes a leader in his own right and by the end of the book, is able to give commands and lead men into battle He even understands the sacrifice of having men die for him But he remains humble throughout, signified by his relationships with others.New characters are introduced in abundance, but a few stuck out for me Prince Tyba was a great character, not only in his own right but because of the loyalty he inspired in Talon Talon often refers to him as my prince and his submission to Tyba s leadership keeps Talon grounded It would have been easy to make him too powerful.Jett is understated but provide a genuine friendship for Talon Considering the danger the characters end up in, those moments of friendship helped lighten the mood when it was required.Old characters practically vanish Despite being Talon s first bond, Rekala is barely in the novel It made sense with the plot, but I was left with the feeling that every time Talon got a new bond, the others became less significant I had this problem in Talon as well.The issue for me was Talon s thoughts he would instantly think of Sarlice another character left on the sidelines , but not Rekala Yet one he fancied, the other he was soul bound too I really hope we get to see Talon with all of his soul bonds in one place and each being important to both him and the plot.I thoroughly enjoyed Tanza My hopes for the next book involve the equal balancing of the characters and Talon learning what he is truly capable of I hope it doesn t disappoint.

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    Bonds of MagicA great sequel to Talon, and I thoroughly enjoyed this story I think the stories can be stand alone, but I would read the first one, first, and quickly follow it with this one It s filled with action and adventure and a great journey The battles and fighting were indeed well descriptive, bringing the reader right into the middle of ths story I liked the story, but thought that the Glossary at the end of the book should ve come first for a better understanding before reading the book It is filled with twists and maybe the ending could have been predictable, as the hints were there, but you don t really see them unless you go back and look for them, leaving the end a surprise, a satisfying one.

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    Before I start my review, I would like to thank Tigerace Books and NetGalley for allowing me to review Tanza by Amanda Greenslade All opinions stated in this review are mine and mine alone I received Tanza from Tigerace Books through NetGalley for free for my honest review Now onto my review I really enjoyed reading this book It is a fantasy with a lot of action put in it and for the most part, is a very easy read But, this is definitely a book that cannot be read alone You need to read Talon first.I had a lot of trouble understanding what was going on in the first couple of chapters because it seems like Tanza immediately picks up where Talon left off I was left to puzzle over what wavelengths were being able to telepathically communicate with bond animals, or kin I was confused and, to be honest, I do not like reading a book where I am confused.But, I am very happy to say, I found out that there is a glossary at the very end of the book thank you Amanda Greenslade that explained everything So I was able to reread those chapters with a better understanding of what is going on Also, kudos to her including the glossary It also had how to pronounce some of the names I am a weirdo who likes to know how the names are actually said I know I m not the only one.lol.As promised, this book is filled with action.which started right after Talon bonded with his skyearl, who happens to be the Emperor of the skyearls The Zeikas are a fanatical religious group who are bound and determined to kill any race religion that doesn t agree with them and Tanza is next on their list Fortunately, Tanza is protected by a barrier and it does take them a little while about halfway through the book before they succeed in breaching the barrier.I want to say that the battles in this book were impressive on both ends From the demons conjurers dragons on the Zeika side to the Anzaii Rada kin and all the other kin skyearls on the Tanza side.the battles were epic I couldn t get enough of them.The religious undertones of the book were just right.Krii is, and I am going to assume this, just like Jesus and the Zeikas are just like Satan The battles are definitely a battle between good and evil but the lines are blurred behind the Tanza lines too There are extremists on both ends and the extremists can cause a lot of harm and they did in this book.The ending of the book was a bit anticlimactic, to be honest but I understand why the author wrote it this way In no way did she end the battle between Tanza and the Zeikas with Tanza winning They won one battle and drove the Zeikas away for now Who s to say in the next book that the Zeikas will come back and take over the land I also wasn t expecting certain things to happen at the ending and was kinda thrown for a loop when it did But, thinking about it, there were huge red flags thrown up in the last chapters of the book So I really shouldn t have been that surprised.lol.How many stars will I give Tanza 4Why A great fantasy book with well written characters If you didn t read book 1, like me, I suggest you go and read it If you don t, then make use of the glossary at the end of the book.Will I reread Yes but after I read book 1Will I recommend to family and friends Yes but will also suggest to read book 1 firstAge range AdultWhy No sex but there is mention of a rape and the threat of rape in the book and lots of violence.

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    An action packed story, the second in the Astor Chronicles is a terrific read Darker than book one Talon , with invasion and war the major part of the story, nevertheless it kept me reading it anxious to see what would happen My only quibble would be that the author has made the enemy almost unstoppable, which makes it hard to see where it can go from here.

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    I was gifted this advanced reader copy of Tanza from the publisher Tigerace Books through netgalley Because I read the stuff below the description I knew there was a note from the publisher stating the following PLEASE read Book 1 Talon first Contact publisher for the ARC amanda tigerace.com OR Book 1 Talon also available here on Net Galley for review Because of this I new that Tanza was not a standalone and that I needed to read Talon first The book was already archived on netgalley and I could have contacted the publisher as it says for an arc, but I have kindle unlimited so I was able to get Talon on it and read it first You want to read them in order if you do not want to feel lost The books do have religious overtones good against evil all black and white with extremist in both camps It reminds me of the story of Jesus I am not religious but am a spiritualist and just to be clear that just means I do not believe in organized religion with my own personal reasons as to why The way it reads did not bother me at all Amanda has done an amazing job with her world building and character development There is a lot of adventure in this book The storyline is very good as with Talon I enjoyed the book and it kept me interested from beginning to end to find out what happens next I am looking forward to the next book in this series, which I hope Amanda is already working on.

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    Talon and Sarlice are on the run from Zeikas and head to Tanza Most of the book features Talon on his own, growing in strength quickly as he battles Zeikas nonstop On par with the first book and anxiously awaiting book 3.

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